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What the hell FJ's lawyer doing? Get rid of him! Send him to Pterodactyl!
HA. Wow. How low can this dude go!? 
And fortunately, much like this case will prove to be, this effort was clearly a fail for Mr. Lawyer.
So what you are saying is that the lawyer wanted to remove anti-cancer fundraising?
You, sir, are the epitome of awesome. Hats off to you.
Harold S
"I really did not expect that he would marshal an army of people who would beseech my website and send me a string of obscene emails,"

There is an old adage  Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel

For the digital age, never argue with a man that buys bandwidth by the TB.
Lol, what a douche.  Fight the power, man :D
"i don't like my mother being referred to as a sexual deviant"
this man has no idea what he's doing. he can take neither a joke nor an insult
Good luck to you. Reminds me of a case of a French newspaper that stole a photographers images then tried to sue the photographer.
::secretly registers
Just make sure to draw the Kodiak really angry...or horny. ;-)
I'll offer FunnyJunk some free advice. Stop digging. :D
Mate, I had never even heard of this funnyjunk website before yesterday. I reckon that your glorious response to them has given then more than $20,000 worth of free publicity. Perhaps that was their intent all along ;-)
Well played sir.  Looking forward to a pic of cash.  Bearlove, not so much.
I love that the FJ lawyer is complaining that you posted the contact info for his firm when FJ did the exact same thing and deliberately and directly encourage their readers to do the same. At least he's internet famous now. 
Great stuff. That lawyer's web knowledge is the funniest part of all of this.
Well, his lack of the web knowledge and lack of understanding any humor at all 
 I hope that you don't get it taken down after raising all that money!
Keep on trucking Matthew.
+Steve Brady has a good point... I also had never heard of them before yesterday and now I too have visited their site (what a waste - host images taken from other sites.. Here's a novel idea, pull a Reddit (or Digg) and link to the original content)... I guess in the end, he will still profit... unless.... you counter sue to eliminate any profits!!! I vote counter sue!
+Matthew Inman By taking down the Infringing Material that you merely LINKED to, FunnyJunk showed a Right and Ability to Remove Copyrighted Content WITHOUT an owner using a DMCA Takedown. In doing so, FJ may lose the Safe Harbors of the DMCA for the entire site. Mention that angle to your attorney!
Seriously? What part of that sounded like a good idea, I wonder? Good grief that lawyer needs to up his hourly rate because he's clearly not making enough right now to buy a clue. 
Wow. way to go +Matthew Inman! This is the best reply to a frivolous lawsuit I can imagine. Keep up the good work.
Congrats on: 

1. Raising money for cancer
2. Fuck yea bears
3. Creating LOLs about Lawyers
4. Winning the Internet
5. Stuff.
"I don't like my mother being referred to as a sexual deviant."

No one ever said anything about the lawyer's mother - it's the FJ Admin's mother!
I wonder how much you would have pulled in had you said you were going to use it to sue notsofunnyjunk's monkey ass into the stone age?
In all honesty, the lawyer doesn't deserve hatemail. All it does is make the Internet look bad.
Release the Bob cats. Scratch their balls off!
If I believed in God, I'd tell you that you were doing his work. However, I love this whole thing like a fat kid loves cake. 
LOLZ... +Alex Haynes, you must be new here...

You can see in the lawyer's statements in that article that he's jockeying to take some other 'legal action'... ie. "I don't like seeing anyone referring to my mother as a sexual deviant," he added, referencing the drawing Inman posted.
Also, why'd they blur the drawing out on MSNBC?!?  There's nothing vulgar about it.  It amazes me that in the age of the internet, where obscenity standards may as well be eliminated, mainstream media continues setting the bar lower.
The more I read about this, the cooler you are to me. :) I'm not sure why, but I added you.
I love the internet when it is harnessed for the power of good and hilarity!
You are being sued for asking another website to take down your work.. how does that work exactly? This is like being sued by the thief who trips in your house while robbing it.
The lawsuit is ridiculous indeed!
The story itself is just ridiculous and sad. But Matthews reaction is incredibly funny and noble at the same time.
The world seems kind of depressing when trolls can get lawyers to back their false claims.
Good thing there's the oatmeal to counterbalance this!
Keep it up, Matthew!
This is the most epic thing I have read all day!
YAY!  Matthew you are now my personal hero - up there with Nikola T!  :)
The email for the d-bag lawyer was posted in the comments, for anyone feeling the urge to send your thoughts about this matter:

