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Did you guys think that this part of today's comic was true?

On my profile, I've got a lot of followers so the discussions are bustling, but when I was researching this comic I went through a bunch of my friends' profiles and look at the discussions, and they seemed pretty empty (other than the occasional spammer).

Even if it is true, Google+ is still a very young social network. Give it another 6 months to a year and maybe it'll begin to really chip away at Facebook.

Also, the new design is pretty bitchin, although I still wish I could set up a fancy profile URL so I don't have to link people to when I want them to follow me
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Also, no chirping allowed in this discussion. There is a chirp embargo.
How's about an occasional tumbleweed here and there?
How about a faked casual whistle? Who me... I'm not making trouble. I tend to circle people who get comments like sprouted peanuts and others where they get zip.
I think it depends on the mix. If all you do is look & +1 everyone's posts, you won't get any discussion, your feed will remain a 'reading' feed. If you post things up and encourage discussion, you get discussion. There will still be the random 'Oooh, come look at my spam site' or 'Oooh, what's your phone number?' comments, but those are easily dropped.
The new design makes it so much easier to converse than Twitter or Facebook, but it seems like a lot of effort to convince folks to give it another shot.
Certain circles have more interaction and value. The photography community here is raging. Other communities not so much. 
I was totally going to chirp, too. Why do you have spammers? I never have spammers...not that I want spammers. I agree on the profile URL, but I thought you could just /username? Is that not true?
+Matthew Inman I personally thought it was funny. Along with everything else :P I love G+ way more then any other social network. IIIIIIIII just enjoy your comics ^^
Chir.... ooops. I think is was pretty good, except for the G+ and the Gryllus assimilis comments. I agree it's young, but I find it a great interest network versus a social network.
I am the Kim Jong Il of Goggle+. I will chirp if I want to.
Most of my friends never made the switch, so it's pretty quiet when I post. But I love following interesting people, which for some reason that seems easier on G+ than on FB, and they often have active conversations going on. But most of them seem to have brought fans with them from other sites/services, for whatever that is worth...
I never get spammers, but I do struggle to get feedback on my posts. Even with around 300 people having me in their circles; Even when I shared something very targeted, like coffee with my coffee circle.
For me, yes. I have around 70 "friends" here and only about 5 of them actually use google+.
Well I for one am personly uffended. I been Google+ from the start. Eff facebook right in the ear derp derp derp

Nah. Kidding. This rocked.
Personally, I think it can eventually be a competitor to FB (It has the parts needed) but I think until that time, it will be more of a competitor with Twitter. I don't like twitters format for conversations back and forth. Once big name twitter users realize how much better G+ is at being twitter. It will really flourish.
Also, They really need to implement vanity URLs.
1) I think it's true and false. It depends on whose page you are at. It takes a little bit to build circles of people who you like to interact with and who will interact back. In the meantime, it may seem a bit dead.

2) If you by any chance utilized Google profiles before Google+, you can utilize the vanity url from then and it redirects to your g+.
+Matthew Inman Depends on your circles. Google+ right now is a great place for meeting cool people in science and tech and other things (kind of like twitter), but it's still not attracted whole local social circles like Facebook. I see a lot of discussions on the big posts from my science/tech circle.
while funny, I think it's more true for people who treat G+ like Facebook and just assume everyone will flock to them.
I think the perception that G+ is a ghost town has more to do with the fact people are using it differently than facebook. I prefer G+ to Fb, but have a presence on both as my friends are not here for their personal stuff. G+ is being used for communities, and many of those are thriving. The photography and tech communities especially though there are many more that have a good presence here. So I post photography here and learn about photography here. If this means that my friends won't be posting drunken party pictures and it is a place to learn things instead, I'm all for that.
If your friends don't switch...make new friends. (I'm only some people.)
Taking the first ten posts in my stream RIGHT NOW other than this one, the average number is comments is 4. (Minus the outlier post by +Larry Page which has 171 comments.) Taking the first ten of my posts RIGHT NOW, the average number of comments is 1.5.

