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Posting this for marriage equality.  Also, for bacon. 
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Eric K.
+1 because bacon.
Marriage equality for pigs?
Bacon's great, but you know what would be an even better support graphic?

A screenshot of the letter you wrote your civic representatives - ALL OF THEM - and sent en masse.

Matter of fact, that's what I'm gonna do. But now?

Gonna have some bacon as I write. 'Scuse.
The best one of these I have seen yet!
Bacon is better than marriage equality, especially Danish bacon (Tulip).
Hey, +Matthew Inman, I guess great minds think alike? (See my profile pic and post from this morning)
Before we start a war over which is better, can we just agree that they're not mutually exclusive?
Mr. Inman, I love you... ( and equality and bacon )
Ah, but the spirit of bacon is exclusive.
Psh, the spirit of bacon is EAT ME! and far from exclusive.
I think I could marry bacon, as long as it wasn't the same sex because that would just be.......strange
Bacon moves me too, but I think you're seeing things.  ;-)
Isn't it great how nobody is on Google+, so the oatmeal probably reads a lot of these comments? Hey Matthew!
I don't get it. Don't get me wrong—I'm all in support of bacon—but what does it have to do with marriage equality?
I am going to borrow this! :)
+Mark Nealon , this symbol is typically a yellow equal sign with a blue background... fairly common on car bumbers. +Matthew Inman has just made an equal sign of his own design.
+Mars Woddail If nobody is on Google+ how does the oatmeal read the comments, Is it on FB. I'm sure its funny as shit but the pot fumes here in California kinda slow  things down.
marriage should have equality. bacon, as we know, has no equal.
My wife vowed to maintain a steady supply of bacon. I love my wife.
+Mars Woddail mar there are 150 million users signed up for google plus with about 60-75% of them being active so I don't know where you get no one from
i get it. is joke. like gay lifestyle is joke. haha.
carry on.
+Theo Von Druessel  -- how does giving legal status to relationships between consenting, caring legal adults, ever possibly give sanction to those who cause physical and psychological harm to children? You might as well say that marriage equality is going to lead to legalization of bank robbery.  The two things have nothing to do with one another.
+Theo Von Druessel Snap, I was waiting for someone to open the gate here we go fag war is on. I might have to add you to my circles buddy. I love you man ( in a healthy God fearing way) You know they blocked me from a page last nite. lol I WIN LMAO
the liberal argument against Catholocism is typically that it has been infiltrated by pedophile homosexuals. i heard they are turning their sights on the boy scouts now. and if you pay attention to the anti-bullying propaganda and sex education indoctrination, you will notice they are working on the public school system. i can definitley understand how a person can equivocate gay people with pedophilia
mmmmm Trolls are hungry. Is that bacon love bacon not gay rights!
+william gordon You tell them buddy, Clearly all they want is fresh meat and they don't care where it comes from. Your kids ,My kids or their own kids. Its just mentally ill sick.
i think the bacon reference is to remind us to keep a light heart and not take things too seriously. its all just fun and games. nothing to be taken seriously. 

but the infiltration of the Catholic church by homosexual pedophiles is a real thing. ask anyone. that is not so fun.
now it has been reported that gay men want to be scout masters. to what end i ask? who would want their son to look up to a homosexual as a role model? its just a matter of opinion i suppose, but i certainly would not. i think most parents hope to one day become grandparents. i could be wrong. maybe im not. maybe its just fine to let someone who finds tight butthole to be sexually arousing hang out, go camping with kids. i dunno. i only get one vote. the rest is up to the rest of the world.
+Mihai Popovici seeing as many of the founding fathers owned slaves, I'm not sure it is their morality we should be trying to preserve.
why am i disgusting for drawing conclusion from facts?
Guys. Guys! GUYS!

Ahem. Sorry. But you do know +william gordon's schtick, right?

I mean, look at that profile. He's gay. Probably a bottom. But definitely gay. So why is he sounding like the most ignorant, knuckledragging, mouthbreathing paleocon he can?

Ever hear of a strawman argument? ;-)

Meet one of the best. So good at what "he" does ( preeeeetty sure the lack of Adam's apple means at one point "he" was a "she" - but whatever; it's all good) that we consistently get fooled.

Good on ya, buddy. Continue to demonstrate - with effectiveness - the lack of intelligence in "your" position on the topic. We're rootin' for ya! 
i dont care what gays do. until they do it to or around children. i find the whole notion of a homosexual lifestyle foolish and more. it reminds me of the old joke. 'how do you know if someone is gay or atheist?' the punchline is 'dont worry, they'll tell you.'
+Dana Speizer Does too, even steven and yes gay life is disgusting. Now you see what we are talking about, it sick
Those look wavy enough that maybe you're saying approximate equality would be enough?
The best bacon I have ever eaten was made by a homosexual man. Quite appropriate :)
I can, +Dan Milenovský?! Awesome! 

...but it's still not something in which I like to engage. I assume you had a point?


Okay then.
When it comes to love of bacon, all people are equal.
And if two people can love bacon so much that they wish to marry each other so that they can enjoy bacon together forever, no one should ever try to stand in the way of that.

Equality... for the love of bacon!!
Ah. There we go. 

The troll will be occupied for quite some time, folks. As you were. :-)
potato potato liberals do love their semantics. 
I am against marriage equality and for removal of the word marriage from any government document. Just call them all civil unions and then everyone is equal. Let the church deal with marriage.
...or all that work can be shot straight to hell. Sure. Whatever. 

Look, helpful tip, gang - trolls don't stop trolling, so give them somewhere else to troll.

Like their own page.

No, really, more the merrier. Plenty of slackjawed goodness for all to mock, without cluttering up REAL pages.
sounds like a call to arms to me. bydand. we are open 24/7 although i may be at work during some response or the other. im sure the mechanisms in place are sufficient to stifle opposition. my system has yet to fail.
I <3 BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll never achieve bacon equality. There's just too much variation in the pork supply. 
here no best things tham love
hahaha. like i said ,my page is open 24/7 all are welcome to come and be judged and befriended or discarded as i deem appropriate.
ill be taking the bacon with me when i go.
I don't understand why gays shouldn't be treated equally. They're just normal people, the only difference is their sexual preference.
i take the bacon you take the sausage. see how i brought it full circle ? kekekeke
Lou F
Don't really care either way. Let gay people get married, doesn't affect me. 
its not a gay joke man. its a breakfast joke. jeez. lighten up. 
+citizen j Very funny. You know why there isn't a "Straight-pride" week? Because most of them are complete assholes!
+citizen j Every time someone posts something negative about gays, the pansy patrol posts the good old "you must be one too" accusations. Glad to see you girls keeping up the tradition. That's tried by every confused gay. Bad news, cupcakes. There actually are a few straight people left. You're exhibiting another symptom of the gay defect... thinking everyone else is gay like you are. You can't bring yourself to believe the rest of the world isn't secretly gay, so everyone who objects to the gay agenda is immediately labeled a closet gay. It's a self defeating behavior.  Next up, you will start the good old "gay animals" fallacy.  It's soooo predictable.
Gays have rights too I am not gay but I support gay pride

lol someone told me once that it was natural to be gay , that animals did it. 
my dog eats her own poop. 
i agree. i also have friends that are bisexual
Bacon YES. Gay Marriage NO.

No +1 for you.
political correct = social degeneration
i refuse.
if you have an opinion. this is the place to speak it.
I for the life of me am unable to comprehend this agenda. Do you people not understand state institutionalized marriage was created specifically to keep tabs on people? More specifically to ensure whites do not marry minorities? Why is the LGBT community trying to have the state issue them a license to keep tabs on them, ie to become a 'licensed gay'? You know there was another person who had a cool little symbol and registered gays with the state... what was his name....? oh yeah Hitler! Only his symbol was a half pink = sign with a triangle on the bottom. 

