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"application installation animation" + dat accent
wow wow many cool improvements.....awesome job team ubuntu!! :)
+Farran Lee I toyed with not uploading this at all; I was about 10% through making it when the release went live. The voice over was done in one take, some shots needed to be refilmed, a tonne of stuff is missing, etc etc. Not happy :P
+OMG! Ubuntu! I agree with +Isaac Trumbo, I liked it too, so good job! :P
(You could always do audio swapping later I guess if you can match it up to the video?)
Any comment on if they've improved the search to provide personalized results a la Gnome-Do?
This one works perfectly with my laptop, Unity 3D now works perfectly.
I can't find the PowerPC version anywhere! and beta 1 wouldn't boot so i was hoping to try this one! Please don't completely kill ppc, PLEASE!!!
This is the worst beta ever. Compiz and Unity crash like hell. Just change the application switcher in CCSM and you will have garbage on the screen and then everything will lock up...
+Karol Bryd , when you run CCSM, the first thing you see is a message that says "This tool allows you to deeply configure Compiz's settings. Some options may be incompatible with each other. Unless used with care, it is possible to be left with an unusable desktop."
+Michael Murphy that is why I wrote: "worst BETA ever". Previous Ubuntu version was usable from alpha release. Now, we have less than month to 12.04 release and Ubuntu is still broken (and it has been broken since I first tried it in early February!).

+Jaime Ortega but the same options worked just fine in 11.04 and 11.10, therefore, in my opinion, it should also work fine in 12.04. I have only changed the application switcher as for me the default one is ugly and I prefer to see actual windows content than icons.

Anyway, developers know about this bug, I am just afraid that they will not fix it before the release. It is possible, especially when you see how many critical errors there are in compiz and unity packages.
+Karol Bryd There is no such thing as a worst beta, a beta is a beta and this is what they are supposed to be like. It depends on how you installed this beta though, having run this beta on 4 different systems, ranging from old to brand new exotic hardware, Ubuntu beta 12.04 has been usable from alpha release on all of my systems as well, although the 5.8 unity update borked the laptops graphics in 3D mode, although now currently working perfectly. Since you are using ccsm, I'm assuming you've been doing some modifications that have rendered unity completely broken. You should do a complete uninstall/reinstall of the Unity interface.
+Karol Bryd I think that you didn't read the warning you see when you run CCSM you shouldn't be messing with it.
"This tool allows you to deeply configure Compiz's settings. Some options may be incompatible with each other. Unless used with care, it is possible to be left with an unusable desktop."
only .0000001% complained anyone else?. working fine here installing from p4 dual core to acer aspire one and etc. all works fine.
+Alejandro Morales Lepe believe me, I know what I am doing. The same settings worked fine with last two Ubuntu releases. It is a regression.
+Karol Bryd that is likely to be bugs 963093 and 963633. These appeared in a recent update, a partial fix was released a couple of days ago, and another has been committed today. In the meantime some plug-ins will induce the bad behaviour (crash handler being one of them). Run "unity --reset" to restore the default configuration, and wait for the latest fixes to land before tweaking your configuration.
The software sources option are still missing in the System Settings.
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