Make of that what you will.
It's getting better, but all humor has a good amount if truth to it.
I don't know if it means anything, but I'm using G+ a heck of a lot more than Facebook and Twitter these days. It's a different conversation for me at least.
+Matthew Inman you definitely have great discussions in your posts.
there are also many other discussion threads going on and g+ is a relatively vibrant community :)

g+ members shared a diversity of talents on our latest post

i agree with +Karen Schumacher . discussions get going especially when encouraged. +Melissa Bryan has great points :) building circles and connecting with others will affect the experience. +Matt Mikulla the photography community is indeed vibrant. the hangout community is pretty active as well :)
There is some number of followers, and an ability to post more than, "I just put gas in my car." that are required for it to pick up, currently. Those six months are what is required for the build up of Facebook people to hit critical mass and start caring more about that type of thing.
Sure it's quiet, but it's not like comments on Facebook are anything meaningful. I'd rather read quiet than read a bunch of LOL OMG I KNO RITE??
Er Vin
The new ui is just the best damn since facebook 1.0
I find G+ more useable. The comments above this are thoughtful and/or humorous. On FB there would already be a couple thousand comments, most along the lines of, "BUTTS LOL!!!!"
You can use extensions like Bitly to shorten the link at least.
I didn't even know you were on here. More people/pages on FB need to repost that they are on G+
I have a ton of activity in my stream... but it's all from specific circles, not public. If you are a random person peeking at my profile, it's gonna look pretty empty but if you're in the right circles, it's a busy place.
People are lurking or sharing to private circles. But the conversations here are great and can't be replicated on Twitter. I always hated Facebook.

A neat hack I've seen is setting up an Apache RewriteRule for "" that redirects people to your Google+ profile. It's a neat way to bring identity management back to the owner.

For example:
Redirect /+
I see that junk when I check out the local feed. "At the movies with my son", "#2 inc!", "OMG THIS TRAFFIC SUCKS WHY DO PEOPLE SUCK AT DRIVING". However, I have not had a problem with spammers. Most of my posts go without feedback, but thats never stopped me in the past.
+Matthew Inman it took me about a month of consistent sharing of content to get a significant amount of interaction on my posts, but it paid off for me because the quality of that interaction is usually very high. However, I could see how some might get discouraged - that first month of posting to thin air is a little discouraging.
I found that, initially, some effort was necessary to create the connections that brought content and interaction to G+. Very few of my connections on other social network sites have adopted G+ beyond making an account and making some stupid remark on Twitter...

My feed is reasonably busy. I don't get a ton of responses on items that I post (on any site) but when people do take the time to respond the quality of those responses is several notches above what I receive on Facebook. Although, I suspect that is the difference between being connected to people you are related to or are connected to via shared years in High School and actually going out and selecting those humans that you want to fill your brain with.
I think I get something different out of G+ than FB. Although you can post public in FB, it doesn't seem like the right platform to do it. Being able to connect to topics and people based on keywords is a useful feature. +Matthew Inman you don't need a vanity url to get people to follow you - you have a viable product that seems to connect with a lot of people.
Mat Brown
G+ is definitely quieter than FB, but the signal/noise ratio is a lot better.
I kind of like the quiet on here, actually. It's better than the barrage of "OMG GOT MAH NAILS DID" crap I see in my news feed on Facebook. And yeah, the all-around layout and classy use of white space here is a massive plus.
A lot of my FB friends can't seem to figure out G+. G+ is much better for it. I find I have quality conversations here once I've people who are interested in dialogue rather than broadcasting about themselves.
I only comment if I have something funny or interesting to say. If I don't, then I don't, because I don't see value in leaving comments like 'HA HA I THOUGHT THIS POST WAS FUNNY'. That might give the impression of crickets, but it's better than the alternative.

(I don't think this comment was funny or interesting either, but I feel like I was dared to post it).
W scott
I'm just going to sit here silently and stare at all of you.
If a given person doesn't post any interesting content and doesn't circle any interesting people, they aren't going to have any interesting conversations going on. I don't get a massive amount of comments, but most of the stuff I post gets at least a few. People are also more likely to respond to your stuff if you're responding to theirs. You get out what you put in.
It's obviously true for some people. With G+, you get out of it what you put into it. In the very early days, my circles grew from meeting people in public discussions on threads started by the likes of Scoble and Elgan. Then after a few months, November came, and I got shared in a bunch of NaNoWriMo circles (the writing community is also thriving here). I also post most interesting and not too personal things to public, and have circled some folks who were searching a keyword and stumbled across my post. Basically, the more you're here, and the more interesting conversations you engage in, the more you will have going on in your stream.

