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This comic was inspired by my experience at LA fitness. The overweight people stare at the average people, the average people stare at the skinny people, the skinny people stare at the body builders, the body builders stare at themselves in the mirror as well as the hot girls, the hot girls enviously stare at each other, and the elderly don't stare at anyone. The elderly just hang out and do pelvic thrusts in short-shorts.
You forgot one group, the homophobes who are always staring at suspected gay men in the showers, wondering when they are going to get checked out.
I was afraid we were not going to have new strips until you're done with your second book.
It's pretty much the same everywhere else.
Very funny! But most of the people I see at the gym are just looking at themselves in the mirror. :)
+Matthew Inman So I was right!

I didn't recognize it as a book, though. I thought it was the cards.

BTW goddamn snail mail would fail my valentine, I was going to give my wife a nice man nipples card, seems like I'll have to keep it for some other holidays.
That's be beauty of it. The nipples will not fail to guide, year 'round!
Once again, you get right to the heart of what's true about the situation. SO true!!! LOVE it.
ha! That is not what happens inside my brain when I'm at the gym but I can very much see this being a reality for many.
LOL! These comments are very funny! Though I'd like to bring some light to why people look in the mirror ~~The reason people are looking at themselves in the mirror is when they're lifting weights and doing sets they need to make sure they have proper form or else it is easy to get hurt. Might as well not do the set if one is not going to have proper form whether it's on the machines or free weights. :)
I look at myself in the mirror to stop myself from making stupid facial expressions when I work out.
That's funny Mary! :) I look at myself in the mirror at the movement with the weight so that I am keeping proper form. I have hurt myself pretty bad before not having proper form plus my workout is more effective. :)
+Tigger Escobar Oh please! As someone who used to go to gym I can tell you that as you make progress you develop narcissism, and that's the reason why people look in the mirror, plain and simple. :)

And it's fine as long as you actually make progress. :)
I used to be fat; then I staring working out and I am MILF-y as all get out. I look in the mirror ALL THE TIME.
FAT<NORMAL<STRONG<CLEVER<GIRL<OLD i don't undertand the logic.
Mandy P
"Starved Baked Potato"
STARVED BAKED POTATO!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA awesome, as always, Oatmeal :)
+Gasan Guseinov human desires don't have to be logical. If you spend time at a gym diverse attendees, you'll see this exact cycle of interest and attention played out over and over again.
+william dickson try reading from the top, make your way slowly down the page to the end, you can't scroll anymore when you reach the bottom
Since when "average people" became a bit overweight? Maybe by American standards?
Teehee! We all want what we don't have...
I disagree on one point- the Meaty only ever look at themselves in the mirror.
The gym I go to only has four types of people:

The narcissistic muscles – Spend more time talking about exercising than actually exercising. Travel in herds and loudly discuss how much they can bench.

Body builders – They lift really heavy weights and keep to themselves.

The elderly – The wander around randomly picking exercise machines.

Everyone else – Fat, normal, thin, male or female. They just come to exercise not to compare.

The only people looking at someone are checking themselves out.

>love handles

Wait what? Also never come across built people wishing they were a funny guy in the gym.

Remember guys, no curling in the squat rack. SQUATS AND OATS.
This is why i go late at night, then I have the gym to myself.
I work out at home...or never... but the point is I love laughing at everyone at the gym....THANK YOU MACHO A HOLE FOR CUTTING ME OFF FOR THE CLOSEST SPOT WITH YOUR MOCHA... i will be the bigger man and park a few spaces further.... walking=work out?
It's amazing accurate. One of the best comics yet.
I feel better about not having only been on the waiting list for gym class today already!
The human condition: everyone wants to be something other than what they are.
I'm definitely a smart meaty person.
Walt B.
You forgot the creepy dude that sits next to you on a bench and stares at you like"Boobies" in the mirror,and tries to mimic your French Presses.
Good call Tigger, God knows most of G+ hasn't ever stepped foot in a gym
When I clicked on it I was expecting "guys on steroids who scream whenever they lift something" and "morbidly obese person walking slowly on a treadmill for five minutes and going home just so they can say they went to the gym" or something like that. You have exceeded my expectations, Oatmeal.
Oatmeal always exceeds expectations, unlike the oatmeal you buy at the market. Always a let down.
Oatmeal comics, so funny because it's so relatable. On a side note, the old guys at the gym I go to can lift more than the "strong-men" who are in their mid 20's lololol.
Moral of this comic? Nobody envies the portly man on the exercise bike :(
Thanks, Matthew. You sir once more nailed it.
Ditto that. I needed this today. Feeling fat and unhappy.
+Roman Grazhdan Speak for yourself. You caNOT judge everyone as narcissist. You have assumed I developed that and how wrong you are. I am a very quiet shy person and keep to myself, go there get my workout done and I'm out of there. How wrong you are.
Are these adults speaking? Lol. I'm leaving conversation need not explain myself. Enjoy a beautiful day everyone. :)
Yeah, when you are doing free-weights, form is very important. The mirror has been very useful to make sure I don't throw my back or my neck lol
You forgot about the one ultra hot, model looking, mega boner, only in your dreams girl that everyone stares at, even the other girls...
girls can go to the gym and they are stronger then boys
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