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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Been waiting for Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2? Well the latest release in the Vivid Vervet release cycle is here, with Systemd, application menu improvements and a bunch of updated apps. 

Get it while it's hot!
You can now Download Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2, the latest release in the Vivid Vervet release cycle, offering app menu improvements and Systemd.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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GNOME 3.16 has been released. Take a look at all of the new features, apps and improvements in our run-down. 

#GNOME #Linux
GNOME 3.16, the latest stable update of the popular open-source desktop environment, has been released.
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+Paulo Silva Yeah, I'm still waiting for the ability to flag directories, or use sound themes...something they've taken away over the years...
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Meet Blueberry, Linux Mint's new Bluetooth setup tool.

The Linux Mint team weren't happy with current Bluetooth tools shipping with their releases so they made their own.
What do you do when the default Bluetooth confirmation utility is less than ideal for your users? Why you dive in and improve it! This is Linux after all!
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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The new default wallpaper for Ubuntu 15.04 is here.

While it's not a massive difference (surprise), the new Vivid Vervet default wallpaper iterates on the orgami-esque folds of the 14.04 and 14.10 default wallpaper, and there's a crisp greyscale version too.
The Ubuntu 15.04 default wallpaper has been revealed. It once again uses origami folds over a purple gradient but has a distinct feel, too.
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I'm surprised by their decision to use this wallpaper. I find it quite ugly. Its also quite dark and unwelcoming. I hope they fix it before the final release. 
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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If someone asked you to name your favourite feature of the Ubuntu desktop, what would it be and why?

To help you think here's a smartly dressed kitten. 

#linux   #ubuntu   #questionmonday  
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The native multiple monitor functionality. It is so nice to have the task bar show up where it needs to.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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A new app is bringing Android notifications to the GNOME desktop.

Like Pushbullet and KDE Connect, Nuntius brings your Android notifications right to your GNOME desktop with Bluetooth.
You'll shortly be able to view your Android notifications on the GNOME desktop thanks to a new application in development.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Here's something that might help out any of our readers on are on slow and/or capped connections. 

It's new Chrome extension from Google that compresses webpages before they're loaded in Chrome, reducing their size to both speed things up and save bandwidth. 

Give it a whirl in Google Chrome or Chromium and let us know how you get on! 

#chrome #google #linux
If you use Google's Data Saver feature on Chrome for Android or iOS you'll love the search giant's latest Chrome Extension.

When installed and turned it squeezes webpages down by optimising images, javascript and other files so that pages load faster and help save on bandwidth.

#chrome #google 
Google's latest Chrome Extension is able to compress websites users visit before they're loaded in Chrome, helping speed things up and save on bandwidth.
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you saved me! thank you!
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Has your Ubuntu Phone arrived?

Bq, the company making the world's first consumer Ubuntu Phone, began shipping out orders to buyers who snagged devices in one of the handful of flash sales earlier this week.

#ubuntuphone   #ubuntu  
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Got mine last Friday! Yay! :) Love it!
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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A quick visual tour of Ubuntu at Mobile World Congress.

If you're already feeling a bit nostalgic, Canonical has posted a short video of the Ubuntu booth at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Canonical has uploaded a short video recapping their booth at this year's Mobile World Congress 2015.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 will ship with a new dropdown terminal, Tilda. And it's available on other Ubuntu flavors.

The newest official Ubuntu flavor is adding some new tools to its first desktop release. Tilda is a lightweight dropdown terminal that you can also install on your favorite Ubuntu flavor.
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Does guake pull in a lot of gnome 3 dependencies? That could explain a mate distribution shipping with tilda 
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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From the makers of the MintBox, the Utilite2 is a tiny ARM desktop PC running Ubuntu.

CompuLab, makers of the popular MintBox PCs, have launched a new ARM desktop PC featuring a Snapdragon 600 processor with gigabit ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0.

The CompuLab Utilite2, a super tiny desktop ARM PC capable of running Ubuntu, is now available to buy from the makers of the MintBox.
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ARM has the advantage that it's really low power consumption, and with the new 64 bit ARM chips they rapidly catching up with Intel. Already high end ARM chips outperform Atoms and Celerons and they are now beating some Corei3 and Corei5 chips.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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From the BBC to Le Monde: Ubuntu Phone press roundup.
The BBC was among several well-known press outlets to cover the Ubuntu Phone showing during Mobile World Congress 2015.
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Yea, and we want it in South Africa
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