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MOAR Beer! Actually I want something Pike-esque...
brilliant - I love it... off to drink some micro beers :)
(Had to look it up to make sure I was using it correctly!)
From having had conversations with someone who actually believes that the only "cure" for religion is to abolish religion, kill all religious leaders, destroy all religious structures and monuments, and make it a capital offense to promote religious belief, I'm not really feeling this one.
Matija Pa
+1 for Tesla>Edison.
No True Scotsman all up ins. Wow.

And seriously, the "atheism doesn't have violent extremists like THOSE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE" thing is horseshit. Sorry if you don't like it, but it's truth.
"Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." - Diderot

But you don't hear that perspective aired very much these days
+Case Hawkes Yup. Also, Communist governments (Soviet Union, China, to name two) haven't been exactly top of the freedom of religion stakes, so those kind of extremists haven't always been marginal figures.
Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao did a little more than drink beer and talk about outer space.
Stalin and Pol Pot weren't acting in the name of atheism
Alex Ware
+Derek Hann; going out on a limb here, but I don't think their central connecting doctrine was atheism.

Edit: This is becoming quite the hate train, sorry for my tone.
I'm curious what you have to back this up, +Case Hawkes.

I've never heard of Atheists taking planes and blowing up buildings or going on crusades to kill heathens in the name of the Pink Invisible Unicorn, or persecuting people who have a different religion, or having Inqusitions and forcing people to convert, or doing ethnic cleansing because someone believes in a different sect of the same religion... Shall I go on with religious examples of extremist behavior throughout history?
You got Atheism wrong. But if you got it right it wouldn't be funny.
I demand royalties for the drawing of my likeness!
+Case Hawkes I am very curious. Can you cite a few examples where an atheist killed a theist because the latter didn't agree to give up theism?
The religion is not about killing people. Religion is the excuse some people use to commit political criminal acts.
In the other hand, nazi people and comunist people kill religious people in the name of the atheism.
But again: atheism was the excuse to commit political criminal acts.
I thought this would be longer. Maybe play on extremist versions of less mainstream religions.
Can we not mention the Pink Invisible Unicorn, that guy gives me the creeps. Plus I owe him 20 bucks.
You could replace the brews with fungi and not only talk about outer space, but also inner space. Then explore them, love everything, everyone, and laugh. For 12 hours.
The purpose of the comic is to be humorous. He is pointing out that there are extremists for everything--Atheism included. The difference being, Atheists don't do horrible things in the name of a higher power because, well, they don't believe in a higher power, which would explain why you don't hear about "Atheist Extremists."

There are horrible people that do horrible things regardless of their religious beliefs (edit: to change "beliefs" to "religious beliefs"). The difference lies in why they do it.
Uh, sorry Matt. Love your stuff but "Uncle Joe" Stalin and "Zany Zedung" Mao would beg to differ.

You can use that "Zany Zedung" BTW. From me to you. Cheers!
+Derek Hann Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao didn't kill people because they refused to convert themselves to atheists.
Atheism's extreme end would be to mock religion.
Christian = Love your neighbor as yourself and treat others in the same way you want them to treat you.
Atheism = Look out for yourself and may be those close to you but everyone else around you....who cares, its not my problem.
Evolution = we came from Monkey's so do as they do no morals just instinct.
+Deena White is just history. Take history books and search for it.
But again, I'm saying that believing that God doesn't exist is as respectable as any other belief. Some people believe that God exist, other people believe that doesn't.
Nothing to do with killing people in both cases.
i wish we had beer named "yumyum beersies"
Let's make sure we don't confuse "Atheist" with "Communist" or "Nazi". We are talking about folks who insist that there is no god and love science, not ideologists that impose racial, political, social or economic agendas on the masses.
Kevin Goulet
+Lucky Sisay
Ignorance: to speak about things without proper knowledge.

Hatred: labeling others as careless because they do not believe in any god.

