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Yep, what they didn't show us lol
fantastic and horrible, so cute?^^
Well done sir, you in fact made me do a double take
It's been down for less than fifteen minutes... >_>
Todd S.
still counts as life.
Matthew Inman you are just fantastic!
I just watched the hell out of this! I want more! Just hope there isn't a scene with hobbits trying to kiss while saying their goodbyes.
hahahaha. An old friend of humanity xD
That didn't take long.
I was a little disappointed that nobody at the JPL whipped up a 'shop to do this; thanks for keeping on top of it, Matthew.
Normally I would do the "cricket" quip but that made me laugh.

You win this round good sir.
Laughed SO hard when I saw this on Twitter!
I wondered how long this was going to take. Lol
Wei WU
Alien ^_^
Just hopin you're wrong about it!  I guess that is better than a Pee Wee Herman doll coming up to the camera asking to come "home"!  lol...
Do I see a Starbucks in the background?
kill it before it lays eggs!!!
Ooooh Dear ! OOH Dear OOOh  Dear! We got A problem EEEK! Lol Funny n so glad it`s Not True ! Phew !
Damn aliens always trying to get in the shot...
Holy McNuggets, Batman! Thats some High-Res stuff!
Predator in the other hazcam image, I presume?
this reminds me of girls taking pictures for facebook... except its an alien...

wow alien//////attack///
even better  it has a furbi pop up...
not the fault of NASA, but now we know.  life on Mars.  We should think about a new neighborhood.
AVP,,,,,,,,remember the name
LoL ,,,,, "PEEK-A-BOO" ......
Next NASA Mars mission: Operation Sigourney Weaver
To Day is the Best Day...............
false image. Go to Nasa's site and cross check it.
Glad 2C I wasn't the only one thinking this.
It would be awesome and terrible all in one lol
This is the insult to NASA/jpl take this f**** picture down know. You should be ashamed of yourself.
that's a particularly bad photochop :p
HAHAHAHAHA bad bad bad................. give it another try 
Best of Site and Sceincetic knowledge
horrible im a girl get the pic away from me
+Don Pius Tumushabe You can't be serious? That's an alien. Or rather, the Alien. What I'm wondering is if it's something +Matthew Inman created himself or... what? If it's explained somehwere in the 188 comments before mine, forgive me, I haven't read them.
Asha S
ha ha ha very funny
i see my suggestion =) looks great, can't wait. 
So let the lab go to work. Laser cut its head off, pulverise to dust, examine for minerals/water... Send evidence to Earth via Odyssey of particularly low pH water and minerals in the Crater. Curiosity lab 1, xenomorphs 0.
Kang Li
i would sh*t myself if this was actually what came back from the rover 
~Its just saying : Hello Hollywood, give me another job... i'm not old... i still have lots of acid for great action ....
OMG! what on earth is that but it looks SO WIERD 
nope nope nope nope nope nope
Wow looks like a Martian Apple lawyer. Sent from...sgs3 with local and universal search.
Oh Crap that thing is unreal so scary
The mars rover just shit itself !!!
LOL You win EVERYTHING for this photo!
we come in peace... aliens lol
What is it? Is somebody tell me?
OMG how could you people not know what this is?!
kimkat rf - "its like a dinasour which name is pterodactil"
Come on, it's an ALIEN ...from the movie ALIEN.
First images from the MSL, with Alien added by Awesome Cartoonist, TheOatmeal :) WIN!
Funny..I'm glad the damn thing made it 
Ohh idea ...nvr watchd ..:-P bt nw surely wud hve to
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isn't this from one of those movies abt alien invasion..???
what is this?
this is shoomboole parviz
saresh gerdo nokesh tiz
moohash fer fere riz riz
if this were to actually appear, this is epic :|
If we found those things on a nearby planet I would charter a flight out there for some big game hunting.
Is that the first confirmed picture from Curiosity?? :)
Has no one seen Aliens vs. Predators? 
WOW!! This is what they look like? 
Quick!....GET...TO...THE ...ROVAAA !!
What is that thing ?! its scary and it gives me the chills :0
This post no longer exists 😂
And they didn't believe me... lol
s**t happens boys.... ignore that
Yes Liam Bell. Aliens..
This is clearly a shoop. I know because I've seen some shoops in my time. ;)
Hey that's the alien from the movie "Alien"
Wheatley should have been there
That, I think, would be the one situation where it would be as awesome as it was scary! :}
this is the martians' response to the Curiosity rover landing on their planet
Beautifully created Ultra Alien, scares the S... out people !!
;-) Could it be -- The Oatmeal's conscience?
I can't wait till they ride a rover back to earth and destroy this shit hole called earth hope they hit my mother in laws house first.
Phew! At least it wasn't manned, or we'd be having an invasion right about now.
Does curiosity have a motion tracker?
Oscar F
Oscar F
This is the part where the communications got lost? :P If not? Please do not return that ship...
Send The Bobcats to Mars.  Will they have finally met their match?
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