Why don't we work together instead to end state institutionalized marriage? Why do you want to force the government to license your lifestyle? Who is pulling the strings here? it's laughable. 

But taxes! but Property! but healthcare! ok let's make it be that anyone who lives in your house and doesn't earn an income or take government aid you get to claim as a dependent. Anyone who cosigns with you on property or you know puts their name down on a birth certificate/adoption form jointly owns that thing and is eligible for inheritance. And healthcare let's untie that from your work place and let private citizens be able to buy affordable healthcare and you can get "multi-car" discounts for putting additional family members on you insurance. Marriage is a religious idea and should stay in the realm of religion. 
+Andreas Geisler 

28, try again. I'm old enough to have formed a logical decision about what I choose to support and what i think is wrong. Gay Marriage is wrong. Thus I don't support it.
Hey I've got an idea. How about we leave marriage to the religious and the rest of us can do something else instead. This game was getting boring anyways. 
+Andreas Geisler 

All of a sudden I need an excuse for my Beliefs?
Very well, I'll humor you. GOD spoke AGAINST homosexuality. I believe in God.
I apologize your post got ruined by assholes who don't understand that humans Gay/straight/black/white/Asian and so on are all the same. When you learn that. Welcome to Adulthood.
+Ned Jeffery Marriage never belonged to the religious in the first place. Look it up. The early church actually banned priests from blessing marriages, because marriage is just about worldly matters...
Wait, is the bacon in this pic wiggling?!
+Zander Gavin Is that in the book that bans people from eating pork?

However, I was talking about your excuse for speaking like an obnoxious pre-pubescent brat.
Because the marriage game is far too integrated into our myriad codes of law in this country for us to do that without the same kind of logistical headache.

Nope. The option of marriage for all is still the only viable solution.
+Andreas Geisler 

The Bible does not ban people from eating pork.
Also I find it funny your attack on my "school yard tactics" is to use "School Yard Tactics"
+Zander Gavin what do you have against gay marriage? if they want to marry another person of the same gender, that's perfectly fine, they should be allowed to. what is you were born into a society where straight people were considered obscure? what if people were saying you shouldnt be allowed to marry the women you love? you wouldnt be happy. ALL OF YOU ASSHOLES WHO ARE AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE SHOULD REALIZE THAT
All the bible says is don't lie with a man as you would a woman so you know... interpretation. Could just as easily mean homosexuals are fine but no anal with girls.

*stir stir* :)

Loving the bacon equality though :D
+Zander Gavin 
I give you Leviticus 11
21st Century King James Version (KJ21)
11 And the Lord spoke unto Moses and to Aaron, saying unto them,
2 “Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, ‘These are the beasts which ye shall eat among all the beasts that are on the earth.
3 Whatsoever parteth the hoof and is cloven-footed and cheweth the cud among the beasts, that shall ye eat.
4 Nevertheless these shall ye not eat, of those that chew the cud or of those that divide the hoof: the camel, because he cheweth the cud but divideth not the hoof, he is unclean unto you;
5 and the coney, because he cheweth the cud but divideth not the hoof, he is unclean unto you;
6 and the hare, because he cheweth the cud but divideth not the hoof, he is unclean unto you;
7 and the swine, though he divide the hoof and is cloven-footed, yet he cheweth not the cud, he is unclean to you.
8 Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcass shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you.

So, no bacon for you.
+Premal Patel how would a civilization like that survive?...Nothin' against gays, just curious as to how that statement holds up logically...
What is 60 grams of meat in pounds
Okay, I'm all for marriage equality, but we really need to have some discussion on this "bacon" issue.  Turkey bacon is not bacon, I don't care how long you fry it.  Soy bacon (God, I feel stained and tainted just typing that) is not bacon.  It's just beans pretending to be meat.

I am hereby proclaiming bacon supremacy.  I will not tolerate sub-class meats and beans to try to pass themselves off as America's favorite breakfast and sandwich meat.  None can achieve the crunchy, savory goodness of true swine.

The same thing holds true for coffee.  If our Almighty Pure Bacon-Loving God had meant for us to drink decaf, He would have created it that way in the first place.
+Rachel Nelli I would like to understand how you believe that gay men and women are pedophilic. Thats like saying that no straight person is.
The fact that equality is even up for debate makes me feel sorry for Americans. 
+Kate Reese actually, it would be more accurate to say that all religious people are pedophiles, after all, we have the priests to prove it.
+Andreas Geisler 

You are aware, the reason pork was considered unclean, was because during those times, they lacked the means to efficiently clean the animal for sanitary ingestion.

Also if you are going to spew biblical verses bare in mind God said DEATH to Homosexuals. Should we just cut your head off and be done with it?
+Andreas Geisler 

No legitimate argument do you present. How Sad. 
Well if you choose to listen to God, I keep my axe sharpened and ready to go.
next thing you know farmers who want to marry their livestock will be demanding equal rights "can we penalize them for who they are?" 
+Kurt Gonnerman 

currently bestiality is outlawed. though there was that one guy who married his horse on Jerry Springer.
the one on top is the female, it has more curves.
+Zander Gavin You didn't present an argument either, you just described how you justify disregarding the scripture when it suits you, like the hypocrite you are.

As for me, you won't find anything in the bible to justify killing me, I'm afraid. You're the only one of us with a hankering for cock.
what happens when the definition of marriage gets even further and further away from being the foundation of a family unit (i feel like i'm talking to two year olds) a marriage is a foundation of a family. A man needs to put his pee pee into a vagina for the family to grow and prosper, butt babies are not real, that's just hedonism with no purpose when a man is with a man. This is an attack on the family to say two man whores doing what they do with each other, is the same as a lawful marriage before Allah, intended to help both parties serve Allah better by making children who will worship Allah.
+Andreas Geisler 

Actually I did. I don't support gay marriage because I believe in God, and God spoke against Homosexuality. I made that point already and made it very clear.
You in turn chose only to attack me for believing but never actually presented a case as to why.
+Kurt Gonnerman First of all, this world needs less Muslims not more Muslims. It needs less Christians too, by the way.
Secondly, marriage has nothing to do with procreation.
It has to do with property. Who owns what, who inherits what.
Religion has nothing to do with it, what so ever.
Do any of the anti-equality folks out there have a a good argument for why gay citizens should be treated differently from the straight ones?  When I say good I mean a legal type argument, not "gays sex is icky" or "the bible says..."
I would love to hear it.

Pro Bacon and Pro Homo
I'm back, I had to go for a walk and piss on my gay neighbors lawn, tell me we're not done gay bashing. I could do this all day.
why don't we just make legal father/son and grandpa/grand daughter marriages on the same rationale that gay marriage is legalized. Or better yet how about make legal a man marrying 3 or 4 wives like it says is permitted in the Qur'an. why is human rights have to be the right to contradict Allah, and not fighting for rights to serve Allah the way He taught us to serve Him?
Who really knows what (if anything) God ever said? Come on! Think about it.
Next those who like bestiality will ask for =
After all you don't ask a cow if you can eat it... 
+Kurt Gonnerman There you go Kurt way to bring it into perspective. I wouldn't tell any of these gay guys your religious beliefs because they are Godofobic. 
Kurt, you're an idiot.

The whole issue is about state-defined marriage, which has nothing to do with you religious beliefs nor definition of marriage. Our country demands tolerance. This marriage need only mean a piece of paper to you.