The lawyer's email address is, if anyone wants to contact him.
wow, I thought it was bad when that troll tried to sue the originator of an Open Source project, what's wrong with people? its like the Yahoos of Travelers tails. Somebody can come after you with nothing but paper and take all your stuff!
The man's a hoot. He should start a comedy tour. I've seen his kind before. They typically self-destruct, ending up before the bar association having to do a lot of 'splainin'.
Some people are really bad at the internet.
I just check up on the donation page.  Over $128k!!!!  Does it need to be said?  You don't f*ck with TheOatmeal.  :D
At this rate we could break a Million! F*@< CANCER!
What makes me laugh and laugh and laugh is how your little drawing of the mom seducing a bear is blurred out in this article.  Really?  Really?
I read an article written by a lawyer offering pro-bono service to TheOatmeal.  One of the comments referred to FunkyJunk's laywer as a "saw toothed douchenozzle."  I snorted soda through my nose.
I guess they don't teach the First Rule of Holes in law school.
I love you Mathew, in a manly non-gay way :)
I hope +Matthew Inman was joking about taking out $100,000 cash. Much safer to take a picture of cashiers checks made out to the charities. (Take it from a former teller.) As for this lawyer, I'm curious if FJ is paying this guy, or if he is just taking this on for the attention. My guess is the latter.
This amuses me so very much. I'm picturing one of those briefcases with a handcuff on the handle because it contains one hundred thousand dollars!!!
"He also explains that he believes Inman's fundraiser to be a violation of the terms of service of IndieGoGo, the website being used to collect donations, and has sent a request to disable the fundraising campaign."

Really man? What is it to you? Don't like bears? You feel bad for cancer?
I don't know why the lawyer didn't expect this response. It was exactly what his client did to Matthew a year ago, after the initial blog post -- FunnyJunk told their users that Matthew was going to shut them down, so go complain to him. Didn't the lawyer familiarize himself with the facts of the case?
Don K
I like to think of myself as something of a minor oracle--a seer, if you will, and I'm having a vision. I'm seeing LameJunk and Charles Carreon both going down faster and harder than a drunken teenage girl on prom night.
This reminds me of the Monster Cable/Blue Jeans Cable letters from a few days back. That response was much less public, but was heartbreaking in its eloquence and sophistication. I wish Monster had tried to respond to that, just to see them get crushed in court.
The awesomest part? MSNBC blurred out your drawing. Sorry to hear that this person sounds like he is actually the lawyer he signed as.... 
Sharp uptick in donations! Must have hit the mass media.
The Oatmeal is awesome, as well as the Oatmeal fan base. 100k in a day, for Bears and people with Cancer. I have not donated personally, but I am impressed with you all. Long live the Oats. 
Step 1: Sue comic artist because he spoke out about the site you represent stealing his content without credit or permission
Step 2: Respond to internet backlash and claims of douchebaggery by.... being an even bigger douche and trying to get an extremely popular fundraiser shut down
Step 3: ?????
Step 4: PROFIT!
Keep up the fight!  To hell with those trolls!
What is wrong with the corporate world these days?
Waah, he is really trying hard to win this one eh?
Heh, "I don't like seeing anyone referring to my mother as a sexual deviant." Maybe you should tell her to quit seducing Kodiak bears.
Handled like a PRO... and congrats on the fundraiser!
Lol over 100k im a funnyjunker but admin is being an ass, go oatmeal!
Now now, we have to respect his awesome clip-art logo of supreme professionalism.
Duplicate content complaints to Google are much more effective and affordable than DMCA complaints. Not to mention much less time consuming. File a complaint, wait 1-6 months and watch the culprit take a serious dip in their rankings and search traffic maybe even get banned from Google's index.
LOL You're amazing dude!
Don Lee
""I really did not expect that he would marshal an army of people who would besiege my website and send me a string of obscene emails," he says."

