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A new GNOME extension aims to bring Unity Dash-like features to the GNOME Shell desktop. “I love GNOME Shell but miss the application categories from Gnome 2, dislike the visual interruption when sear...
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I want this now! How cool. :)
Also, as GS is super extensible, I imagine it would be pretty easy to make scopes and lenses (or whatever the kids call them these days) work under it as well.
(I don't actually know how they're written, so maybe not... would still be cool though.)
Hey none of the inline images are showing up for me in your article.
This is great, now you can get the two worst desktops in one place /trolling
Careful... you might get arrested if you live in Arizona!
The developer basically took what I wanted to see forever but I don't code. Make this happen.
+OMG! Ubuntu! Chromium (tracking Chrome stable) but it seems to be an issue with the amazon cloud service; at least that's what the error message mentioned.
I remember one could use unity-2d-launcher back in oneiric with gnome shell (I think) but I tried this in precise and unity-2d-launcher doesn't exist, so I tried unity-2d-shell but it didn't really work.
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