People can be decent, kind, caring beings without the teachings of the Bible. Your view of Atheism is very clearly based off of extremists. Much like how the view of Christians is widely based on extremists. We can all live together in this world.
Yes, +Susam Pal they did. When the communist regimes (and nazis too) takes the power, they did use the excuse of atheism to kill people.
As a well read history buff, I am 1/2 offended and 1/2 amused by your surmise, +Gustavo Andres Herrera.

Where does it state that either Nazis or Communists main goal was to kill anyone who would oppose Atheism? That is not to say that the Commies didn't kill people who wouldn't give up their religions, but it was the exception and not the rule; i.e the Communists' main goal wasn't to eradicate all religions everywhere.

I can think of someone who needs to stop reading HS history books...Just saying.
+Gustavo Andres Herrera Could you please cite the names a few atheist leaders who killed people in the name of atheism? I can't seem to find any example of such leaders in history books or web-search. Could you please help?
Jay Bell
Such a weak understanding of Evolution, Lucky. Evolution says nothing about humans coming from monkeys. As far as atheists, those that I know tend to do more for the community then the majority of Sunday Christians out there. Maybe if you learned your science from somewhere other then church, you would have a better grasp on things. As +Susam Pal said above...wars have not been fought in the name of atheism. Weeks before his death, Hitler admitted to being a Roman Catholic and would remain so for the rest of his life.
+Damon Dykes agree. But then let me put aside all the people with good hearth and faith that live their religions in peace and tolerance, trying to love the people around them.
Don't say that religious people is extremist, and I'll forget that communist and nazis are atheist.
People who kill other people are not truly religious.
lets give to the others the fredoom we need!!!
ever if they live in respect to the others, of course
Eh, the WWII Wehrmacht motto was "Gott mit uns" (God with us) so I don't think Hitler can be dragged into this one, actually, the thread is over someone mentioned Hitler what am I doing here?
Double-plus for the "Tesla > Edison" shirt!
+Jay Bell, So Jay...The last part about Hitler...Is your sentiment to suggest that because of Hitler's actions, that all Roman Catholics are genocidal maniacs by association and should therefor be overthrown/killed/marginalized/removed of any power themselves? And by extension it is the few weeks before his death that should be the cause of all of his action and not the many years of being an atheist? It is the weeks of Roman Catholic which we should attribute to the mass genocide, not any other period of his life? Just wanted to make sure I had it right... Thanks.
Jay Bell
I'm sorry, Matt...but that's incorrect. Atheist have an absence of belief in God. That does not make humans into "god".
Those aren't atheist extremists, those are just regular atheists (or regular anyone, there wasn't even anything to indicate the were atheist.)
+Lucky Sisay At the very least, you should get one Richard Dawkin's popular science books to get some basic idea about evolution before you make such misleading and factually incorrect comments stating that humans have come from monkeys.

Also, atheism is not really any doctrine or religion that prescribes whether to be careless or whether to love our neighbours. An atheist is not very different from another person who refuses to believe in an imaginary Russel's teapot that revolving around the sun in an orbit between Earth and Mars. I am sure you don't believe in such a teapot. Now, how much sense does it make to say the following?

"Christian = Love your neighbor as yourself and treat others in the same way you want them to treat you.
Teapot non-believers = Look out for yourself and may be those close to you but everyone else around you....who cares, its not my problem. "