Yeeeaaaaah, that's EXACTLY what he has been saying we all should do.  It's not because people realized how pedantic this is and is giving a taste of your own medicine.  Not endorsing that this is the right thing to do, but if Inman endorsed it, I would imagine it to be much, MUCH, worse.
Haha! That stupid lawyer had to yak down all contact info from his site because he cannot handle the criticism. Some lawyer. If he had any real principles and really believed in his case he wouldn't be afraid of that sort of thing. Shame
Hahaha! I suspect if counsel were to take a urine test, he would likely miss the cup.
Awesome!  One for the good guy's.  
He tried. To get. The cancer and wildlife fundraiser. Taken down.

Somebody edit the wikipedia page for "evil", we finally have a concrete citation.
Holy shitballs I want carreon destroyed along with the admin of funnyjunk
I hadn't heard of Oatmeal or Funny junk before now, but anyone who can raise a hundred Gs to fight cancer is a hero and anyone who tries to stop that is a subhuman wasre of space.
Maxx D
This is real. This is really happening in the United States. This is what our legal system is about: content thieves suing content creators for saying mean things when their intellectual property is taken. I couldn't make this shit up.
I feel you, cancer is bad, m'kay - but horses. Fuck them fuckers. 
You are a reasonable man in unreasonable times. I applaud your talent and your willingness to compromise with people even if they're wrong. You're a great example of what modern society needs more of. Also keep it up with the comic, love em.

+Matthew Inman
Will H
The rain of dolphin punching pterodactyls is epic
this might be bullshit, and they're both going to split the pot.. lol
Didnt "fj" start the mob harassment by sending emails to its own users saying oatmeal wanted to shut them down, and its users facebook bomb oatmeal , and now they complain when the roles are reversed.
+Michael Mozart that would be a failed angle as they were listed as a set of infringing materials. All they have to do is show that he had previously complained to them or that he did so with an unwillingness to use a DCMA take down. The DCMA rules for takedowns are sketchy at best and relying on them would only give this lawyer a fighting chance.
You should keep $20k with the internet's blessing for future lawyer fees.  Well done.
+Matthew Inman, I must applaud you.  I've scanned this internet comment frenzy consisting of a massive 183 comments.  Thus far the word "they're" has been mentioned 2 times, "there" 4 times, "their" 8 times, and "there's" has been mentioned once.  I'm proud to report not a single instance was ill-placed.  Way to find your audience good sir.
please go away, you're standimg on my portal! L.T.
I am not familiar with any of this at all. However, I would agree that this was a completely B.S. reaction from F.J. -Claim harassment, after getting caught red handed, pitch a hissy fit, then wait until statute of limitations, and then attack with a legitimate lawsuit to deliberately harass the author. He even has the balls to say it was a perfectly reasonable response! And people like An Coulter wonder why they get things thrown at them. Any one have a pie?

Well the Oatmeal response was no more reasonable than the FJ response. However I think the statement was pretty well done. -I think your full of it, I haven't got any money to give you, but to demonstrate your an idiot, I'll raise the money your demanding (extortion) then give it away to those who could use it better than an idiot."

Whats more is the only thing at stake for FJ or Oatmeal is reputation. Neither will gain a penny from this exercise. Since the the entire gains were publicly declared (Verbal Contract) for charity, Oatmeal legally has no choice but to insure those charities receive the funds.

However, unless the FJ drops the suit, or the judge laughs and throws the case out as a waste of time. Oatmeal is still liable to this suit. This is hot water to be resolved. However if the case is not withdrawn, it should only further to damage whatever reputation that FJ has left. Not that it will much matter. He will be known forever as a website who steals content and then sues the authors if they demand recognition.
Show 'em $20,000 in play money maybe?  That way you won't need the armoured truck and won't have to worry about your personal safety.
Can 9GAG be next now that FunnyJunk has been made to look stupid?
"He ended the conversation with a promise to keep me updated on how things are resolved and on whether he takes any legal action against the folks who have been harassing him since Inman's "BearLove Good Cancer Bad" fundraising campaign started."