How dare you impede on the rights of other Americans.
+Zander Gavin about the comments you made earlier about how gay people should die.. you shouldn't wish death or preach death towards any human. 
+Andreas Geisler thank goodness people like you who thinks the world needs less Muslims, is pro gay marriage. Because Allah hasn't given you a way to produce more children under the nihilist religion of "equality in marriage for gays" religion, so who are the married gays going to pass on their beliefs to? they have no offspring? you gonna bless a piece of poop that came out of his butt after a homosexual act and call that the one who will inherit your legacy? this is why immoral tribes perished in the past, no nurturing instinct for members of the opposite sex, and no means of procreation, the pagans also buried their babies alive if they were female, i know where gay society leads, it's just gay Nazi depopulation propaganda, 
+Kate Reese 

Saddam Hussein. Osama Bin Laden, Yasir Arafat, Mao Zadong?

what about them.
+Craig Brunetti What are you stupid, impede on the rights wtf. Hello earth to dumbass what do you think our troops have been doing for the last 20 years. or the CIA. Your so stupid you should be deported
I hereby chastise you for tarnishing bacon. you are a philistine and a vagabond. Don't ruin bacon with your gay rights crap bacon is Amoral and gay, straight, bi, or trisexual friendly so leave bacon out of politics and let it be pure deliciousness without politics. I like a world where bacon is delicious because it is bacon and doesn't stand for anything other than smokey salty goodness and any one who ruins that should be horse whipped
Though those people were evil, it does not mean that it gives you an excuse to wish death upon innocent people. Also, wishing death upon people is a "sin"
+Zander Gavin +Andreas Geisler the bible does ban people from eating pork, it is why Jews don't eat pork, i think it's in Genesis or Exodus when telling the animals you can and can't eat. these are guidelines for salvation and prosperity, not guidelines to ruin your beautiful life of swine consumption and parading homosexuality in public, 
+Matthew Inman I think that this was meant to be uplifting, but people have turned it into something else, correct?
Those who tend to lash out the most, tend to be those hiding the fact that they themselves practice.

So keep on picking on these people. It just shows how gay you wish to be.
A perfect record so far for the anti-equality crowd.  Not one single rational argument made for why gay citizens should be treated differently than the straight ones.  I am eagerly waiting...
it's going to be easy to let all the gays perish, just let them openly marry each other so they will stop being closet queers and procreating with heterosexual believers in Allah and the Last Day, (the Day of Judgment when you have to answer for all your deeds or lack of deeds in this life) if we let homosexuals marry each other, they won't spread their seed to any offspring. So as a Muslim, i'm glad gay people can openly be gay, because then they won't pretend to be straight and make children.
+Kurt Gonnerman  That's right Kurt it a free country and you can say anything you wish and if no one else has told you, Your doing a good job. I may be a Christian but I believe in the foundation of family and I'm glad to have you on our side.
Well im a child of a gay person, and im awesome. So at least gay people will be happy
pork dulls the intellect just like alcohol, when Jesus comes again he will abolish the swine and break the wine bottles and judge the world by the laws in the Qur'an not the gospel..
If you think these "other" people would perish simply by not being able to procreate, where the heck do you think they came from in the first place? Idiot.

And since when does procreation require marriage? Bigot.

You find too much comfort in your mental illness.
I want to believe that +Kurt Gonnerman is a  troll but I looked at his profile.
+Kurt Gonnerman most gay people had straight parents so I am afraid that we straight folk are to blame for having all those queer kids.
I am pro-homo not pro-political correctness.
(no insult intended though)
+stephan reed Nice job Stephan it really takes guts to tell the truth, I wish some of these guys would just clean their side of the street and say "I'm mentally ill and I can't help it". I think if they would just own it we wouldn't have to use "mean words"
Almost as good as the Black Flag version I just saw
Wow, im in 7th grade and im already more intellegent than lindell. Bravo
Go ahead, nobodys stoping u
+Lindell Anthony you seem to be under the mistaken belief that I agree with you in any way.  Reading your comment history here I can say without hesitation that I do not.  
the only possible exception being that you are trolling all the religious kooks here by encouraging them to spout off and make themselves look even dumber than they already do.  If you are trolling then you are wasting your time.  This bunch needs no encouragement to say ignorant and bigoted things.
Ronan D
Dont get it?????
Ehh, lindells being a troll
1 man + 1 women = marriage. If you would like to make a new equation come up with a new result. This one is already taken.
If you don't believe in creation or a Christianity that's fine, but don't take a word that means one thing and try to make it mean something else. If you made a brand new color would you call it red? Then we'd have true red and fake red. If you're married then what am I, really married? If you have a spouse then what do I have, a female spouse?
Do you realize that making the term ambiguous just means we will have to differentiate in some other way that will draw even more attention to the misuse of the term.
If you want respect for your new ways of thinking then come up with something that has meaning and doesn't disrespect the way others have believed for thousands of years. 
No, Dorian's math is right for just that equation. One man + one woman = marriage.

So does one man + one man.

And one woman + one woman.

And, of course, one woman + one man (for the feministas). 

Math is fun!
Notice how it is man+ ANY VARIABLE. Do the math 
homosexuality is a disease and a perversion
+Dorian Lust  so everyone gets a civil union from the state (a Civil authority) and married by their church of choice?Sounds great as long as the civil code that spells out inheritance, tax and other laws are changed to be tied to the civil union language.  It makes the most sense really.  People who are totally hung up on the word marriage being man+woman get to keep their word (for whatever reason) and everyone still gets equal treatment under the law.
+Dorian Lust marriage is not a christian concept, though there is marriage in christianity.  The first mention of it is in the book of Genesis, where it says man is united with his wife and they become one flesh.  But there's a problem, if this is where marriage is introduced as a concept, you have no idea what a wife is, and it doesn't tell you.  Therefore, it is reasonable to think that this term was already in existence, and if it was already in existence, then it is not a Christian concept.
+Brian Paone I guess you didn't really read my comment. Everything can't equal the same thing, that's not math that's wishful thinking. What I don't get is why people who don't believe in biblical ideas want to use biblical terms to describe themselves. Can someone explain why that is? 
+Mike Johnston I have seen the products produced by the nuclear family unit. "Bastards" could only be an improvement. Quite literally, there is nothing more worthless than a child raised by a mother who has been lying to men about sex for as long as she can remember (she likely doesn't even remember the misogynist acid sprayed across her mind by those looking to sustain the status quo).

They raise their children with love and lies and emotional degradation; much like the farcical and transparent attempt to smear children born outside their leaching circle of misery as "bastards".Only bastards can save this world from the leeches created by religious misogyny; and from their needy lies and needy love. 
+stephan reed I disagree, everyone needs encouragement, I don't care if you agree with me or not. Yes I'm trolling for trouble because I don't care one way or the other. I like to watch those people who claim to be for tolerance prove that they are full of shit. They want what they want and they won't stop there. They will want to marry our children next and don't lie that what it's all about. I don't care my kids are grown up and .what mental illness is. God will take care of everything in his time its none of my concern. I'm just having fun at your expense.
+stephan reed yeah, I'd go for equal treatment. No reason two people who are together long term shouldn't enjoy the same civil benefits. 
yes a man committing to 3 or 4 women, if he is able to provide for them and the women live separately in comfort and security, it takes away the reproach from the world of having to go out and model for male chauvinists and sleep with them out of wedlock to get ahead in life. Maybe there are still women who want to stay at home and raise children, and not look at running around like a glorified wage and salary slave like it's a privilege. 
+Kate Reese did anything I said suggest I was a hater? I didn't have any hate for anyone, speak for yourself. 
then she will be safe from gay oppressors in the work place who think women are like breathing mannequins. 
Wow. You should run as a republican canidate (cough)
Oh and Dorian sorry I missread your words. I do apologize, you arent a hater
Marriage equality woohoo, but let's be honest here guys. My +1 went towards the bacon part.
+Andreas Geisler Imagining that religion has no interest in property shows a somewhat baffling ignorance in regards to the inventors of property rights and law. You're mostly correct; merely stunningly confused about religion's historical and continued interest in manufacturing misery to exploit.