Please think about it.
+Scott Troiano Not in the least...I would never claim something like that. Above, several have brought up Hitler as proving how evil atheists can be...but he was not atheist.
And even if Hitler was an Atheist, he never killed anyone in the name of Atheism. Not a one. Think I'm wrong? Cite a reputable source that says the contrary and I'll eat my awesome hand knit scarf.
Actually Nazis marched under the banner of God and Country, with elements of ancient mysticism as a rationalization for their actions. Communists had the ideology of uniting the people as justification for violence. Neither the Communists nor the Nazis had reason as a basis for improving their countries, but ideology and propaganda. The comic strip is making the point that religious extremists spend their time condoning violence, while extreme atheists spend their time thinking about how awesome space is. There may have been atheist Communists and Nazis, that does not mean extreme atheists are ideologists. Feel free to cry "no true scotsman". That's the fun new way to shut down any challenge against rude generalizations.
+Gustavo Andres Herrera The important point is that there are people who would kill you if you don't convert yourself to their religion, but I don't know about any atheist would kill you if you don't convert yourself to an atheist. You claim there have been such atheists in history but unless you provide concrete examples, we can dismiss your claim. As Christopher Hitchens said, “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”
Jay Bell
Also untrue. There are plenty of avenues of right and wrong devoid of God and religion. It's called humanity.
+Susam Pal +Deena White the point is:
The main goal of religion isn't kill others because they don't think the same, in the same way that the main goal of atheist is not killing other because they don't think the same.
There is people who kill others in both bands, but it has nothing to do with millions of people trying to live in their own way, in peace, love and tolerance. In both bands.
Regarding examples of people killed because they religious believes, I don't truly believe you can't find an example, but it doesn't matter. I'm just saying that the vast majority of religious and atheist people want to live in peace, not kill each other.
+Matt Slawson You really think that faith is the source of morality? look up the Euthyphro dilemma, sod this I'm off to make diner (and drink interesting beer)
Oats go good with Honey. Yum!
Atheist's don't believe in gods. Agree
Atheists believe there is no creator thus they themselves are "god". Offbase
Actually makes not sense whatsoever. If there are no gods there are no gods
Susam Pal
+Gustavo Andres Herrera The comic strip isn't talking about the vast majority of religious people. It is talking about religious extremists vs. atheist extremists. We are talking about a small minority of extremists.

And in this small minority of extremists, the religious ones kill people if you don't convert to their religion, and I am still waiting for some examples of atheist extremists who kill people if you don't convert yourself to an atheist.
+Scott Troiano, what +Jay Bell is saying, is that Hitler admitted to being Roman Catholic, which takes away from the argument that Hitler did what he did for Atheist beliefs since his underlying belief is that of Roman Catholics. Not that all Roman Catholics are "genocidal maniacs." What you are doing is generalizing, which opens up your argument to many, many holes and part of what puts mistaken labels on a group.
Example one: I am athiest and kill people that refuse to denounce their god(s).

Check and mate!
So much stupid in here... .Give the guy a break it's a funny assed joke.
Regarding the part about extremist Christians burning down abortion clinics, there have been plenty of cases of violence in the other direction that don't get nearly as much media attention.
+Matt Slawson For your knowledge:

Definition of "Atheism": The theory or belief that God does not exist.

Says nothing on "right and wrong." Atheists find their morals elsewhere. Just because a person is an Atheist does not mean they throw all reason to the wind.
Atheism can, but does not necessarily create a moral vacuum. Living a moral life does not require a Theistic belief. Not to mention that morality itself is a living construct, changing with the civilization that practices it.

I have met both moral and immoral; monotheists, polytheists, atheists and those who color outside the lines.
LOL I never said the main goal of religion was to kill people +Gustavo Andres Herrera. To blanket what I have said thus far that way is inconceivable (see what I did there?) and just plain wrong. You can't find examples of people killed because of their religious beliefs?? Really? Wow. Just---wow.
<3 Nero and his christen hating ways.
+Carl Sizelove I am sure many religious people who do not believe that there are elephants with wings in the jungles of Africa would end up talking a lot about it if I claim that they exist without providing any evidence.