Ya know, I'm starting to get a whiff of some Jack Thompson style ending to Carreon's career if he starts going after the people that are bugging him.  It may only get worse if he doesn't let it blow over.
"I don't think I did anything wrong". Bullies never do.
This isn't really good. Fucking attorney will get his money. Use the the excess to prosecute attorney for frivolous lawsuit, or dig into his personal history to screw him in some other way.
As if all that was not proof enough of FJ's lawyer's doucheyness, his email address is "chas@..." Really? Chas? CHAS? Now I cannot stop seeing images of douchey prep-school preppie douchebags from bad 80's teen films in my head. Thanks.
+Matthew Inman I always loved your cartoons, and with the power of google plus I'm glad I added you to my circles. These are the kind of feel good stories that are right on the mark! Keep sharing.
A slow clap and Obama drinking meme are in order. Good fucking show ol chap!
"I'm completely unfamiliar really with this style of responding to a legal threat — I've never really seen it before,"

He must be new here.
if he did successfully get it removed, i'm sure it would create some national headlines that would be bad news for FJ.
I almost wet my pants laughing at this! It totally turned my crappy day around! Oatmeal, I LOVE you! I just wish I had money to donate.
Not sure that I see what grounds he would have to take down the fundraiser. But then, I don't see much grounds for what he's done so far. Simply seems like intimidation to remove evidence of past actions, and digging a hole ever deeper for himself.
I can just see it now, the lawyer trying to convince the judge that a comic is grounds for suing for the amount of 20k, despite stealing and making profit gain out of the oatmeal comics and on top of that, trying to stop Matt Inman raising 100k+ for charity... Talk about pissing against an electric fence. 
The last thing they can have is for you to be the better man: they're the victims here. *eyeroll*
+Bill Strathearn "try and" should not be considered always an grammar error. It's quite acceptable expression for example in ironic context. Consider a phrase: "Try and make me move." Here, usage of "try to" would not be idiomatic, since the speaker is already certain of the (doomed) outcome.
I am sorry Mr Inman, I couldn't resist writing back to the lawyer to request to retract his effort to disable the fundraising effort.

I couldn't resist placing the popular newspaper in US in the CC list of the e-mail...

Oh well.
[This is an automatic reply sent to all who send us letters for review.
Please do not reply to this e-mail, it will not be read.]

Thank you for sending us your letter to the editor. We read every letter
that we receive (yes, we really do), and we appreciate and value the views
of those who take the time to send us their comments. Because of the volume
of letters we receive, we cannot respond to the authors of letters we are
unable to use. If we wish to publish your letter, we will contact you in
advance of publication. While you are reading this, here are some other
tips on how to increase the chances of having your letter published in The

1. Letters should be fewer than 200 words and exclusive to The
Washington Post.
2. The letter may not have been submitted to or published by any other
media or Internet outlet. This includes comments or feedback posted to Web
sites. If you have posted similar comments to a Web site, your letter will
be withdrawn from consideration.
3. The letter must include the writer's full name, home address, e-mail
address, and home, business and cellular telephone numbers. Anonymous
letters will not be considered, nor does The Post permit the use of
4. Letters must disclose the writer’s involvement, affiliations or
relationship with the subject matter of the letter.
5. All letters are subject to abridgment.
6. Do not send attachments; they will not be read.
7. We prefer letters that cite an article or item that has appeared in
the print edition of The Post within the past three weeks; we do not
publish letters that respond to Web site-only articles or items.
8. To make your e-mailed letter as easy for us to read as possible, do
not send any graphics or digital letterhead, put the text of your letter in
the body of the e-mail, and remember to cite the article or item you are
writing about in the body or subject line.

Again, thank you for sending us your letter.