The misogyny that creates the perceived need for marriage by reducing women into being dependent is purely religious. Marriage is an insane religious construct designed to facilitate the breeding of misery by women too stupid and corrupted not to breed slaves to please.

What God has joined together, man is compelled to tear asunder or this world will never again be at peace (last time this planet existed in peace was 5000 ago, interrupted by a psychotic needy creep who saw opportunity where there wasn't any). We've been at War since Numbers 31. All wars are religious; even when they appear not to be.
+Kurt Gonnerman Was it not the Sociopath from Nazareth who turned perfectly good drinking water into a toxic drug of dependence prior to suffering the little children to come unto him? 

You know, because he was no Louis Pasteur. He didn't know that trick. 
I vote to use the term “civil union” rather than “marriage”. I think everybody deservers to have the same rights, when it come to humans' laws. God's laws are relative with each religion, and it’s fine to respect them. Civil rights should be offered to everybody, regardless of their sexuality.
If arseholes can get married; Why can't gay people?
Unless they don't like bacon, then that's just not cool.
+Jonny Vincent I don't think that is the case anymore. Greed is the main driver in war today, You could argue they do it behind church blessings but I'm a Christian and I've been to churches that are fixed on greed. The pope posed with Hitler and all that but that is man. Not God
+Caroline Simmons Gay people do get married. It's not legal here in California and I have friends and coworkers that are Married gay couples. This is about shoving an agenda at us so they can legally have sex with minors next. Thats the truth
in the world of corporatism where one gay CEO is in charge of providing for 100's or 1000's of employees that he has no emotional connection to, this isn't called neglect or oppression. But in Islam, a man may marry 3 or 4 women, only if he is able to take care of them equally, and keep them in separate living space (private apartments) this way of organizing society takes all the power away from the corporate CEO, because the "business" if you want to call it that, is the family unit itself. There are no banks in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) because the woman's job is to guard his wealth and children in the home while he is gone. In the United States, women are exposed to a hostile social environment that degrades women, and they don't even recognize it as such. A rapper or basketball star can have sexual relations with hundreds of women, and he is praised. And the right to have an abortion is fought for, so that pregnant girlfriends don't cramp his style, and this is American feminism to support the lifestyles of the gold digging social status seeking woman, and the pimp thug national black elitist hero. This is freedom? and the bible
says a time when 7 women will come to a man "we will live in our own place, and take care of ourselves, only let us have thy name to take away the reproach of the world" (ie, let is marry you so we feel we belong to someone and are protected by the gay Nazi corporate vultures) the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said there will come a time when the scarcity of men is so great, that 100 women will come to one man, such will be the scarcity of men those days. This era is now, just look around you at all the love for the gay, and the blind eye towards the neglect of plastic dehumanized women, who don't even have a basic biological nurturing instinct to raise a child, the men are so terrible these days.
Again, what people preach and spread fear about, it's likely what they themselves so.

Therefore, Lindell is not only gay, he/she (it? maybe a T from LBGT?) play with minors. Disgusting.
Calling people gay on the internet. Craig, thats low
+Craig Brunetti If I didn't have some men who need my help right now I would love point out how simple minded you really are. I have a lovely wife a wonderful kid and a tolerant Pastor. Your views mean nothing to me, Nothing. As I said before it fun watching the mentally ill run in circles for pure entertainment value. If your still here when I get back from church please pleasure me some more lol.
Not talking. Preaching. It's what they do when they put their God before our country.
+citizen j  Dude, I think I have a fucking man-crush on you.

Or, if you happen to be a female, you've definitely on my "That's a mind I'd like to fuck" list.

Either Or. 
Oh snap, can you hear yourselves. Just keep that hate going I'll be back in a couple hours.lmao 
Why do you have two first names? Is it... Satan?
Uhmm, by the way, how'd this steer from the "supremacy of bacon" issue?  I mean, what happened?  I disappear for only two hours-two hours-and what I believed was a rational porcine discourse has turned into a...damnit, what was that country where their politicians beat the shit out of each other in meetings? 

Well, you know what I mean.  What the fuck?

I blame turkey bacon.  It's entirely that fraud, that sham of a foodstuff's fault.  People, I implore you...give squeal a chance.
In which centry  you living.......Not in these earth.....or if are less educated.....poor man....i cant keep  him to clean my
What if someone wants to marry bacon? Oh wait, according to Deuteronomy 14:8 "ye shall not eat of their flesh" so I guess that's why Christians would be against Bacon Marraige .
*noms on his wife*

mmm... tastes like bacon
+Lindell Anthony All wars fought since the War to End All Wars (WWI) have been fought, almost exclusively, for profit (including WWII - they just forgot about the Treaty of Versailles, didn't they?) - actually, every time someone expressed concerns in regards to the rather stunning rebuilding of an obliterated, broken nation (20 years from unconditional surrender into the humming industrial & technological global superpower that took on the world after rolling [a likely swan diving] former superpower in France in a single day); all the corporations combined to ensure they were silenced or pressured into staying quiet. The threat of the Treaty being invoked was every corporation's greatest fear; there was simply too much $$ being made in German reconstruction. 

Every war fought since WWI has been to enrich war profiteers; even wars that don't appear to be possibly fought for profit are - actually - only being fought because this world is owned by arms manufacturers. And anyone who cannot understand why should go and get their weapons so the world can be at peace. Only arms manufacturers have the power to create nation-states and Israel's existence in the ME was a setup. #USSLiberty  Never forget. 

All that to say that you're correct; greed drives all misery. God (aka Moses) brought that self-defeating insanity to this world. Numbers 31 will horrify anyone who wants to understand what Moses and his sniveling little miserable Toddler rats did to a world that existed in peace. He's the JEALOUS Lord, batshit insane, miserable and a screaming needy sociopath. His name in the manuscripts is Yahweh Shibboleth (translates as "He who musters armies"). 

He's God of Love and War. 

The latter is not possible without the former. War is not a Selfish pursuit but a Self-less insanity. Mothers, as always, are to blame for raising children to please (seek external validation)...creeps who send them to die for lies. Only love & conformity (the two needy traits of the Self-less) can produce War. That's all love is good for; exploitation of Self-less humans slaves. Love is not a Selfish pursuit either. Only Selfishness will ever be humane & sane.
Makes me want siracha dipped bacon ... and marriage equality
:( i love bacon don't destroy bacon's reputation of mouth watering.. or does looking at another man make YOUR mouth water?
um yeah it think that's a little weird for the bacon there
Gay people are just the problem child who demands all the attention for their dysfunction, then the needs of a normal family go neglected and ignored, while gays are in the spotlight. 
Thanks for perverting bacon for me :(
+Ramiro Fernandez the women don't even have the option to stay at home the family unit has been disassembled, traditional family living according to Islamic heritage is not allowed. Islam came at a time when killing baby females was normal practice of the pagans of Arabia, that is the reason for the hijab. Other restrictions are to avert the evil eye of those who envy the healthy family unit, and by staring at the women more, they nurture these desires to get the woman to commit adultery on the husband. In the Muslim world where women are oppressed unfairly, i personally see it as the Arabs holding onto their hatred of women, and they are not following the Qur'an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (the Sunnah) whatsoever. tell Allah on the Day of Resurrection my arguments are invalid, not me, i'm just trlling what it says in the Qur'an and Sunnah, i can't force people to read the Truth
kurt thats not right sure i think gay is gross but i dont disaprove of it it is there life they should be able to live it how they where born to live it not how others say they shoudl
The planet has gone mad. Bacon i like leave the marriage thing for the equally york please thats how we were made. Don't try to put a square peg in a round hole
Nice PNG. Even if it didn't have bacon, it would still be better than the horribly compressed JPG everyone else is cloning.
+Kurt Gonnerman Please don't be angry with gays in general over the actions of the crazy activists in this area. Some fifteen years ago I attended a wedding of my friend and her partner in California. They were married in a church which believed as they do. They then registered their union with the State of California where they were granted 100% of the same rights as a conventional marriage. California family law has granted civil unions 100% rights for more than twenty years. 