If you treat it like Facebook, then yes, I'd expect you have crickets.
And I thought I was the only one who wonders why all those "Facebook people" read articles through Facebook. But then again it's fun knowing about someone's boyfriend reading about bikini wax.
I'm lucky to have found a small but active circle of ex-strangers here who enjoy amusing ourselves on G+ without the drama, baby pics or farmville updates of FB. But I know my experience is atypical .

G+ really is a better platform and the people here seem different from FB so I hope G+ finds its footing.
rudy s
A lot of conversations are taking place amongst closed, non-public circles.
As a young network G+ certainly lacks the sheer numbers of a more mature service, but the quality and verbosity of discussions usually surpasses Facebook and Twitter with ease. Be it the EdgeRank effect, the noisy feed, that people use FB more for personal interactions and G+ for community--whatever the reason discussions seem to "ignite" more on G+. So I'll go with not true.
+Brittany Constable - That's true. I've taken to uncircling people if they don't interact with me at all. It doesn't even have to be on my posts as I don't expect to be circled by every person I circle... but if my comments never get responded to (or the person never seems to respond to comments at all)... after awhile I'm like "ehhh creepy" and drop them.

The exceptions to that, of course, are profiles for fancy pants popular people like +Matthew Inman. :)
Hahahahaha, funnelling traffic to Google via the Yahoo Facebook app is fantastic and absolutely true.
I too find the non-vanity URLs annoying. I hope thats fixed soon.
I don't think G+ and FB are the same. To me, FB seems best used for reconnecting with people you already know, while G+ seems best used for discovery (finding new friends and interests).

FB leans toward status updates, while G+ seems to lean toward posting interest-related content. If you look at when there is engagement (on either FB or G+), the types of conversations are very different.
I feel like, if you're a normal human being, this isn't totally've got to be either a celebrity, or someone with a lot of friends bought into the platform, to get a decent conversation going in a thread. G+ currently feels more like Twitter than Facebook in that regard, which is kind of sad given that I think it takes the best elements of both of those platforms.
It's a bit of a ghost land but I'm a fan of Hangouts :\
Well the comic was funny, but I find Google+ to be a lot more engaging than that. I see more of what I want to see, and less of what I don't.
The thing is, G+ is not a ghost town. The people who say that have almost certainly not circled many active users and would have the exact experience on Twitter if they did the same.

Go to the search bar above and start entering your favorite topics/keywords and then start circling people who talk about the things you like to talk about. Your stream will explode with goodness.

After that and when you start participating in conversations, you'll find people starting to circle you back.
I don't have a lot of activity on my Google+ but I also don't have the crap I get on Facebook of the Play my game with telling the horrorscope using only stolen quotes overlay-ed on stolen pictures!!
The other thing is that G+ isn't really great for talking to people you already know. (My meatspace circle is woefully inactive.) The people who are active on here didn't bring in friends, they made friends here. It's all about putting yourself out there and reaching out to people who seem interesting. That's not for everyone, but that's what this place is.
I enjoy not getting all the "whoa is my sad life" and "music lyrics, lolz" post that are on Facebook. I definitely feel more in control of targeting my posts and links that I share on G+. My favorite feature is the ease that I can share something to G+ for discussion and email people that are afraid of social networks.
Also, geez, Matt... I triple-dog-dare you to show me a post of yours that has crickets posting in it. You're giving us G-plussers a bad rep. It's a vicious circle!
+Matthew Inman I use Google+ because It's a fresh start. I can filter what people see of me and that makes me feel warm and secure.
i left facebook for G+. the only thing I miss is the friends I actually liked. :C
I'd be only on G+ if I could get the people I know on Facebook to switch over...until then I've got to manage both and it feels very repetitive.
I stick to G+ a lot but I managed to put together a circle of mostly people from Gamers With Jobs so I have a pretty awesome feed for reading as well as posting
The 'Trending on Google Plus' is a great way to find public posts with pretty active comments.

In addition, I find G+ lets me control the noise to content ratio pretty effectively with circles. Personally I like the sound of a cricket once in a while.
So true! Poor google+ your the hot guys chubby but more interesting brother who no one gave a chance in highschool (except for me, but hey, I did eveyone in highschool!!!)
I would say it depends how connect you are. If you treat G+ more like twitter and just start following a lot of people you're interested and interact on those posts, your comments could start to pile up. If you treat G+ like facebook and only connect to your friends and people you know, it will only be as effective as the number of friends and family you have active on the site (Which is minimal).

