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#GOBLU3 Pillar 1: The re-introduction of #apex #predators to restore balance in #underwater #Eco-systems. A few weeks ago I came across the following #video which depicts the re-introduction of #wolves into Yellowstone Park. This video (watch it below) is a perfect example of how important the re-introduction of one #predator can be to the ecological balance. #SHARKS #GOBLU3 #THEOCEANROAMER

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Very well researched article.
Remember people you can't eat money, and what a world are we leaving our kids? #capitalism #mustread #environment #thefutureofourkids

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As I am finishing an #Environmental #report for an undisclosed #beach Location in the #Egyptian #RedSea .
I wanted to share something I am dealing with on a daily basis as a #consultant; which is #infuriating and #depressing me beyond comprehension. Everything what is wrong with #oceanresources #management by the proud Egyptian #tourism #developers of The Red Sea summed up in 1 picture.
I just cannot grasp that my fellow tourism #entrepreneurs here have not yet understood the value of The Red Sea and the need to do the right thing. #Stupidity is wanting to do stuff without proper knowledge, not take in a foreign knowledgeable consultant because of pride, and cutting costs.
With the obvious long term result of footing a larger bill to clean up the mess, and a drop in visitors; last but not least an #environmentalimpact , which will take years to solve. Besides what is visible on this one pic, the #coral #reef in front is 70% dead because of #siltation.
If these developers would just have a bit more logic, feeling for the environment; and just divert 5% of Their landscaping resources (because tourists travel all the way to the Red Sea for their beautiful land gardens... right?! #sarcasm) .... ahhhhhhhh
#beach #erosion #siltation #stupidity #ocean #trash #theoceanroamer #consulting #goblu3

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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
More on my blog:

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Meanwhile in Russia, a diver is trying to remove his underwater catch from his hand. Looks like a tasty monk-fish.
He would have been picking shellfish where it was hiding in the sand. Ambush predator. Would have mistaken his hand for a fish.

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The World's Largest Indoor Pool is About to Begin Construction
The pool will be able to house replica modules from the International Space Station
By Mark 'Crowley' Russell
The world’s largest and deepest indoor training pool is on the verge of becoming a reality.
At 50m deep and with a volume of approximately 42,000 cubic metres, Blue Abyss will provide state-of-the-art training facilities designed to be the world’s most comprehensive commercial aquatic and space training, research and development centre.
Supporting the commercial diving, submersibles, human spaceflight and human life science sectors, Blue Abyss will help to reduce risk, improve performance and aid exploration in extreme environments, including those associated with commercial diving and sub-aquatic archaeology, human spaceflight and life sciences.

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So here we go, my first #NAUI #DAN #Dive #Instructor Course in Curaçao​ - Netherlands Antilles is scheduled!
Multilingual: EN/FR/DE/NL 🤓
More information:

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A brief look at what it takes to become a NAUI Dive Professional.
From Dive Master to Course Director NAUI training gives you the educational background to become a true recreational diving professional. Because Training Matters.
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