I've known many gay people over the years (I'm sure a lot more than I am aware of), who never felt like their sexual orientation was the focus of their life nor some "cause" to champion. 

The lies, distortions, and "demands for attention" come from a different group. Some of them are gay, but you should note that many of them simply left wing activists which look for the opportunity to control the behavior of others. 

Redefining marriage is important to this group as once it has been redefined, those churches which deny marriage to one couple but grant it to another will be easier to define as bigots and hate groups. This will allow them to be denied tax exempt status. 

For the activists on the left, the chance to harm traditional religious institutions is their holy grail. 
I have no quarrels with gays if thats the way they feel shouldn't be the rest of the worlds prob. Mon there are far more troubles going on all around the world than to be dealing with gay rights. Thats petty crap. Lets tackle hunger, racism,spousal abuse,war, gun control and the environment. I don't think that the gays are prevented from being a part of the world, they exist. But in my opinion its all about attention, they want the spotlight. The planet don't need all that hoopla. What a waste of time and money with all the marches and placard and people are dying.
+lilli charles marriage equality is an issue of civil rights.  It's as important as the right to self-defense or racial equality.  Hunger and racism?  Those aren't solvable. Gun control? Use both hands. On marriage equality, we can remove legal obstacles that are preventing gays from equal access to state provided privileges (like marriage) immediately since the only obstacle is a decision.
Actually, Ross Bagley, sorry for the tangent, but hunger IS solvable, we just decided that we wanted to eat meat more than we wanted to feed the world vegetables.
+Jay Sudduth we produce enough calories to feed the world today without asking any meat eaters to stop.  The problem with hunger is one of economic distribution and corruption, not production.  The problems of economic distribution and corruption are, sadly, only likely to get worse as certain parts of the world remain on the edge of Malthusian disaster.
Also, perhaps my specific assertion was confusing.  When I say that they are unsolvable, I don't mean that the situations can't be improved.  Both problems of racism and hunger can be eased and we should all be making a constant effort to do so.  But if we wait until hunger and racism are "solved" before we are allowed to act to improve civil rights for gays then we will never act on civil rights for gays.
Ross lets agree on one thing. The world is changing.maybe history repeating itself, where the bible,The King James Ver; if its factual,mention the destruction of a gay city. The Gays are human beings and they should live and let live. But lets pay attention to the next generation.........
There isn't any difference between us. We all eat, drink, cry, sleep, bleed, hurt, laugh, smile, and most of all WE LOVE EQUALLY....NO DIFFERENCE!!!!!
Another "religion of peace". Ban the whole lot, I say.
+lilli charles sounds like you think that the US might be in trouble with your invisible friend if the laws of the land aren't hostile to gays.  That's batshit crazy nonsense is what that is.  The next generation (I have three young children) will be demonstrably better off if we treat everyone with love and respect, especially those who are a little different from us.  Two men or two women who love each other offer no threat to my marriage or my family (and they offer no threat to you either).  Your religion seems to have you locked into pretending that the world stays the same, or should stay the same.  IMNSHO, you should back up a step and really start looking at the big picture.
+D Rock Man+Man+Surrogate=Reproduction=really tiny difference=Reproduction=Woman+Woman+Sperm donor.
God loves all his children. Those who wish death are still loved by him, he forgives, he sends the wicked to hell first to learn a lesson, 
Old Man + Old Woman == No Reproduction , but they can still get married if they want...
Reproduction is irrelevant. Nobody forces married couples to reproduce. 
The success rate of converting gays to straight by both religious and scientific paths was very low - this shows that this type of behaviour is innate to them. This is ALSO true of those practicing bestiality and pedophilia. What they feel is something quite natural for them - all 3 - we do not as yet have the technology or knowhow to correct this particular thing. Just because it is natural for them doesn't mean it is for us, allowing just one and denying the others is nothing short of hypocritical. Pedophilia can be shot down by claiming that children don't know anything and cannot take part in it even though the adult might feel about it in that manner - "but by your own individual business, my life my ways, crap" not the others if no harm whatsoever happens in the participating individuals.

Yes, it is 2013 but that doesn't give you the excuse to justify this type of behaviour - same thing happened eons ago during the time of Romans & Greeks...... even elements existed in ancient Chinese Civilization - all of them fell pretty quickly. Homosexuality was not singularly responsible there - it was just another face of a many headed monster that felled them.... this is what is happening here.

These and many such deviant stuff pulls us back from our own natural behaviour or muddles it quite a bit if you want. What we must strive to act is in a manner that best justified our continued existence in nature, and don't give me the "it happens in nature" crap. Yes it does happen, but that is the exception not the standard - just like in humans. Just because it happens in nature doesn't make it natural - If a 2 headed baby is born, I will call it "unnatural" even though I know very well that 2 headed snakes does exist in nature - precisely because that is not the way nature intends to go forward. Obviously if good comes from nature, bad also comes - the way up is by canceling the bad and capitalising on good.

If all this individual freedom and stuff is allowed free say, then it becomes much much harder in the future to battle out other deviants from coming in slowly as their arguments are also fundamentally built on "right of individuality". We are HUMANS not animals - we CAN NEVER escape the effects of what happens to other humans, you can argue howmuchever you want about personal rights and all. All other animals are at first dependent, then independent with some semblance of interdependence coming in later, only the advanced ones have more interdependence. Humans ruled the world precisely because WE TOOK INTERDEPENDENCE to a whole new level. Stressing upon too much individuality is regressive for humans, it pulls us back whether we like it or not. I am not against individual freedom of thinking and all but I am against "Individual Freedom/Expression > Social Responsibility". There are enough evils to battle out in society, don't waste time on these.... The same respect that others give to you, you give to them -  BUT "that doesn't mean they can rub in whatever they feel natural in your face".

If you think that they can do whatever they want - its their life, then you automatically cannot speak against incest, bestiality or anything else precisely because it doesn't affect you. Actually it does, it does because it means that they can be allowed - that they can exist - that it can happen - and you will never be able to defend your children or others from its effects - because once they think its okay, they shed inhibitions of other kinds slowly, and we slowly start losing whatever it is that brought us up in the first place. We can never stop such deviants from existing, they existed once, they exist now and they will exist in the future - just in the same we can never stop geniuses from existing. BUT we can choose to encourage geniuses and discourage deviants - it is THIS CHOICE that empowers us.

OPPOSE-DISCOURAGE SUCH STUFF now, or later it becomes much harder to OPPOSE everything that follows this in one form or the other. Just imagine, we can easily oppose pedophilia now - BUT if 20 years from now, if we do have a very good Matrix style virtual environment to lose ourself in from the real world , if I do have sex with a child, you can never oppose me as I have never harmed a real child, only a virtual one made of bits and bytes..... and so forth.

P.S: On a side-note, considering what the image gives..... you all eat beef and bacon & ridicule others who don't eat this stuff. Very well & good, afterall you enjoy it. But why do you abhorr eating horses or dogs who contribute to us in comparatively same levels of say cattle in agriculture??? XD.....haha isn't that the same double standards you are exercising in this whole goddamn business???
Mmmm....bacon....drool a la Homer Simpson
Just trying to understand. No Agenda here. Simple question that I would like answered.  If all the rights and privileges were afforded to gay couples the same as traditionally married couples, but it was not called "Marriage", would there still be a controversy? Thanks...
Yes, there would be controversy. That would make it a symbolic sort of segregation. 
i like the statement of bagley
+John Pas Yes. Marriage != not marriage, therefore not equal.
Well said, sir, well said.

