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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is now available to download.

We recap the features and changes in the latest release of the world's most popular Linux distro.
Well, here we are. After six busy months, one beta and a bunch of minor changes, the final stable release of Ubuntu 15.04 is now ready for you to download.
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Done! 😎
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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This neat  project will help bring pin-point accurate location data to GeoClue, the location detection framework used by most Linux desktops.

Aside from letting GNOME Maps get a better fix on your location the real opportunities it provides are to software developers. 

Software developers will be able to build apps for scientific and field work that require pin-point accurate data without needing exhaustive work arounds involving bluetooth.
GPS location sharing between an Android phone and Linux desktop apps takes a step nearer thanks to a new Google Summer of Code 2015 project.
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+Amir Iqbal Because you can't find a use for GPS on desktop apps totally means nobody might need it. And that a totally passive device one-way communication device definitely gives your location to the government 24/7.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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The Meizu MX4 #UbuntuPhone Finally Goes On Sale! 
Meizu MX4 in Gold The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu edition has gone on sale in China. The second Ubuntu Phone to be commercially released, the 5.2-inch smartphone is p
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+Martin Bodlák yea kinda makes you wonder..hopefully none..there are enough people spying on us
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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In the market for a new Ubuntu laptop? A range of budget AMD laptops running Ubuntu are coming to Ebuyer in May, Canonical has announced.
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Sounds good :-).
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Firefox 38 Features Tabbed Preferences, Responsive Images
Yep, Firefox 38 has been released. The browser adds a number of improvements, including new-look settings and support for responsive images.
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I've been running Firefox Nightly for so long, I forgot the tabbed preferences was not the standard in the stable build. I also love that tab-per-process is in Nightly, plus Reader Mode and Reading List.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Don't have nightmares D: 
The codename of Ubuntu 15.10 has been revealed as news of a powerful new Ubuntu Phone that turns into a PC when connected to a monitor is revealed.
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+Jeff Sereno I don't know about 80s music, but 80s fashion was really bad. Hahaha =D
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Yeah, don't tell me: you hate Instagram.

Well, this isn't Instagram but it provides some a few of the feature people love about it on the Linux desktop.
Looking for an Ubuntu app to apply Instagram style filters to your photos in Ubuntu? Grab your selfie stick and step this way…
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I just use Google Plus. It has everything Instagram has, plus a lot more. 
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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#UbuntuPhone  users should look out for an update to the OMG! app and Scope made by the wonderful +Mitchell Reese

#omg   #ubuntu  
Introducing OMG Ubuntu Scope & App version 2.0.

- Added splash screen on app startup
- Rebuilt app with Ogra's alternative webapp container
- Added bottom navigation menu
- Enabed audible clicks when following links in app
- Enabled haptic feedback when following links in app

Hats off to +Oliver Grawert  for his code, without which most of these changes would not have been possible. 

Any update dramas, please reboot your device, and/or try deleting ~/.local/share/omgubuntu-scope.mreese
I've tested extensively on a BQ Aquarius, and everything seems smooth. Feel free to email me or post below with any dramas: 
Please have a go, and rate this latest version in the store:

Enjoy People!
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How about +OMG! Ubuntu!​ actually post to google plus.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Great to see more choice of cheap, low-cost devices not running Windows India.

Hopefully the Crouton/Chrubuntu methods that allow you to run Ubuntu side-by-side with ChromeOS (sharing the same kernel so that you get all the benefits in battery life, driver support, etc) will be updated to support the Rockchip processor in these devices.

The Lubuntu, Ubuntu MATE or Xubuntu desktops should run great on these! 
The Xolo Chromebook and Nexian Chromebook are now available in India priced from 12,999

Both have an 11.6-inch screen and are based on the same quad-core Rockchip Cortex A17 processor found in the the US Haier and Hisense Chromebooks (plus the upcoming Chromebook Flip). 

They also come packing 2GB RAM and a 16GB eMMC for storage. There's a standard HD display, plastic body plus the usual inclusions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI ports and a built-in 1MP Webcam

The Nexian Chromebook is exclusive to Amazon. It's not the prettiest device (has some strange leather band across the lid) but as it currently retails at just rs 12,999.… who cares!

If you order soon you'll also get a 64GB SD card for free. 

The Xolo Chromebook is available to pre-order from Snapdeal for rs 13,999.

 Like Amazon Snapdeal is also giving away a free SD card, though only 32GB. 

Don't forget to add us to your circles for more Chrome, Chromebook and Chromecast news, tips and how tos (or grab our free Android app or Chrome extension!)
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So not cheaper than in Europe or us 
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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The Linux Mint powered Mintbox Mini PC has been given the preview treatment – and is so small it's easily dwarfed by a standard tennis ball.
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Nobody will buy a MiniPC like the MintBox to run Games like Battlefield 4. This PC is so small and so powerfull compared to its size. It could replace 90% of home PCs because 90% of home users run software on their PCs that runs like charme on such a computer.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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How cool.
Chillhub is the world's first smart fridge running Ubuntu. It will be demoed at May's Internet of Things world conference in San Francisco.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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While Pidgin and Empathy are affected you will still be able to chat using the website.
Facebook Chat will not work in Empathy, Pidgin or other instant messenger apps from April 30, as Facebook Chat API deprecation kicks in.
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Great News
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