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Hmm. Nice but really fat and heavy. Maybe a gamer won't care.
Nice laptop, but in my mind it's always more cost effective and convenient to have a desktop gaming PC for about $500-$800 and a lightweight laptop for travel. You can have both for about the same price. Unless you have extremely limited space or are just always going over to a friends house to game, it makes little sense.
That looks like a Clevo (based) notebook. There are quite some vendors selling these things, but System76 seem to be the only ones without an AMD option.

Don't limit yourself.

I got an XMG P702 ( , a Clevo as well ) with a Radeon 7970M and I guarantee these things are badass.
+David Mitchell gaming laptops are not only for gaming. That's what most people miss. People like me for example who do 3D art often need systems with a lot of RAM, a very good processor (especially when you have to work on high poly models or use a lot of subdivision levels in blender), and a good gpu (like for using Cycles).

The gaming part is just a side benefit.
+Alexander Herbst can we stop being like this?


Seriously that's very annoying.
Gaming computer to play 1 game -- Serious Sam 3. Or Oil Rush -- Crysis on Linux.
+Roland Taylor I call those Dev laptops or Workstation class laptops, plus the 3D art systems usually use chips that are geared towards rendering higher quality then higher frames per second, like the Quadro GPU's. They would come standard with 8GB or RAM, not 4GB. If they are marketing it for gamers, again, most gamers are better served by having a desktop machine that is easily upgraded and components cost less an easier to cool, and a light weight laptop (perhaps their Ultra book) that does most everything else well on the go.
+Ian Somerhalder I switched from NVidia to AMD because I was tired of my graphics card failing shortly after warranty wnt out. Furthermore the Catalyst works fine on that machine.

+Roland Taylor Stop crying through you shift button. I didn't tell anyone not to buy this notebook, because it's a Clevo. But if you want more options, you can get the same hardware or more from different vendors.
Plus the idea that Taiwanese laptop makers don't need to feed their families?
I've very happy to support a company that's providing Linux powered laptops, and I'm also happy to use a system with a GeForce for 3D (because Cycles doesn't care if it's a quadro or not..., it's the math crunching that counts :).

If I had the money in hand I'd buy one of these right now (with more than the default options of course).

+Alexander Herbst I used the caps lock key - deliberately. You're not helping the company by saying "there are other options" when the other options won't even give you Linux systems, the same kind of support, etc. It's not constructive what you're doing. Why even comment? If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all (remember thumper in Bambi?)
+Roland Taylor I had something good to say and so I did. The fact that you alone didn't like it, doesn't make it worse.

Btw. Confucius was way earlier than Thumper.

And it wasn't my intention to support System76 - I knew that before I wrote this comment, so you don't have to remind me of what I just said.

As far as I can see, System76 doesn't offer any AMD option for any of their devices. How is this a good thing? On the one hand, they're helping Linux and on the other one they're pushing monopolies.
So saving people from the hell of AMD graphics (which I've experienced) is a bad thing?

+Roland Taylor Fortunatley not everyone experiences the same as you. Remeber that the world is not spinning around only you.

On the Clevo I have, the 7970M works just fine (at least since Catalyst 12.10).
Roland, you didn't mention that, you mentioned starving families. He pointed out a valid option if people want a similar laptop with AMD, its a legitimate point whether or not you agree with it. He never said System76 was crap or that you shouldn't support Linux friendly vendors. You seem to be touchy about any bit of criticism towards this laptop. It wasn't the hostile pointless post you're making it out to be. Just chill out.
+Alexander Herbst 

What Nvidia vendor were you using? There are definitely some manufacturers that are better than others.

I have a PanP7 from 2010 with an HD4570 and my desktop had an HD4850. Both of these were dropped from the fglrx driver, despite only being a few years old (the 4850 is actually quite a powerful card). That lack of dedication to their hardware is what steers us away from AMD. It shows a pretty severe lack of dedication, and doesn't meet our quality standards.
+David Mitchell +Alexander Herbst I'm not touchy nor do I think the world revolves around me. I'm just another person tired of every time System76 brings out something and someone announces it, people quickly jump in with the same dead arguments, trying to discourage people from buying the systems.