And as they say bacon and eggs is an analogy for commitment and involvement in a relationship.

The chicken is involved, the pig is committed.
same sex bacon equality, make sense to me, I think.
Future generations,...make sense? Thankyou for de-valuing the human sense to me..bacon & desert...the opposite...suitable desert....not your own.
ooooooohhh so thats what that means!!
It's a trick! The bacon makes a squiggly equals sign! Which means it's an approximate sign. <insert conspiracy here />
With a lower birth rate (gay marriage being openly accepted) the economy would slowly begin to fix itself- honestly study economics- if marriage is a worldly issue then despite your views this would actually be a good thing
+citizen j hey pedophilia is not just when an adult abuses a small child of the opposite gender you have to be joking!!!!!!
Its hard not to +1 something that has bacon in it!
Thing I love about Google+ is that it only shows you the last couple of comments.  You can click and read everything, but that's your choice.  Google+ shields you from most of The Bottom Half of the Internet, which, as we all know, you should never read.
I don't want to get into an argument.  But most people that are attracted to the opposite sex don't cross-dress, let alone psychos. 
In the bible God made Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve.
Ms. Garza, you will need to do better than the tired "Adam & Steve" argument. 
Eve came from Adam's rib, making 'her' Adam's clone. So realistically it's Adam and Adam. Steve gets the cold shoulder.
And, if you think about it, there are two creation stories in did God make two sets of male and female? Perhaps he contemplated they could pair off any way they wanted. (OK, time to duck.)
Adam and Eve both chose to leave the Garden of Eden
every person posting on this thread is the result of heterosexual reproduction. fact.
While yes that is true, hate is bad, you all are hating another party of people, god doesn't like hate, the Adam and Steve argument is just stupid, if one loves another then thats gods will no matter what the gender.
divided we fall. well played commies and sheep.
Conception of a child and marriage do not particularly have to go hand in hand. Fact. 

Millions of narrow minded morons are are born and burden the rest of the intelligent, free thinking world as a result of heterosexual reproduction. Fact.
you say millions. i think you mean every child. not just a percentage of them. EVERY CHILD CREATED IS MADE BY THE SEXUAL UNION OF A MAN AND A WOMAN.
mathematically speaking. 
xx + xx = nil
xy + xy = nil
xy + xx = baby
xx + xy = baby
Gays is just a result of decrease testosterone which is suppose to be higher in men and increase estrogen which is to be lower.

GAYS, in the first place, is ABNORMAL. So why pushing this MARRIAGE EQUALITY which is also NOT NORMAL?
MARRIAGE SHOULD BE A MAN AND A WOMEN, it has been FOR THOUSANDS YEARS. In this way we have our next generation and we should NOT confused our children.
It's so awesome when bigots speak and they sound like idiots. You want to see the state of the union? +Virginia Mooe and friends are demonstrating it admirably. 
Matthew, you win the internet
to call someone a bigot a racist a homophobe is just intellectually lazy in my opinion. it does not speak to the value of the labelers own cause, it only attempts to invalidate the opinion of the person who is being slandered for speaking their opinion. pure lazy.  disgustingly so.
and a gentle reminder to all my Christian brethren. 'love the sinner, hate the sin.'
+Virginia Mooe - Right. Gay marriage has been between a man and a women for thousands of years. Except when it was between a man and several women. Or sometimes a man and a child. Or a man and a child who never met each other prior to their wedding day. But that's why we need to fight to keep the "Biblical" definition alive and well. After all, what will our poor children think if they have to grow up in a home where two loving parents attend to all of their needs but can call themselves "married"? That's SO MUCH more confusing than forcing them to grow up in a loving whom where two parents attend to all their needs and call themselves "civil partners". Thank you for having the courage to take a stand for the logical choice!
i think the reality of biological reproduction does all the argument necessary to a person who actually exhibits the capacity for logic. 
Sorry for using the term ABNORMAL but that is the truth. We cannot stop you GAYS to love someone but dont let it go to marriage just because of your own desire or let me say selfish desire. MARRIAGE IS HOLY. DO NOT ABUSE YOUR FREE WILL.
How is love abuseing it? All this hate just needs to stop. I plead with you all to just stop bickering. 
I'm amazed at how many people like +roy malino still exist in the world today. Historically, marriage has been a social contract that often has nothing to do with love, and it's definition has constantly evolved to keep pace with social norms. Insisting that people who don't share your religious beliefs abide by them isn't any different than Islamic extremists who want to see Sharia implemented the world over. That's not "free will", it's terrorism.
Being gay is not a sin, those who say otherwise are stupid. If a man loves a man, then god intended that.
oh snap? see that ? it would totally suck to not be able to recognize hypocrisy coming out of my own mouth. like mr t , i pity the fool.
Erick Adam, ask yourself first why you exist.
Gay marriage is going to destroy US civilization as we know it and make it look like Canada.  Next thing you know, you'll all be eating back bacon.
Wut? The world has an over population problem, won't matter becuse a lot of people will still be straight. 
"Those who live by the sword die by the sword" said Jesus
Sin or no sin, Bible or no Bible, Jesus forgives those who accept Him and ask. It is not our place to condemn anyone else for their life choices. I believe we should rather admire that love exists in many forms and appreciate that there are people who can exist in peace and be good human beings in society, even if they don't conform to your own specific beliefs. 
You can't have more than one child in china, the world is over populated, all the liveable environments are taken, do you want to live in the bitter cold of Siberia?
Gay people should be allowed to get married. If two people love each other, they should be allowed to legally confirm their love for one another. Does the thought of two dudes having sex gross me out? Yea it does. Does the sight of two dude kissing gross me out? Yea it does. But that doesn't change the fact that they shouldn't be able to get married simply because I don't like it. That's just idiotic and whoever thinks that needs to get their head out of their ass.
+Steve Sampson what the state granted privilege of marriage provides is a commingled legal identity.  Which is exactly the kind of thing that sovereigns are really and truly responsible for.  So if your argument is that you don't like the privileges that marriage provides (no probate on death of your spouse, automatic power of attorney, comingled 5th Amendment protection from incrimination of spouse, etc.) then you should argue to change them.  But to claim that the government shouldn't be involved in marriage?  That's just ignorant.
+Steve Sampson you should have stopped earlier.  At least there used to be a shred of deniability about the depth of your ignorance.  Now you've settled any doubt.
+Steve Sampson Okay, I'll go through the motions to explain how your argument makes you look fundamentally ignorant of the facts of marriage equality.  Please explain, if you can, how these two benefits:

no probate on death of your spouse


comingled 5th Amendment protection from incrimination of spouse

"can be purchased in other ways from a family lawyer"?  Trick question: they can't.  And neither can a laundry list of other benefits currently denied to same sex couples.  If I had been born gay and had a husband instead of a wife, he would have to pay taxes on the health benefits provided to him by my employer.  I couldn't use an FSA account to pay for his prescriptions.  I couldn't file a joint tax return.  yadda the list keeps on going.


Your post is wrong, your argument is wrong, and by repeating it again and again, you reveal that you are ignorant of even the most basic understanding of the debate you've entered.

And that, my boy, is enough effort spent on you.
Gay rights and bacon: both awesome, both condemned as unclean by some "holy" books, both opposed by adherents to those hol-- no, wait...  Huh.  That's weird.
BTW, to all Christians who oppose gay marriage (on religious grounds): you do realize that you're trying to impose your religious beliefs on those who don't share them, right?  You also realize that you're supposed to "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you", right?