The Letters Editor


To: Mr Charles Hernan Carreon,

RE: FunnyJunk - - Defamation and False Advertising

I represent the fans of, an authentic humor site. I write to
implore that you retract your attempts to stop the efforts to raise fund
for charities as you will garner unnecessary hatred, resentment, and even
negative publicity in both cyber and media from readers, viewers, and
donors from all walks of life. I will even consider writing in to the US
Embassy in my country to request the American Bar Association to review
your actions which has no beneficial value whatsoever to bears and victims
of cancer.

Firstly, donations are made in attempt to support bears and cancer victims.
These actions made by contributors worldwide knowingly that the money will
go to the beneficiaries. In your action to request IndieGoGo to disable the
fundraising attempt, it is a petty act from your end which is thoughtless
and irrational.

Your comments had already been circulated on many forms on social media and
the general consensus of your responses to the fundraising efforts is
widely deemed as petty and had generated much ill will online.

Consider it an act of truce if you post on your website that you are really
sorry that you even tried to request to disable the fundraising attempt.

cc: You may run an article on the lawyer addressed in the To: field on this

An angered fan

from what you have just said nothing shows tht you read our letters so there is noo need to say that...
What a tool. Keep up the good work Matt, you are awesome.
Haha, he just keeps getting douchier. 
"I don't like seeing anyone referring to my mother as a sexual deviant" essentially sums up the whole article :L
Congrats on raising the money for the American Cancer Society and the WWF.
In the immortal words of one of the greatest sages of all time: "Kick his ass, Seabass!"
+Matthew Inman Congrats not only on the money raised, but on what you did in response to the legal action. The whole internet and technology is getting stupid with petty little lawsuits and counter-suits with playground whining. Your response was perfect and maybe Apple, Microsoft and all the other companies wasting money on uncountable patent suits may like to donate to charity as well.
Mr. Oats, when are you going to to start procreating? Personally I feel that an entire generation of little Oatmeals running around might make this world a better place.
Well played Sir, well played.
+Matthew Inman some people can make a career out of being an arse, whereas others, such as yourself, do quite the opposite. Great job!
Congratulations on the fund raising. It is amazing to see someone who steals your content and then tries to scam you out of money for "hosting" it for trying to sound like it is a fair and reasonable thing. I hope the scubags efforts to further screw cancer patients and animals out of donation money fail.
Wow, I cannot believe funny junk tried to sue over your own material, glad everything is seeming to work out for your Oatmeal, show those ass holes who's boss
Has anyone else noticed that FunnyJunk's lawyer's surname is a homphone for "the decaying flesh of dead animals"? Poetic justice served...
Next up in the FunnyJunk lawyer's book of winning legal strategies for winning hearts and minds:
1) Kicks a puppy to death on live TV
2) Firebombs orphanage after painting THE OATMEAL on the front door
3) Shoots self full of horse tranquilizers, goes to Trek convention, calls LeVar Burton an asshole
4) Gin
Katie M
This is awesome.  Keep it up.
Just read Indiegogo's terms of service. Don't know how this violates the use of their service. Did he even read it?