With that said, if you only follow and don't comment/interact in the comments with funny or interesting comments, you won't get very many people following you.
so funny, but I guess the chirp is not entirely correct :D
I've always thought of it as more Twitter-esque, except for slightly more intelligent people.
Like it's just not a place for you to talk to people you already know, it's more about connecting with people who like the same cool shit that you do, and I'd say it's pretty good at that.
I love Google+ but I mostly use it to follow people like you and other content creators. So far my friends, for the most part, made the jump and then abandoned G+ pretty quickly.
I thought is was +Matthew Inman that posted the comic about judging social networks by which widgets have the most numbers on varying types of articles. The examples being articles that were technical or nerdy had the higher number of G+ response while articles that were sensational had all the "likes", and so on.
Of course I can't properly search to see if this is the case. Oh well.
Yes, mostly. I actually have political and religious debates with my friends over here, away from all the family members etc. on Facebook.

* chirp
I totally agree on the 2 last parts. I have circled ppl who provide nice content, as you. So as far as I'm concerned I have a pretty decent experience
Yes. That part was true. I had a Facebook account and deleted it. I could not stand Facebook; however, I have 2 or 3 friends here on Google+, where I had 10x that many on Facebook. Unfortunately hardly any of my friends are on here, despite being the better site (in my eyes).
It's True. However, G+ already has become a force on the internet.
I had to get rid of a lot of people because my stream got so busy.
+Matt LaMar , why not just circle people away and go to the circle you want to see content for?
I am now following you on Google+ just because of the comic you made (which I found out about on Facebook...)! I hope you're right and that Google+ will chip away at Facebook because 1. I really enjoy how Google connects everything so I only need one platform and 2. I really want to get rid of Facebook but everyone is slow to convert over. So keep Google+ing Oatmeal!
My theory is it is just taking the stupid people a lot longer to figure out how to use G+. :)
G+ is much better, and not dead. I think instead that the users have more discretion.
G+ needs an application for BlackBerry so that it's easier for me to get onto it at work..
* chirp *
I like G+ much better; I think everyone rushed over when it was first released and then went "oh, none of my other friends are on here yet." And then left. And then the straggler people came on to check it out and found the same thing since the early adopters left. It's a vicious cycle.
Something I've noticed is that there's not a whole lot of people around, but there's a lot of educated and technical news about. +Science on Google+: A Public Database is crazy awesome. So I end up reading a lot about space exploration and physiology and nothing about what you had for breakfast or who's dating who.
+James Acton That's exactly what I love about G+, though. None of the useless blather you see on Facebook. Plus I can start weeding out the people I'm too polite to delete on Facebook by just not telling them I have a G+ account. Haha.
I do feel that G+ is really quiet but it is very young yet. I hope more people start using it because it is better than facebook
Definitely true. Although the whole "circles" thing seems to keep the topics with the people that care about them; I think the discussions tend to be better because of it. For instance, when I post something tech-related on G+ (unlike facebook), I can post to my Tech circle and don't get grandma church lady posting "huh? what are you talking about?" and derailing the conversation.
lynda f
MY G+ was so barren that I started following people like you Matthew, that added content at least once a week. I just now found you due to you newest write-up on FB. So I get to add you along with persons like Books of Adam; Loading Artist; Felicia Day; a ton of YTers I sub to.
So, now I have too much on G+!! Just like FB And YT! *Sigh... My life is now complete! I have the Oatmeal!
chirp chirp I didnt find the post in question.

Love it BTW.
I need to get on here more often! Sorry, looks like your comic did the trick, though, eh?
Can't help it, the first impulse after seeing your report is to chirp.
Anyhow, I use Google+ the same way most people use Twitter: to consume content from people I don't know. In this, it is pretty great. Also, no stupid message chains such as the ones that are plaguing Facebook lately. This is an upside to the chirps.
True-ish? To be fair, though, how often do you comment on my profile?

FYI, I also think the new lay out is bitchin', but you need to update your banner. The default one looks kind of crappy next to your profile picture--it's a weird juxtaposition.
Er, chirp? I didn't even think to add you to my feed for da funniez, mainly because I'm accustomed to following on FB. Even though I hate FB. With a passion. Of christ or something like that.

I guess this is a wake up call (where's that damn alarm clock at) to find those I follow on FB over here.