So the only logical conclusion I can draw from your behavior is that you'd really like it if someone forced their religious beliefs and practices onto you.  So... what would like?  Sharia law?  Maybe just the good ol' 617 mitzvot?  Or can we go looking for something more exotic, involving blood sacrifices and whatnot?
Blood sacrifices are a hoot, I hear. As is praying to Kahuna the Great and Terrible.
In California we voted no. A democratic process the way its suppose to work. We don't support Gay marriage. So now you want the courts to IMPOSE you sexual beliefs on the rest of us. Not a religion a state. So again Who's the haters? Who's The intolerant? Who's shoving their beliefs on innocent people? Google say's I have 7+'s on each of  my comments but all I see is edit. Really, you are so pathetic it's unreal like little children. For the last time you are Mentally ill get help, You made a choice? deal with it, stop crying "not fair It was your choice. You we're not born that way and your daddy is not proud of you.
+Lindell Anthony The problem with your view is that there are way more heterosexual people in Cali than there are Homosexual people, so if all the straight people voted no and the gay people voted yes then the straight people will obviously win. I highly doubt that any gay people are against gay marriage because that would be very hypocritical. This shouldn't be a democratic process because the ratio of homo to hetero is off, but there are people like me that are hetero and support gay marriage.

If this is really how it worked out, once again,* who the hell do these straight people think they are that they can tell gay people "No, you can't get married but we can, simply because we don't like you".*  How would you feel if the tables were turned and all the gay people in the USA were against straight people getting married because they thought straight people were icky? You probably wouldn't like that much would you?
Yes, because letting those gays marry means that now every straight girl has to fear me ambushing her into a shotgun lesbo union of unholiness.... GOOD ARGUMENT +Lindell Anthony 
+Lindell Anthony the Prop 8 vote is a perfect example of the mob being wrong.  Here's the thing: you don't want mob rule any more than I do, given how easily it would be for a well-heeled power player to appeal to fear with a series of well-produced TV ads and drum up support for an infringement on your rights.  Luckily, we need more than a majority vote to have a law be valid.  Just like for free speech and gun rights, the law must also pass Constitutional muster.  Prop 8 must fail any reasonable Constitutional test as it restricts a state-provided privilege without providing any reasonable state interest.  Prop 8 will fall and we will all be better off as a result.
+Lindell Anthony Unfortunately for you, the Founding Fathers disagree with you.  Correctly concerned  that measures are too often decided, not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority [James Madison, Federalist #10], they took countermeasures.  One of those is the Supreme Court.

You seem to be under the delusion that this is about two equal "beliefs".  It's not.  One faction appears to be informed by religious belief.  Another, however, is arguing the law.  And in the US, the Constitution is the supreme law.  One of the things guaranteed therein is equal treatment.  Unless you can demonstrate a valid reason for the government to single out a group of citizens for different legal treatment, such a law is unconstitutional and therefore invalid, no matter how popular.  And a valid reason does not include anyone's religious beliefs [cite: Amendment #1], no matter how popular.
Or maybe mentally ill people should stay out of politics, I agree Religion should have no part in it either. But letting people make up laws to best suit them is destroying our quality of life. Time to reboot and admit homo is a brain disorder. get help!!
+Lindell Anthony I can't tell if you're ignorant or stupid.  Ignorance is fixable, stupid is forever, so the test is: once you've been informed of the facts, do you stop spouting nonsense?

The facts: homosexual behavior that manifests in a small fraction of the population during periods with normal gender balance is adaptive to the population. It's natural, and it's presence has helped humanity survive through the ages.

So now that you've been informed, which were you?  Ignorant or stupid?
+Ross Bagley pedophiles .beastiality, homosexual. All the same thing. So we let of you guys decide what's best for normal people (you are all the same deal with it) Why don't we let Hitler say what's right, He had no idea he was sick. Does that help you understand a little better. Admit it and the truth shall set you free.
Doesn't matter I can always change, There's no cure for your condition. Ask me how I know.
+Lindell Anthony *"pedophiles .beastiality, homosexual. All the same thing."*   Very nicely done!  And a Godwin nod as well!  Thanks for revealing your repulsive opinion to all of us (and for resolving all doubt on the previous question).

You're really going to dislike the future.
+Steve Sampson By your logic the Norse, Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, Chinese, Japanese, and the Mayans had no marriages. None of them recognised the Pope nor King of England. All of their societies had marriages.

Your 'god' is not the authority on who should marry.

+Lindell Anthony Quite clearly you have a case of the stupid. When you stop basing your world view on a book that contains magic and unicorns (I can provide references if needed) and join us in the 21st century, the world will be a better place.
+Ross Bagley Facts Ross the only opinion....Is yours. And you are so very welcome Don't mention it.. Offline muted good day mam. 
+Patrick O'Shea Glad you read your bible Patty but at no time did I base anything on God word. You gays are trying to make this a religious argument. Separation of church and state I stand firm on that. Its a mental health issue like it or not. At first it was free love you didn't to be tied down. Now you want tied down, I already know what's next and so do you. Your end game is to get children in your pants. Call me what you want I'm the only telling the truth about your intentions.
Just like priesthood, really.

Actually, homosexuality is found in thousands of species across the world. It is completely natural and in no way linked to pedophillia. You know what is unnatural and found in only one species? Celibacy.

Peer reviewed studies have shown that you are more likely to be sexually assaulted as a child by a heterosexual person known to you and trusted, and even more likely to be a family member.
+Patrick O'Shea Celibacy ? I'm Irish and happily married with child. No priesthood in my past or future that I know of. I don't believe in the following here's my list Manipulated studies political leaders ANYTHING the pope says, The Police (the band with Sting I like) most of what churches try to teach me and people on the internet with an agenda. Pat they've done studies saying nutra sweet is safe,sorry any studies in the last 50 years are sketchy at best. But the one you cited has some credibility but is likely to change like everything else. 
+Lindell Anthony Muted eh? About as reliable a "fact" as the rest of what you're spewing. How about I give you a little help from the good old dictionary, eh?

A person who is sexually attracted to children

Savagely cruel or depraved behavior.
Sexual intercourse between a person and an animal.

(of a person) Sexually attracted to people of one's own sex.
A person who is sexually attracted to people of their own sex.

Now I know those long words can be really hard, but to my poor opinionated eyes they look like different words to me. Anyone else see the same thing? Am I crazy?
+Jooles C Hitler had good grammar too, So should we assume he was right. I don't think your daddy named you jooles lol 
+Jooles C I'm also chatting with a young Muslim lady and making fun of you guys XD. So as a Christian you can see I have an open mind. I don't use religion to base the fact that you are not ok. Your just perves that like to get off and we think that's so sad. We call it "shooting fish in a barrel"  because your logic is soo week,  Oh would look at that spelling. 
+Matthew Inman I support your statement, now please do something to help dishevel corporate personhood next! :) 
+Lindell Anthony learn to read dude. I never mentioned grammar, I simply proved you wrong :). I'm glad you're having fun, because I sure am. As if there's any point to arguing on the internet other than baiting people like you and you make it so easy. Heh, and however did you guess that Jooles isn't my full name? Dude you simply must be psychic.. or God. Yes, that must be it.

