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Apr 8 Windows 8 Update Fuckup and Asus Fuckup

I am sitting here on an older Windows 7 laptop because as the big windows 8.1  update went live on my new ASUS Intel i7 Core 16 MB RAM NVIDEA GEFOrCE graphic - the most powerful laptop available  right now, did it's update. thinking this would be the fix I needed since the last windows 8.1 update from the windows store app in Metro fucked most of the metro apps up ,  even though the install was quick , well 

so i have one hour left before i go home from working,  i decide , download and install the update it should be done fairly quick,  
and the download was in 3 minutes, and it started the install , then it said reboot and i got the famous windows blue screen don't turn off the computer, installing updates - in the first 30 minutes I thought, hey I will go home soon cause it was at 52 % then came the fuck up , the dragging painfully slow install

6 hours later i was at 72 % and in two more hours  i was at 82%  , it was raining outside so i couldn't take my laptop with me, finally i found a protected backpack rain proof cover, and i closed it leaving about 5 inches open  - with some towels i rigged up, taped it , rainproofed it and went home  5 more hours later the install was finished it rebooted and  then 

more fuckup  i thought the apps in metro that were broke would work, but i was dead wrong,  the windows mail app, people, etc app started, then minimized the the task bar, click it it flashed open then minimized,  so i uninstalled that app and reinstalled  nope  it was still broken  along with many other apps,  well  some of my apps, cnet, weather channel app worked but not this, so i say since they fucked me,  fuck them!  i will reboot to my linux mint 16 partition and work from there as i do 70-80% of the time anyway - except when i need to use adobe products etc

so i reboot and guess what  the boot loader was corrupted by the update  what a fuck up, so i sit another 24 hours trying to fix this

the part that really pisses me off since I got my unit in October over 280 days ago,  i was unable to get a recovery cd,  because now there is not CD available so everyday for the last 280 days i have been emailing ASUS and Microsoft Tech support trying to get some recovery boot device, and now when i need it so i can repair the MBR (master boot record)  i have nothing

so for the last 12 hours  i was using every available tool, cds, iso's, linux isos,  etc trying to repair mbr - finally got linux grub 2 to work and got into linux but windows boot mbr is crashed .. 

add to it the illegal restraining EFI  microsoft wanted built in so people could not change operating systems, messed up  settings on the hard drive and bios 

i have spent 6 hours a day trying to fix for the last 280 days this problem i knew would hit me , either  hard drive crash or something

so now it is 504 am in the morning been up for 2 days no sleep and i remember i have some old ASUS recovery DVDs and vista and win 7 then come to find out, recovery means they will reinstalll windows , not give any recovery options

i need a windows 8.1 cd, what the heck  because my recovery partitions are messed up by this update also 

so now i have a non working windows and when i do the other 20-30% of my work for media, webdesign, video production, graphic design, photography editing  in Adobe products I am jack stuck, fucked by Microsoft and ASUS  

and this is not the beginning of my troubles with ASUS  the last 3 asus laptops i had burned up,  overheating problems they wont admit but the government does admit it used to have saftey violations - until these newer models came out and what did i get for those burned up devices from ASUS nothing! they got more money from me when i purchased new machines, now maybe i am dumb for keeping with ASUS but i have other ASUS pcs  that work perfectly fine and i dont trust the other junk out there, as much as i hate Apple , maybe i will have to move to apple for my adobe products ( and repurchase thousands of dollars in new licenses for the Apple OS ) 

so i come to realize that this fight with ASUS to give me a recovery disk, is a joke because a recovery USB or disk will only overwrite everything, not do any repairs - who needs that 

i have macrium reflect - and image backups, only the last C: drive image backup was 280 days ago,  i have new updated software etc  but i could go back painstakingly and then forget updating windows 8 to 8.1  

so if ASUS or Microsoft ever helps me and the others with these problems,  I will let you know   just don't do any windows updates yet  turn the updates off  and save yourself 
Facebook acquires whatsapp  good bye what's app  hello  Google Hangouts

oberts cloud

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please don't talk so much,  show us how,  you over talk, and therefore why watch your videos,  
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Ten things Windows 8.1 and Asus has stuck me with

1) a Windows 8.1 System that none of the metro apps work after 8.1 Update
2) a Computer with no way to recover Windows 8 or 8.1
3) a Computer with no .iso or DVD to install or reinstall Windows 8.1
4) a Computer with outdated drivers
5) a Computer with no recovery tools to troubleshoot, repair, correct problems
6) a Computer with slow, incompetent an inadequate, ASUS customer support (since 
Oct 2013 working on these issues)
7) a Computer that in another 6 months the free 1 year support will be up, none of 
these issues fixed and forced to pay for support
8) a Large paper weight
9) a Windows version that does not have a valid Product ID - preventing creating my 
own Windows 8.1 .iso DVD, 
10) a Computer and OS that was sold with fraudulent intentions by ASUS!
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Users Affected: Everyone
Problem Description: Try to open a document that was used with Google Cloud Connect and can't sync  or login.  
Steps to Reproduce:  Says to enter account name and login, but doesn't work,  enroll  takes you to:

1.  My pc crashed  so I had to purchase a new pc,  now any doc that used GCC  won't open to edit or modify, tried it in MS office,  Office 365  Office 2003  no luck
2.  I had everything also backed up in Google drive, and I also made a backup through Google Takeouts  .. 
3.  When I upload back to Google Drive the document is unrecognized and won't open in drive..   none of my google takeout docs  work either

I have 1000's of business documents,  financial reports , etc  I need access too and now since GCC is depreciated,  nothing works.  

Google should of give a tool to unconvert saved docs from MS office that were tied to GCC  back to normal  this is unacceptable!  I post on Google Plus also  

Please help someone thanks 

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your download link is broken,  please repost thanks
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