(Update: +Carl Sizelove has deleted his comment. This comment of mine was in response to his comment that said something like, "It is interesting that those who do not believe in God sure talk a lot about it.")
+Susam Pal are you sure the people who put bombs is because you don't convert to their religion?
As far as I know, people bombing abortion clinics are not trying to convert you and people from middle east is even more complicated than that (oil and politics rings the bell?).
I'm just trying to emphasize that religion is the excuse but the truth behind it is a little bit more complicated.
How on earth somebody who truly believe in "love your neighbour as you love yourself" could put bombs?
Don't put everybody together. We're not all the same.
May the peace be with you :)
I think there was a typo, the last one ought read "Hey let's ridicule hundreds of diverse spiritual practices across the world by equating them all with the fundamentalist Christian jocks who took your lunch money in high school?"
There is no evidence, particularly through his own statements, that Hitler was an atheist. A small amount of research will yield the truth of this. How this is relevant is any one guess. Please stop saying that Hitler was an atheist, it's not true. If you disagree please support your statement with some sort of proof, like examples of writings etc. It is relatively easy to find many examples of Hitler's belief in a god. The second step would be to prove that somehow all of these examples of belief are a grave misunderstanding.
+regina rana Columbine was an act of Atheist Extremism. I agree that "extremists are extremists," but lets not label a massacre for something it wasn't.
+Deena White I'm not trying to fight with you. I'm just saying that people have killed each other, and will keep doing so, in the name of the country, the faith, the atheism, and any other excuse they could find.
But it doesn't mean that the country, the faith, the atheism is the real cause.
P.S.: You don't want to admit there is people killed because (or under the excuse of) their religious believes? I will not google-it-for-you. :)
I am sure many religious people who do not believe that there are elephants with wings in the jungles of Africa would end up talking a lot about it of I claim that they exist without providing any evidence....... I just copied this from Susam Pal's comment! I don't think that she would mind!! Do you mind Susam? I hope not! Thanks for letting me copy this comment!
....did you really just say Catholics aren't Christians, +Paul Waldschmidt? In any case, it works like this: All Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholic.

" Many commenters in this thread appear to misunderstand the difference between Christianity and Catholicism."

Catholicism is like Coke classic---the original that spawned off all the rest of the franchise. Remember the Protestant Revolution? Yeah. That lead to fractures (different flavors) in the church.
+Matt Slawson That probably makes sense to someone who believes the world was "created" in six days, 4-6 thousand years ago. I have to ask how you could possibly believe atheists think they are god, since they do not think that the existence of a god is possible? I do love it when little sheeple ask "what do they worship then?" and claim that we are more arrogant, since we do not accept that ancient man unlocked the secret to the universe. I mean, how much more backwards and ignorant can you people possibly be? (I'm sure you'll show me here in a minute or two...)
+Simon Xavier You are wrong. Atheists do not believe that the universe is within us all.
LOL @ Oatmeal. The first two groups have bombs in common with each other. The third group is all about beer and outer space, I can deal with that.
I kinda disagree with the core point of the joke. Actual Atheist Extremists are frickin' scary...

Doesn't matter, still funny :)
+Paul Waldschmidt You're acting like any one religion is different or better than another. i can see how you, as a religious person, might want to differentiate. But the fact is they are all the same, and they all came from the same paganism. Your religion is not different or special. Christianity is as much a detriment to society as Catholicism, Islam, or any other school of thought that promotes ignorance and intolerance as equal to or greater than knowledge and acceptance. And don't even bother trying to say that is not what religion promotes. The view inside your glass house is blurred by slavish adherence to superstition, and thus you are not to be taken seriously.
+Story Kiser Jesus did follow the scriptures, obeyed, preached and offered new interpretations of them. What got him killed is that he angered the Jewish leaders. Your serial killer comment is also irrelevant as most if not all religious bodies would condemn any such action, although they would all welcome repentance in the much the same way as any other organisation.
+Matt Slawson Definition: "God is an imaginary friend theists believe in." Apparently, he also happens to the most popular fictional character.
+Matt Slawson A reason to value life is because we have the joy to live it. That does not make me a god. It makes me part of a group that can accept that there is no inherent reason for life, and just enjoy that I am alive.

+regina rana I'll admit that my knowledge of Columbine is not exactly perfect. I just don't remember anything about Atheism being a source. That aside, you are right that the extremists are not right. Those that feel they should control the lives of others through violence or hatred are trying to make themselves a god.
+Nicholas Venditti but that has nothing to do with the base definition of Christianity. Christianity is the belief in Jesus. The prefix Christ- is pertaining to Jesus, of course. Everything else is just extra dressing and, quite frankly, semantics. So if that's how he meant it, he is not correct.
+Ryan Allen, saying that Christianity is a detriment to society is an incredibly flawed statement. People that misinterpret the meaning of things (such as the Bible) are incredibly detrimental to our society. That I will agree with. If a lawyer misinterprets the law, it makes him a bad lawyer. It doesn't mean the legal system is bad. The same is true of Christianity. It's foundation is about caring for other people. Christians that misinterpret the Bible are bad for society, but that doesn't mean Christianity is.
"I am very curious. Can you cite a few examples where an atheist killed a theist because the latter didn't agree to give up theism?"