Gawd, I'd so love to give FB a giant douche flush down the old swirly spinaroo toilet bowl.
No it is not true because southern hemisphere is in Autumn lol
I actually clicked on the link hoping it was real xD
Since we all have at least one common interest, the awesomeness that is The Oatmeal, you guys should consider checking out the profiles of those who've posted in this thread. I've found a few that look interesting and circled them [waves hi!], so maybe you will too. :)

Some of you haven't filled out your profile. That's one of the reasons people may not be circling you or circling you back. Go do that! Write a little bit about your interests so those who share them with you can find you.

Nice meeting you all!
you are a master puppeteer. #thatisall
Hey man, I love your comic. You could personally insult ever single thing I'm into, including G+, and I would not take offense. Complain about paper and I'm not going to feel offended just cause I write on it.

I love G+, you and +Chris Hallbeck are two people I never followed before this site. I don't think of G+ as an analogue to Facebook as much as I do a evolution to Twitter.

For what it's worth.
I have read your comic for forever and have always enjoyed your comics but I just don't normally comment on them because I have nothing against them. I guess by reading today's comic made me realize that any artist would appreciate a reply, whether good or bad, but mostly good. Keep drawing and being awesome
I don't see the blathering idiocy on g+ that I see (or rather used to see before I closed my account) on facebook. And without blathering idiocy social networks get pretty quiet. But if it gets too quiet one can always mention SOPA or Occupy Whatever.
Don't appreciate you perpetuating the idea of G+ being empty, sheesh.
G+ still doesn't have that "Everyone's here" popularity, and I don't know if it will. My latest high school reunion is being set up through FB, and G+ has a ways to go to reach that usage... Would be nice if it gets there though. <grin>
For many people it's probably true. For you however, not.

Btw, is Matthew Inman your real name? Or just Mat? I mean, Matthew Inman = Mat the win man
+Ron Nelson I prefer it to not be the "Everyone's here" network. I like it here because only my smart classmates / friends are here.
lynda f
Ok. G+ needs a -vote, and a reply capability. Or am I just too used to reddit? At any rate, those two things would likely make it a better user environment. I totally adore that we can expand or collapse threads.
+Matthew Inman I think it was close, but missed the funny. I mean even asking on here about crickets and getting 156 comments kind of flies in the face of that. Sure it is not Facebook, but no one here wants it to be.

That said, I made fun of the lack of G+ users and the White Space when you asked for comments. I just think you missed the mark. A white room, with people 2 people dressed in white, drinking milk, looking at snow and trying to talk to each other despite 50ft between them seems to be a more fitting image or something like that.

I almost commented back on your post of the comic earlier, but overall, I kind of felt the state of the web spring 2012 lacked the same pop or zing of previous versions, but maybe that is just me.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

P.S. Thanks for doodling on my magnet at ECCC.
i'm only commenting because your comic said no one comments on google+. this comment is self-aware.
I laughed so hard when I read the G+ one... well, it rings true on my posts anyway. :P
seriously. I post anything to facebook, and ten people like it within an hour. I post something to google+, and the only person who says anything is the person i'm sleeping with. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
but, ooh! I use these little guys; ** and it's way smarter than facebook. Bolding without <>, FTW!
sure seems like it sometime :P
+Matthew Inman comment threads can be ghost towns with some of my circles, but there's a wonderfully thriving community of software developers on G+, Android devs in particular (unsurprisingly). Lots of great conversations happening here among us software nerds.
Did you see the picture circulating in posts a few weeks ago?

"Complaining that there's no content on Google+ when you haven't circled anyone is like complaining that there's nothing to read on your Kindle when you haven't put any books on it."

^^ This, I suspect, is why there are loud complaints about how G+ is a ghost town. You can't come in and treat it like twitter or FB and just post things hoping someone will find you and comment. Active people that go out and engage (and, as a result, get people to circle them back) tend to have a much better experience, even if they only have a few hundred followers instead of a million plus ;)
A lot of it is perception. I don't get many replies on twitter. Less than on G+. But Facebook comments aren't great either. They're pretty low on substance. At least people who reply on her or Twitter have something to say. Facebook also has friends. And I mean that in the sense that they have more users and you only interact with them. The comments on other sites get distributed more. There's a larger pool of posts to browse on Google+ and I can find stuff relevant to my interests.
Vanity urls will come to G+ like they have to FB in the past. And yes, G+ will grow in volume and 'speed', like a steam train picking up cars along the track. Twitter and FB are 6 years old. Just wait until G+ is 6 years old. The move from person network to interest network has begun, also with networks like, and others.
People expect to see content in their streams without circling people. That makes me mad.
I specifically signed in after 4 months to prove you wrong.
I enjoy google plus, it would be nice if more people (friends and family) posted content on here
I appreciate the "social reader" bit; that crap pisses me off to an irrational extent.
I'm pretty sure someone will already have posted this, but if I'm hoest, i don't wanna read 171 comments to find it :)

