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I would add to the survey two open questions:
1. Where does Ubuntu really shine for you?
2. What is Ubuntu still missing?
and where are the questions "do you like unity" or "do you like the way ubuntu is going/developing" or even "what would you change"?
Indeed, there should have been questions about what is good and what is not.
Kind of shocked there was no question of favorite DE.
Wow, that survey really missed a lot of important points. I had no way to express my dissatisfaction with the path Ubuntu has taken. One of the early questions allowed me to say that I didn't use Ubuntu anymore, but it went on to ask me on what devices I was using Ubuntu, for what purposes etc. anyway.
I guess they are afraid to ask about Unity in such a survey. The negative attitude would be too obvious. I do like the base in Ubuntu, and I do use Ubuntu derivates like Lubuntu and Xubuntu. Unity totally ruined the user experience for me. I have removed Ubuntu from all my computers, after 6 years of using it as my main OS.
Done. I was surprise that there were no Unity questions.
I've tried really hard to like unity...and I use it every now and then. But when I'm doing important work it gets on the way instead of facilitating things. So I went back to XFCE/LXDE two weeks ago...
Good to know there are others :). I think it's problem is that it is still too basic for power users. It has a long way to go, but every OS interface starts out basic, even the greatest ones.
Actually, Unity has quite a few features specifically for the power users in mind... my biggest beef with Unity is the look and feel being too mac-like. If I could customize the living daylights out of it (eventually completely removing the dock), I'm sure I could get along with Unity... but the frustration levels are just astounding when I use it.
Hum I haven't found anything in Unity limiting me, in fact the opposite, gnome-shell is good but I like the way unity handles window listing, xfce4 is good too but I still prefer the way Unity handles windows, it helps me daily and when using some other interface I get bit upset when I don't find the unity launcher. actually what Unity can't do that xfce4, gnome shell or lxde can? Unity has pretty much the same shortcuts and more making it easy to use with keyboard only which I think is a big + for power users. Ok admitted you can't move the launcher by default, but how is that a problem? I think if I'd have the choice I'd move it where it is now anyway :S For the looks why it is bad that the interface is clear to understand, pretty, yet easy to navigate via mouse or keyboard? (no mentions of KDE since it has always crashed on me.. dunno why..)
I don't mind Unity either. It has crashed on me a couple of times. I think its because I have an ATI card. Other than that, I don't have too much problems with it. I would like to have more options with it though. I don't always like to have to remember the name of the program I'm looking for before I can run it. This can be a pain for new programs I install. I think the dash should list all recent computer activity so you don't have to remember so much. Maybe they should implement a facebook like timeline in the dash so you can track what you have been doing with your computer. That would be useful. There should also be an easier way to add icons to shell programs also. Not every program I install is a .deb.
+Brian Perry super + a open filter results (you only need to open it the first time if its not opened) and select the category your app belongs :) Also Ubuntu has this tracking feature from zeitgeist or something like that and its capabilities are being improved in 12.04 AFAIK :)
completed the survey. It would be cool if downloaders could get this as part of the download of Ubuntu just to see what we are all doing with it.
It would be nice if there was a place to elaborate on the survey. It's one thing for a user to mark that they are satisfied or dissatisfied with Ubuntu, but I think it would be more useful to the survey-takers to know why that is so they can act on it.
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