Ah these things are great :D
+Jooles C sorry about that. I didn't pay any attention it's just a pattern that we noticed with the tards the post on these topics. My bad
And yes I have skills of observation and spell check. I have to say from looking at your post you hide it well. And youlook normal too
What about Boy Scouts? Pedophilia occurrs within it's ranks although homosexuals aren't allowed. 
+Matthew Hicks True, Did you know I used to be a den leader? It's like anything people  tell me they don't go to church because there too many hypacrites. Well may as well stay in because the dude at the gas station or supermarket are too. 
You make no sense +Lindell Anthony considering you're grouping people that have sex with children (or technically anyone under the age of 18, at least in the USA), people that have sex with animals and people that have sex with the same sex together. How are they similar other than the fact that they all include (at least) one human? How are two men (or women) having sex with each other the same as a dude banging a donkey or a woman having sex with a horse? Or a man having sex with a 17 year old girl? the only thing that they share in common are the fact that each act includes on human having sex with something.

Yes, from a nature standpoint homosexuality doesn't make sense because there is no method to pass on their genetic material, but does it seriously harm any body or the world at large? Absolutely not, two men banging each other has no effect on me, you or anyone else in this world. So why the hell do you care about it so much?

Louis C.K. said it perfectly: 
"It doesn't have ANY effect on your life. What do you care? People try to talk about it like it's a social issue. Like when you see someone stand up on a talk show and say 'How am I supposed to explain to my child that two men are getting married?' I dunno, it's your shitty kid, you fuckin' tell 'em. Why is that anyone else's problem? Two guys are in LOVE but they can't get married because YOU don't want to talk to your ugly child for five fuckin' minutes?"
+Lindell Anthony ::claps::  Well played, sir.  I fully admit it: you had me going.  The blatant assertions with no evidence or logical backing, vehemently defended as "fact"; the baseless gloating superiority that would make Dunning and Kruger weep with joy; the constant changing of topic to avoid having to respond to any substantive arguments; even the first Godwin moment.  Yep, you did a really good impression of a top-rate bigoted idiot.  But the second Godwin, after being called on the first one, was just too much.  You gave yourself away -- there is no way someone could be that much of a troglodyte and still operate a computer and type full sentences.  But still: nice job stringing us along that far.  I consider myself artfully trolled.
+Brandon Golway +Matt Tearle What impression? It's a moral based comparison. They are also similar in the fact that it is a mental illness that has no cure. I can treat it but there is no cure for you. first you have to admit you have a problem. But like Hitler you are convinced your right so there's no help for you. Matt my friend, did you figure out I really don't care. I like pushing buttons, the same people that claim we need to be more tolerant are the real problem. Just back up this string. It's a gas. There's a number of us that troll until we find the right amount of emotion and we jump to that string,  find the dumbest one's and target them. God can't use them until they are broken.

Medals and cake for everyone
+Jooles C wouldn't bacon be more appropriate than cake? Or maybe not, given the connection with Hitler and Jews. Dammit, I can't figure this out -- I think all the bigoted drivel on this topic has broken my brain.
Ok citizen jj says we can say what we want so im over this bs
"Christians love their murder and rape. 
But those who have fun and hurt no one, they hate." 
Bacon can fry with bacon but gay marriage wtf maybe in2030
Religionist oxymorons:
Christianity is the Religion of Love in the same way that Islam is the Religion of Peace.
Woah up +Andreas Geisler i have nothing against gays...each to their own and i love ellen but i doubt it will ever happen here very soon seen as i watch parliament everyday
_But like Hitler you are convinced your right so there's no help for you. _

+Lindell Anthony if "I'm like Hitler" than so are you because you're also convinced that you're right, so that argument makes absolutely no sense. 

I also love how you compare a man that murdered over six million jews to a person that loves someone of the same sex. Bravo.
No im a chick i made a mistake when i joined and i dont know how to change it baack and lol what has that got to do with the topic
Just like you write something and it states u wrote it an hour ago i just dont see the gay marriage law gtng approved by the government here in Australia anytime soon
+Helen Heart They're politicians, they'd turn over their own mothers for a vote.
They're only against doing the right thing because they think it gets them votes. They're already beginning to wonder.
+Andreas Geisler politicians are full of bs with their fake promises and lies to get a vote heck we even have a gay senator and she had ivf omg what an outcry fom the pollies trying to kick her out of just saying i doubt itd happen here soon ok goodmorning and goodnight its 1.38am x
+Helen Heart When you wake up, perhaps you would tell me if you have something against it? Otherwise, why be part of the tacit opposition?
Andreas Geisler, you have a dick of your own. So satisfy your lust with a dick of yours. You dont need the dick of the others coz you have your own.

Oh, bacon! Marriage bacon. What are you, a pig? Perhaps, you dont know the MEANING of MARRIAGE.

And oh, i forgot. You are ABNORMAL. A HORMONAL IMBALANCE person. 
+roy malino Just because you like cock, doesn't mean that I do.
I have nothing against people who like cock, but I think your self-loathing is sick, and you should get professional help.
Just because you can't face your own sexuality doesn't mean you should deny other, more healthy people, the lifestyle of their desire.
So, please, don't project your desires onto me.
And don't assume I am supporting gay rights for my own benefits, it just so happens that I am a human being who doesn't feel like oppressing others for no good reason.
+roy malino  You know, they actually have special-interest groups for single-minded people like you.

KKK.  Neo-Nazi Party.  al-Qaeda.  The Westboro Baptist Church.

Take your pick.
+Andreas Geisler look im not bothered as long as their happy!! The only problem i possibly see hapening is more gay bashings which is sad but if two gaymen are walking down the street and there is a group of straight guys they prob will kick the ... out of them!!!this is the sad world we live in today :-( look i know the guy who first started this picture+topic on fb and i have gay friends and some of them are the sweetest guys+chicks i know and some of them would be so happy to be married and who are we to deny them happiness!!! Its the governments fault as their too scared of some public outcry and the catholic church mainly trying to stop it but who are they to talk after all the peado priests have done to the innocent!!! I have never seen a gay say ewww straight person......what a great world we would have if everyone would just get along !!!! So to all gay ppl if you want laws passed to get married then it is up to you to do the work and persist rather than arguing with some of the gayhaters maybe spend sometime writing letters and getting petitions signed ok i just want everyone to get the happiness they desire xx
Gee some people think its all about sex with gays and not the fact they love one another!!! i am not gay and i have nothing against gays/blacks/chinese etc etc or i wouldnt have some of my friends if i did and im thankful that i do and i totz get times are changing
It's all about sex and perversion. Love is just a front they use to hide behind.Lies and more lies. They were lying when they we're in the closet and they lie now.......Perod.
Seriously look at the arguments this topic has started originally on fbook and now here its a joke and if and when it gets passed it will prob get worse until it ever gets passed im over the bs arguing
Yeah, the Bible or Quran-chugging morons should maybe finally get a clue as to why the pic includes bacon.
Bacon is supposed to be the fucking kryptonite against those slimeball believers. They should get their asses back into the swamps/deserts and hump their cousins some more.
+Lindell Anthony Sooo.... lemme get this straight... homosexuality is a mental disorder?  It should be treated, then, I take it, since it's only about sex, and leads to other perversions like pedophilia?

Well, as long as we're doing that, we might as well get rid of love, too.  After all, love is responsible for more pain, misery and cruelty than homosexuality, pedophilia and religion combined.  Love is an unnatural chemical reaction in the brain, the same as homosexuality, after all.  Please try to tell me that love doesn't cause such things.  I dare you.

Hey, in for a penny, as the saying goes; as long as we're banning love, we might as well get rid of religion, too.  What other force is responsible for death on a global scale?  Simply on the premise that "My God has a bigger dick than your God"?  (Oh, look, more love and homosexuality!  Where does it end?)

So, Mr. Hatemonger, I truly hope your inner child gets loved by a Catholic Priest and then beheaded by a Jihadist.
+Joel Rodriguez Well you got the first part right, But I'm really not interested in your manifesto thank you anyway, I glad you understand now 
If you're against marriage equality, you hate bacon. EDIT: The reverse is not necessarily true.
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