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world is still stupid to show games and fake info
Pretty sure he was pointing out the factual errors in this cartoon. Namely, no Kim Jong's have ever been as tall as depicted here.

Unless those other guys are midgets.
North Korea non-human president and nonsense government with poor people 
That's Eun funny comic.
We also need more Sony Chiba! And Automatic socialist weapons like the ak-47... (keep in mind) this is all said in Heavy Russian/Korean accent :D
I guess Sims 3000+ is not so bad at all lmao. Facepalmer 8D
No, it's supposed to be pointing out the stark contrast in the lives of North vs. South Koreans. Showing how much the North Korean people are oppressed.
I believe that, +Michael Tippie and +Jenna Kim, It's just a play on that particular game's in-game saying and the fact that it is very popular in South Korea. Just relax.
هر کس به دنبال خدایی میرود اما مقصود همه از کعبه و بت خانه تویی تو مقصود تویی کعبه و بت خانه بهانست
What I find "funny" is that The Oatmeal is inadvertently pointing out that our computers, cell phones, and other gadgets require conflict minerals that are often mined under inhumane conditions in developing countries that disregard human rights. First reduce your consumption, then reuse, and if necessary, recycle.
Usually this is true
How stupid people, you've been to Korea?Do not always what you think as reality exists
I like how even though someone in Korea is just as likely to have an Android phone and a PC, Matt still shows his Apple fanboyism by making it a Mac and an iPhone. 
North korea‘s leader needs to feed people at first,.. :-(
i was having a bad day, then it got better because of this.
Minecraft...for dictatorships. This version of the game isn't as fun.
Did you really see any kids from N. K.?
pity man..........the 2 men forcing him digging for sad....
im soo happy that slavery is sooo over i could not do that i would be in jail right now
I actually see it like this
"We need more minions so they can collect fuel for our space race scam! haha " my family has been subscribing to National Geographic Magazine Since 1937... well my family tree :D and its all there. Lenin, Jack the Reaper, The guy who would torched the end of the hammer and sickle? replaced it with a test tube and a model of a man with wings ;D "So quickly develop another FB sim farm so we can make more Ice tea and mp3's" "Under the radar " lmao ;)
tui thay no that bat cong doi voi nhung nguoi dan khi ho khong co dia vi trong xa hoi
+Swaggin Crow *You're. If you plan on insulting people, at least make sure you are able to use English correctly.
Especially if you're calling someone an idiot.
Wow you totally won that argument 
+Swaggin Crow While I wouldn't call our exchange an argument, I do see a "+4" on my comment. Unfortunately for you, as far as this "argument" is going, it would appear that you are, indeed, losing.
+Will Maynard spot on sir. When do we actually win an argument? well this was never an argument in the first as you said. People that have never been to a country like that should not be pointing out flaws... There is always going to be a north and a south.. a battle over fuel and who is right and wrong.. or how much cash we "should be" raking in...
Are you going to keep extending are chat mr. gigolo 
+Swaggin Crow *Our. *Mr. Maynard. And don't forget the '?' when you're asking a question. To answer your question, I will extend our chat as long as it remains amusing to me.
Many take-away's from funny to Ominous. Well done social commentary and comedy encourages self examination. My brain hurts, thank you !
Jesus Christ this guy is hilarious lol
this is so halariouse still cant stop lahing
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