You can use to get a pseudo-vanity URL for your G+ profile.
Min Ko
Agree with you on profile url, the current profile url sux. Also new layout on any screen with more than 800px width sux.

couldn't resist
.... i actually forgot I had google+ until I read the comic today... :-) but I am liking the new layout
My feeling has always been that, while I like G+ more than Facebook, I can't give up Facebook until a majority of my friends have moved to G+. Which hasn't happened. I continue to monitor it, and one day will play around with hangouts and collaboration and stuff, but it still lacks the critical mass.
I stopped using FB a while ago, so i don't know what its like now, but more controlled discussions was part of wehat drew me to google+. FB always felt like a flood of irrelevant trolling with an occasional glitterspark of humanity. FB is a conversation in the middle of times square (obnoxious ads and all), Google+ is a cocktail party.
Honestly, I spend quite a bit more time on G+ than other sites. I circled a few interesting people who post multiple times a day based on things I am interested in, some photographers. G+ isn't facebook. If you aren't entertained, you're doing it wrong.

Also, you can go back and edit what you wrote, which is awesome.
I don't think that part of the comic of G+ was true, my stream is always full of interesting things. It's not a social network for pictures of cats (like tumblr) or for short, witty remarks (like twitter) or for knowing who your "friends" are doing (like facebook) - it is actually a social network for interesting stuff.

Well, at least it is if you are a computer nerd like I am.
Google+ is not a ghost town but it also isn't Facebook. You have to give it a chance to grow. Calling it a ghost town so early in its development will stunt it's growth.
I think a lot of it depends on who is in the circles you post to. I have cultivated some very active circles and when I post things to them, there can be a very lively and active discussion. Also I had no idea +Matthew Inman was actively using G+ until this. Maybe you should think about putting links on your page, like you do with Twitter, and Facecrack? Maybe if you did, you could get more people actively using it.
I actually prefer Google+ the way it is right now (the chirping included).. I can't even use facebook anymore because I get bombarded by pointless crap that people feel like sharing.

Basically I prefer a social network where I don't have to be social.

EDIT: The comic is absolutely true though, I just think it is a good thing.
I think it is true. But, I think it Facebook continues down the path of crapitude, G+ may have a chance.
I am also very impressed by the lack of chirping... Only 25 people chirped in 200 comments. Talk about self control!
G+ was late to the game I'm afraid. Even the hangout feature doesn't seem to be enough.
I use Google+ daily, as do a handful of my friends. It is becoming more and more a way to 'find' things you are interested in, and less of a 'Facebook copy' where you only interact with your so-called friends. +Michael Albert, don't confuse Google+ with Myspace - THAT is a ghost town.
With the current state of things, I can post the same item on both G+ and Facebook, and my response rate will probably be about 5 to 1 in favor of Facebook. G+ is chipping away, especially on the professional level, but as a network for personal connection it hasn't caught on yet (at least in my crowd).
Edit: Adding "*" to a word makes it bold. Go figure.
I do see a lot of posts like that, but I do not subscribe to those feeds. XD. actually... i think I made one myself. dammit.
I thought it was spot on. In fact, this is the first comment I've posted in G+ in 3 months.
I think it's true, Oatmeal. Haven't seen Google+ spam, though.
Mostly I see HOT ON GOOGLE+ posts in my feed and the occasional post from a friend or some other subscription.
Mr. Inman; please continue to do what you do. It bring meaning to my G+ feed.
I think it's more folks have gotten use to the firehose of Facebook posts even when it's mostly from people or about stuff they don't care about. It looks busy. When you come over to G+ I think you're seeing a much more select series of posts that hopefully are a lot more relavant and interesting to you personally.
the only thing missing are the stupid "Hot on Google+" things that clog my feed
It is a nice redesign. Feels better than Facebook IMO. But it's going to be quite the uphill battle to move users where they're already comfortable and engaging.
+Matthew Inman, it is a little true, I'm finding. Doesn't mean I don't still prefer it.