It's not constructive, and it's also not fair to them. They're not HP or Dell, and they could do with real, useful criticism, not "It's just a clevo" or "who needs that anyway". Leave that out for when System76 is "all grown up", or better yet, leave it out altogether.
+Ian Santopietro I don't remember all the Vendors, just that both of my 8800 GTS were from BFG.

My current 5870 as well as the x850 are from Sapphire and the 9700 was a Hercules 3D Prophet.

I think the Geforce 4 was from Gainward, but I'm absolutley not sure.

But you're right, it's a shame they dropped support for < 5000 Series so early. Still I prefer to have a non supported Hardware, than a broken one.

+Roland Taylor You missed the point again. "It's just a Clevo" is not a criticism and it wasn't meant as such - in fact, Clevo notebooks are pretty nice (I own one, so I know for sure). The "real, useful" criticism is, that they lack options. Furthermore you can get pretty much the same notebook with more options - that's why I pointed out, that this notebook is a Clevo.

And yes, you are touchy. Otherwise you'd use your caps lock more carefully.
Offering an AMD option is real, useful criticism. They need that if they are going to get better, if people seek an AMD option, perhaps offering one will gain them more business. Likewise, informing a consumer who is considering purchasing one of these laptops of a an alternative if they want AMD is constructive, as is informing people of their options before they fall into the costly trap of buying a "gaming laptop".

And you act like System76 threads happen every day. They don't. Not all of us read only System76 news.
+Alexander Herbst We only offer EVGA Nvidia cards. They're significantly higher-quality than BFG. Actually, I would go so far as to say that our Nvidia card failures are extremely rare. You're more likely to see a failure of both the RAM and the Hard Drive.

+David Mitchell See my explanation of our reasoning above.
Ian I saw, I'm more attacking Roland's reasoning for arguing. I don't think he had cause for jumping down everyone's throats like that.

I personally prefer Intel for laptops anyway. 
+Ian Santopietro That's what everyone tells me. I was also very unlucky with Intel's Core2 Processors (had one Core2 duo and 2 Core2 quads and each failed me, where my oldest AMD K6 is still running).

But I do believe people, when they tell me they had better experience with Intel and NVidia - it just doesn't help. And since I began studying CS I learned to believe in black magic and I think I'm cursed (against NVidia and Intel).
+David Mitchell call it what you want but I still think I have reason to remind people that every System76 release is not a whipping post. They're not Apple. The least the Open Source community could do is be positive and supportive, not give people reason to go "bleh, why would I want that".
Roland, I don't have any context for what you're talking about.

Whipping post? Again being overly dramatic. It's minor criticism at best and isn't knocking the brand. Most System76 talk is mostly positive and there is a such thing as being overly supportive. In this case, it's not even about System76 as much at it is about consumers in general being well informed of their options.

This is coming from someone who has been eye balling a System76 laptop for sometime.
+Alexander Herbst That must be another thing. I've been here for the better half of my third year, and I've never seen a failed Intel processor. It could have been a change since they started the Core iX series.
+Ian Santopietro As I said - that's what everyone tells me and I believe it. It still doesn't make my broken CPUs work again.

Well at least, the i7 I have in my current notebook works well so far, but it's only from June.

Btw. did I understand it right, that you don't offer AMD hardware, because you want to protect your customers from bad experiences?
200 DPI in Unity sees everything too small to click.
I own a razer blade. It run very well on ubuntu
Razer Blade is even more expensive than the Bonobo! D=

And the Bonobo comes with a faster processor.
It should upgraded to use ssd hard disk. That's the minimum requirement for gaming machine.
It can be. You have have a 240 GB Intell SSD for $235. That's still less than the Razer. And, the Razer _doesn't_have an SSD.

A lot of gamers are more focused on capacity rather than speed when it comes to storage. Loading times don't really hurt you that much, and it's much more important to be lag-/stutter-free in-game rather than to have quick loading. And modern AAA gaming titles are huge.
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