"You may not use the Service for activities that: (i) violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation; (ii) relate to sales of (a) narcotics, steroids, certain controlled substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety, (b) drug paraphernalia, (c) items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, (d) items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime, (e) items that are considered obscene, (f) items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction, (g) certain sexually oriented materials or services, or (h) ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or (i) ,certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law; (iii) relate to transactions that (a) show the personal information of third parties in violation of applicable law, (b) support pyramid or ponzi schemes, matrix programs, other "get rich quick" schemes or certain multi-level marketing programs, (c) are associated with purchases of real property, annuities or lottery contracts, lay-away systems, off-shore banking or transactions to finance or refinance debts funded by a credit card, (d) are for the sale of certain items before the seller has control or possession of the item, (e) are by payment processors to collect payments on behalf of merchants, (f), are associated with the following Money Service Business activities: the sale of traveler's checks or money orders, currency exchanges or check cashing,or (g) provide certain credit repair or debt settlement services; (iv) involve the sales of products or services identified by government agencies to have a high likelihood of being fraudulent; (v) violate applicable laws or industry regulations regarding the sale of (a) tobacco products, or (b) prescription drugs and devices; (vi) involve gambling, gaming and/or any other activity with an entry fee and a prize, including, but not limited to casino games, sports betting, horse or greyhound racing, lottery tickets, other ventures that facilitate gambling, games of skill (whether or not it is legally defined as a lottery) and sweepstakes unless the operator has obtained prior approval from Indiegogo and the operator and customers are located exclusively in jurisdictions where such activities are permitted by law."
+Caitlin Jeffery, maybe "(e) items that are considered obscene" with regard to the sending of the bear/mom cartoon? It's the only thing that really can be stretched to fit, although I must admit that given the slap-dash to actively misleading quality of legal argument in the demand letter I'm dubious that this matters to Carreon.
Based on the original letter sent by Funnyjunk, they may also be considering that it infringes on Funnyjunk's trademark. That is the only other issue I could see.
What a douche! But fear not, for our army forces of lovin' bears will defeat them all!
+James Duncan It wouldn't be classified in any way as obscene though. There is no nudity, sexual actions, or violence depicted. You can see women dressed similarly at Walmart and she isn't even touching the bear.
+Caitlin Jeffery Oh, it's not my argument. I'm just stretching to see what his argument could even be given his imprecise statement to the press.
This fundraiser is in the rotation on the front page of IndieGoGo =)
So... FunnyJunk isn't a website devoted to showing pictures of odd- and/or amusingly-shaped penises? 
Well if it truly is "user generated content" then clearly the answer is: everyone submit pictures of "odd and/or amusingly-shaped penises"
+Kevin Anthony 
I love how they blur out the drawing, hahahahahaha.
Classic:  "I don't like seeing anyone referring to my mother as a sexual deviant," he added, referencing the drawing Inman posted.
There is one very important thing missing from this Google+ stream... a tag to make sure +FunnyJunk sees this!
The contact page on Carreon's website now says:
"Due to security attacks instigated by Matt Inman, this function has been temporarily disabled".
Given that Matt Inman hasn't instigated any security attacks (whatever they are), isn't that defamation in itself?
Wow - it's funny how every action THEY take is YOUR fault.  HAHAHAHA

"Daddy, daddy...  I was running with scissors and fell on them.  And it's your fault."

"I told you not to do that son."

"I didn't listen, and that's your fault too."

"Son, I am disappoint."
sue the lawyer and ask for US $20k for libel
and pay FJ
can you sue him for imaginary internet points?
What what in da butt... I say.. what what.. in da butt
As much as I'd love to see us get you into the #1 slot for 'FunnuJunk' I'm also worried we're going to make trouble for you, give the lawyers something 'solid' to complain about?
This lawyer's lack of knowledge amuses me. 
Don't stop yet! Share and help +Matthew Inman raise 10x his original goal! Forget the damn lawyer. Love the bears! Fight the cancer!
That $3.00 suit lawyer is now suing EVERYBODY - Inman, the charities, "Does" (unknown persons) AND INdiegogo for hosting the fundraising proceeds. 

+Matthew Inman I beg you, please, have your lawyer seek to have Carreon the Clown disbarred from practicing law with such frivolity and deliberate misuse of judicial prudence. It's all I ask for Christmas.
Dang.... That guy is a butt... It'd be fun to go into court, and call him Carrion the whole time... And I hope you win Mr. Oatmeal! :)
I have been a FunnyJunk member for quite a long time, and I am quite ashamed of Admin's actions... I know a lot of people had been posting your content uncredited, and those users absolutely suck.. I hope you don't think the rest of us FJers support what Admin and his douchebag lawyer are trying.. The bulk of us are really pulling for ya.
Im not sure if I saw it correctly or was in my post-run haze, but on the Queue on Bearfood, someone posted "cool oatmeal comics" with a link to funnyjunk...
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