I use G+ in a much different manner than I use Facebook, however, and I think it was set up that way from the start.

On Facebook, if I friend you, you're my friend and that's that. I don't do all of the lists there. If I post something and you are one of my Friends you see it all.

But on G+ I use the circles to group people so they see less noise. And I have found it is becoming a substitute for email when I want to have a group conversation. It's easier and cleaner. I get a lot of good discussion that way.

However, when I post a question that I think I would get a lot of feedback on to my circles at large? Crickets. Mostly crickets. Maybe if I made those discussions Public I may get more answers/feedback/whatever.

So, really, I think it depends on what you are using G+ for and how you use it as to how you view the Crickets "issue."

I'm wordy and likely said what's already been said. Nice to meet ya.
G+ needs to integrate better with programs like hootsuite to be able to post. more people might use it more if they could post from one place.
HEY. I kind of like the chirping. ;)
Out of the 50 or so friends of mine that joined Google+ when it came out, only maybe one or two of them regularly use it anymore, if they ever did to begin with. It's a shame, because I think if people could stop comparing it to Facebook they would use it a lot more. Now, my feed is 98% from my "following" circle.
I think it's kinda true. truth be told, rampant social networking use is monopolized by two major groups: famous people who want to quickly connect with their followers, and stupid people who have nothing better to do. These categories are not mutually exclusive (see: Kardashians).

There's just not that many stupid people on g+ so most discussions are a lot smaller than they would be on fb. And since g+ is mostly used by tech savvy people, we generally have other stuff to be doing than comment "lol" on someone's stupid breakfast picture.
Agree. CRICKETS (Shiiiiiit, how'd they get in here...SQUASH)

But, I think it has potential, it's just more of the "techie" sorts are on G+, whereas the general mass of people are on Facebook, so in a way, the crickets chirping isn't a bad thing, if you want to be able to connect on a more intimate level (because there are less people inundating you with comments). More thoughtful commentary, easier to customize the sharing experience and such. People are so quick to hate on Google products, but they're doing okay, obviously, so people need not assume G+ is doomed.

Time will tell of course, but for now, it's kind of nice that the people using G+ are pretty well-versed in technology and less troll-like. It'd be nice if it stayed that way, but it depends on what Google does with it over time. So, yes, I think you're right on, and hey, even Facebook took time to catch on (I remembering jumping ship on MySpace when it started to really suck, and it was nice to have FB less overcrowded for that time).

I say this calls for a visit from the Bobcats. Just for G+ users. ;)
totally agree. there are some interesting posts from people i've never met at all (why am i seeing them? i dunno!), and a small group of my nerdy engineer college friends who think that facebook is an invasion of privacy and dropped it. other than that, i have no reason to be on here.
I have to say, as far as Google+ goes, It's pretty much you and +Hugh Jackman . Which is still better then Ducks and Farmville.
I turn to Google+ What's Hot posts all the time. Love them !
I've pretty much pulled away from FB about 95%. Not too worried about the crickets around here. The haters will stop talking crap and start using G+more.
Honestly? If there are people with no friends on here, they're,...kinda doing it wrong. I never have issues getting discussions going if I want them GOING. But like someone on a Lifehacker forum pointed out - if you're out with your friends at a dangerous bar (Facebook and their privacy issues) and you choose to go to a safer one - if your friends choose to stay at the dangerous one - that doesn't actually constitute a reason for YOU not to leave. That old adage - if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you? :p

I like Google+ - in fact, I kind of like that it's NOT a bustling social network. I have a chance to actually READ what my network posts, and it's not overgrown with game posts. This makes me happy :-D

All that said - it was still hilarious, and most people have that exact experience, so I think it was perfectly valid to put in your comic :-D
The Oatmeal must be one of the top 10 comment yielding zones of G+ :-)
Google+ It's a very good social network It's just that most of my friends are on FB =(
In regards to the profile URL, it would be nice if they had a shorter one, but a workaround is that you can always buy a domain name and forward it to your profile URL.
For example:
Love that you posted this, +Matthew Inman. There are way too many 'famous' writers etc on G+ who do nothing more than post links to their stuff.
Facebook is popular among baby boomers but G+ is growing w/ teens like me!!!!
Chirp Chirp

Chirp Chirp

I started FB in 2005 and there was no one on it. All of the sudden in like 2009 when Myspace got super lame, Facebook was all the rage. Google's got the potential to be the coolest place ever, it just doesn't have the following yet.
Yeah, I use Google+ just to check up on what Will Wheaton and David Spade are up to.



