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By moving you forward, backward and side to side in multiple, varying planes the LateralX offers 27% more calorie burn and 30% more activation in hip abductor and adductor muscles. #athletictraining #fitness #exercise  
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Don't limit yourself to looking good for the summer months, make the decision to be fit for the rest of your life! Fuel Your Life. #fitness #healthyliving #healthylifestyle  
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Zero Runner's world wide exposure continues! Here are some great pictures from a recent event from Colombia. #FueledByZero   #Fitness   #Runnerschat  
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No excuses this week! Commit to working out and Fuel Your Life. #mondaymotivation #fitnessmotivation #exercisemotivation  
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The key to a perfect core may not be endless hours of crunches. #corestrength #coreworkout #abs  
Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to perform hundreds of crunches daily to obtain a tight core. Get a great ab workout with these core exercises.
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"The Zero Runner is totally unique, and gives exercisers a way to run without repetitive stress to their bodies. It has created a new category of zero-impact running, which will greatly benefit many people worldwide." - +Sport-Tiedje GmbH // #FueledByZero #Running #runnerscommunity  
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Had an awesome location today for the video shoot of our neXT generation of ellipticals. Still can't give away too much! See it unveiled at #IHRSA2015! #ComingSoon #BehindTheScenes #SneakPeak 
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New product photo shoot for the neXT generation of commercial ellipticals! Can't give away too much now so stay tuned! #SneakPeak   #BehindTheScenes   #ComingSoon  
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Runners, what do you think, Is this an accurate list of things you don't want to hear when injured? (we think so!) #runners #runchat #runnerprobs  
Runners are a fun bunch and we are especially sensitive when it comes to injuries. So when you are dealing with an injured runner, don't say this.
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Winter isn't over yet. Stay warm (and safe) during outdoor runs with these tips. #running #roadrunning #runningtips  
Outdoor runs can be serene and therapeutic but when it comes to cold weather running you need to use proper winter running gear to stay safe and warm!
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A Monday To Do list that we can all accomplish! Make time in your day for a workout and you won't be able to help but feel awesome. Stay Fueled. #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday #fitness #exercise #workout  
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Fuel Your Life with workouts, insights, and tips for healthy living from the industry leader in zero impact elliptical machines.

Our Mission
Octane Fitness focuses on creating and producing superior elliptical machines that customers love and use to fuel their lives.

Many companies create a corporate mission. But do they live by them? Unfortunately, not usually. At Octane Fitness, we take great pride in our mission. It guides our devoted team to one common goal and ensures we always keep the customer at the forefront of everything we do. Our mission is more than that, it is a promise to our customers that when they purchase Octane Fitness elliptical machines they are getting the best product available.

Company Overview
As the only fitness manufacturer in the world dedicated exclusively to elliptical machines, Octane Fitness has quickly become an established leader in this highly competitive industry. Precise focus and proven performance clearly distinguish the company and benefit you with innovative, award-winning products; dedicated resources; uncompromised quality; and personalized customer service for elliptical machines.

Founded with a bold mission to reshape and perfect elliptical machines, Octane demonstrates unprecedented commitment and drive. With more than 50 years of combined fitness industry experience developing and distributing premium elliptical machines, the Octane team is fueled by a relentless passion to create the absolute best in zero impact elliptical machines.

Fuel Your Life!
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