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Congrats if you're part of the new wave of Steam Linux Beta testers!

Don't forget to check out ore video overview of the client thus far, and to join the OMG! Ubuntu! group on steam @
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Any clue about what they used to select those... you know... tester :@... I wanted in :p!...But seriously, what hardware did they took as "good enough"...
now if only they could do netflix on stream with ubuntu i would be on there in a second!
Exactly: what hardware? Especially the graphics card requirement.
No need to be a beta tester either. :D You can bypass that and get access to it right now.
This big picture mode would be great for a mythtv front end box.
can't even try native steam (sans beta) on my box.. :-( guess I'll have to wait until I can get my build off the ground and run 12.04 on it since it won't play with my 10.04
Bah, I applied and was thinking I had a pretty good chance to get into the beta. Yet... nothing.

Bit disappointed. Oh well, I still got all these nice games I bought (Humble Bundle, Indie developers) to play while I wait.
+Daniel Jenkins This second batch were those who attended the Ubuntu Developer Summit earlier this month. 
I'm in. I run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, i7 Ivy Bridge, Nvidia GTX970, 100+ games in steam, and a few years xp with Linux. 500 more testers were added today. The updates have improved the platform. I can't wait until this is bug free. 
No platform is bug free but we get what you mean ;)
+Sandip Kumar Nopes :) it is a closed beta. 1000 people were chosen from about 60000.. and I wasn't one of them! There is a steam deb hack floating around, which is tempting, but I will wait for the open beta! 
True.. but I'll wait for the legitimate beta, just to support Valve. :) 
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