Love Google+....much better than FB. But the whole giant-URL for page addresses is a bit annoying.
When I signed up, I looked for people I already knew from Facebook. Few were signed up here, even fewer were active.

I haven't had the time to put more effort into finding the content that interests me, but I did make a page for my website that has a pretty specific focus and though it has almost 2 orders of magnitude fewer followers it gets far more interaction than my personal page so go figure
He said no chirping. I didn't see anything against frappety frap.
most of my posts on G+ get some kind of + or comment, but I interact with a smaller group of people on here.
I would agree about G+, but Facebook has completely jumped the shark...I loved the facebook links part, so true...I always don't wanna share my info so I just google it.
G+ comments are about 1000x more informative than facebook comments in most cases
Matthew, where did you come from? And are you actually one person?
Since nobody else uses google plus, and your posts are about the only things I see on here. It's like, I guess I'll see if anyone posted anything on google plus, haven't been there in a while... then I see: oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal, something suggested by google that they think I will be interested in, oatmeal oatmeal, oatmeal
Only a couple of my friends use it but I follow enough people that my stream has plenty going on; I just need to be more active in making my own posts.
It's true that there's not a whole lot going on on Google Plus. That's why I still have a Facebook account...
My favorite part of Google+ isn't my friends and their profiles though. It's profiles like yours. Google+, for me, is a better way to socially share and talk about different things that people find interesting.

It's maybe true that not everyone can become influential, but by visiting the 'What's Hot' feed you can get in contact with anyone who happened to get lucky and have a thread become popular. It's great. On facebook, I see what my friends did. On Google+, I see everything.
sorry bro. There's Nobody On G+ is a dead horse. You've got 277 comments to prove it. :)
One advantage google has is all their other services.
There is something kind of appealing about a social network that seems to have nobody on it. There are no grandmas/tweens here to plague it yet, which is kind of nice.
I find Google+ much more streamlined and I love the fact that it's got all the other google services connected to it.
I'd love to see more people start to use it but I'd rather it not replace facebook... I really hate facebook and most of the people on it... lol
The "circles" paradigm makes more sense than the facebook "friends" paradigm, not so much because we're all hardcore aspies who don't have friends, but because most of us have more than one kind of "friend", and many of us share things with and/or read things by people who aren't actually our friends. (Like, reading your stuff. We're not friends. You don't even know me. We'll probably never meet. Not that I don't think we could be friends in some alternate world where we actually knew each other, but we're not, and so it's handy to have a way to say "hey, I wanna follow this Matthew Inman guy, but I don't want to automatically bug him every time I'm trying to set up a meeting with my actual friends".)

Too bad (for G+) that most of the world is still doing everything on facebook.
Who's chirping now? You were completely right though.
haha yeah, I agree, but I really do love G+. wish it would take over for Facebook.
YES! I laughed so hard when I saw it
If you looked at the same people's Facebook profiles, would they too be mostly empty?
I think Cricket isn't wasn't an actual profile... until I made it so. Follow the +Cricket!

Crappy draft will do for now.
I'm banned from FB so this is my only outlet. Apparently you can't take on the persona of a cat on that social network because they don't quite know how to violate the privacy of a feline.
I much prefer Google+ to facebook, mostly for design reasons. It seems cleaner, prettier, and once you understand circles and all that stuff, it's much more user friendly overall. Every time I check on my old Facebook I'm baffled by what new monstrosity they've wrought with user pages. All these timelines and boxes everywhere. If anything, I just wish it was a little bit easier to connect with people here. Maybe it is, but I've only had an account for a couple days, so I dunno.
It is true for me! ^_____^

But I do driveby commenting/sharing on other folks' posts. I then share the interesting things I find it on FB and Twitter (where I have a larger following). It depends on what you want to use it for. You'll likely get very frustrated if you are hoping to become the next social media star by being on G+. By you I mean the general masses, not YOU you.

ETA: Larger than mine here. Not larger than yours. Nobody's is larger than yours.
And just like that, your wish has been granted.

Congratulations, G+ member !

PS: It's been ages since Google+ subsumed Google Profiles. Between that and the recent addition of G+ business pages, you have to figure some form of custom G+ URLs could be just around the corner (e.g.: )

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LOL ........ chir ...oooops
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