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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is now available to download.

We recap the features and changes in the latest release of the world's most popular Linux distro.
Well, here we are. After six busy months, one beta and a bunch of minor changes, the final stable release of Ubuntu 15.04 is now ready for you to download.
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Done! 😎
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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While Pidgin and Empathy are affected you will still be able to chat using the website.
Facebook Chat will not work in Empathy, Pidgin or other instant messenger apps from April 30, as Facebook Chat API deprecation kicks in.
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Great News
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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With a lazy weekend ahead, will you be upgrading to the latest Ubuntu release?
The Vivid Vervet is now out in the wild with minor changes. We want to know if you plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04 on your laptop or PC.
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I just updated!
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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You've installed Ubuntu 15.04 — but now what?

Well, we're here with out bi-annual rundown of nudges and don't-forget-to's.
What are the most important things to do after installing Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet? We run through our list of 10 post-install must-dos.
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For what it's worth, the upgrade worked when I tried it again today. Somebody probably botched up a check-sum with the initial upgrade files on day 1...  Oh well.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Tomahawk 0.8.4 has been released!

Okay, so we actually published this article on the meta-streaming music player last week. As the pre-built packages for Ubuntu users weren't ready at the time, we held off on sharing.

That is all now sorted, so what's say we pretend this is new news again? Awesome.
A new update to the meta-streaming desktop music player Tomahawk has washed ashore, with a bunch of bug fixes and Tidal support in tow.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Your laptop is going to love KDE Plasma 5.3, out now in beta.

#KDE   #Plasma   #Linux   #Etc  
KDE Plasma 5.3 Beta is available for testing. It brings better power management features, bluetooth changes and Wayland improvements.
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Plasma is still super messy. And they are at 5.3 at that. Any upgrade from 4.x is going to have problems sooner than later.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Surprised Windows XP hasn't featured in an episode of The Walking Dead yet.

Chrome for Windows XP To Be Supported a Little Longer

Microsoft stopped providing security updates to #WindowsXP  back in April 2014 — yet millions are still using it. To help offer those folks some protection, Google will continue to support Chrome until the end of the year. 
Google has announced that it is extending its support period for Chrome on Windows XP until the end of the year, 8 months more than originally intended.
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There's no reason to end it at all.

I've been switching all the elderly that come into my shop from XP to Linux. Most of them are in their lat 70s. It is a pretty good trade for them. Their computer continues to work and it gets a new lease on life.
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Have them in circles
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Don't have nightmares D: 
The codename of Ubuntu 15.10 has been revealed as news of a powerful new Ubuntu Phone that turns into a PC when connected to a monitor is revealed.
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+Sten Jørgen Pettersen​ indeed lol

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OMG! Ubuntu!

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If you plan on installing Ubuntu 15.04 this week, or know someone who might, our list of things to do after installing could come in handy.
What are the most important things to do after installing Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet? We run through our list of 10 post-install must-dos.
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+Ryan Hayle well, that's one way to view things. A bit narrow-minded, but a way nonetheless. 
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Canonical has added official Ubuntu 15.04 mascot t-shirts to its online store.

Price is okay (at least until you add postage) and would make a great gift for an ubuntu fan you know.

(Hint, Canonical. Hint).
It's here — the official Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet mascot t-shirt is now available to buy from the Canonical store. The long-time fan-favorite merch item h
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Shipping (£11.70) is more expensive than the T-shirt (£11.00).

Correction: T-shirt is £13.20. Not £11.00 as the article seems to state.
Still too much for shipping.
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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Tasty stuff!
A new release of GNOME Pie, the slick app launcher for Linux, is now available. We show you how to install in Ubuntu using the official PPA.
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I have never seen this launcher and now I really want to try it!
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OMG! Ubuntu!

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If you had to use one of the following for an entire week, no exceptions, which would it be?

It's #PointlessPoll time. A new weekly (until we forget) and throughly useless time wasting exercise in which we ask you to pick one of four bone-idle options to a given question, none of which you'd want to pick normally. 

The only rule: you can't say "none of the above"

The results of the poll will leave a huge impression on the world have even less of an impact on the world than an online petition. Yes, it's that futile! 

You can suggest an utterly trivial time-wasting topic for next week's #PointlessPoll . Use the tip form on our website and use the subject line 'pointless poll'. Remember to include your Google+ name so we can give you a shout out if we use it! 
1,893 votes  -  votes visible to Public
A Command Line Web Browser
Windows Vista On a PC with 512MB RAM
A Gaming Rig With No Cooling
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Gaming rig with heavy graphics disabled and cool (I will find a way to keep it cool enough for web surfing)
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