I am sorry I did not read ALL the thread to see if anyone responded...

Wow look up soviet history.. or Chinese history.. this happened alot.

The cartoon was about extremists.. not normal people..

Normal Christians dont blow up abortion clinics..
Normal Muslims dont fly planes into building..
Normal Atheists dont kill hundreds of thousands of people in communist cleansings.. but the extreme ones did.
Amusing enough but not quite accurate, the Atheist extremists would be like "Lets sue the county/state because that cross that's been sitting by the side of the road for the past 70 years offends me greatly"
+regina rana this comes back to what the cartoon was saying, though. The reason for the Columbine shootings to my knowledge is unknown.. as the boys killed themselves afterwards. Whether they were Atheist or not does not make them Atheist Extremist, because the killings were not in the name of Atheism or meant to raise awareness about it. No one reported them trying to indoctrinate or convert anyone before shooting.
+Josh Layhue Seems to me that every single christian I ever hear from is far more concerned about forcing their opinions on others (gay marriage, abortion, death penalty etc) than caring for other people. In fact, all I ever hear from christians goes against this basic principle.

Since this is the case, I would argue we would be much better off as a society if we could rid ourselves of this christian "morality" and just fall back to the basics where we actually try to do what is best for everyone.
+Matt Slawson, atheists have a moral vacuum? Are you American by any chance? You do realise your country is considered the most religious of western countries yet your country has more people incarcerated than every other country put together! Religion and morality is an extremely weak association especially when you read the bible and all the stories most Christians forget about.
...because the person who takes in violent media and decides to act on it doesn't do it in the name of religion. The only difference, +Cian McIntyre.
+Daniel Kling, while I feel there is a hint of truth in that, there are a significant amount of Christians that do not force their opinions on others. You just don't realize it because people don't tend to be passionately vocal about indifference to your beliefs.
+Daniel Kling You seem to think that a vocal minority constitutes a majority. All I ever seem to hear from atheists is superiority and smugness, but I know that most are not like that. Also, opposing abortion and death penalty IS caring for other people, that's why they do it, not for the crackpot conspiracy theories about "controlling women's bodies" or whatever.
+Kevin Goulet That may well be correct. However, if all you ever see of christianity is the side I am describing, then why should I assume this is not what christianity is?

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are "good christians" out there, but as a general rule I feel the impact of religion on society is nothing but negative.
I can't help but laugh my ass off at the people who are saying Nazis were atheist, given the prominence of the Greek Cross in all WW2 German military equipment.
+Cian McIntyre I have yet to hear of anyone who has committed an act of violence in the name of the Third Street Saints or because Shepard came to him in a dream after 12 hours of ME3, telling him to kill anyone who doesn't believe in the game. In fact, it's usually parents and the media that blame video games, while there is documented evidence of Religious Extremists committing acts of violence in the name of their deities.
+Kevin Burger Indeed, you are right. The Nazis were not atheists, that is a huge misconception.
My disappointment here isn't in the points made against the Muslims and Christians, but the idea pushed forward that Atheists are completely peaceful, even when extremist.

True, Atheists don't have a violent and murderous history, but I've seen some extremist Atheists, and they're pretty damn close. I've seen people spurt that "Religion causes so much hate and intolerance", and then right off the bat, "I hate Religion so much, I wish Christians were all dead, the world would be a better place with no religion".

In the end, Muslims, Christians, and Atheists; they ALL have their share of awesome people and complete assholes.
+Matt Slawson You seem to be of the belief that the concept of morality is based in religion. It is not. Morality is something which is present in pretty much any animal which lives in a pack. It's simply required to enable building a society.
+Daniel Kling, it is something that labels people without the proper cause. Honestly, I don't feel Christianity is what causes a Christian Extremist to do what they do. It lies elsewhere. Just because they say that is their reasoning, does not mean there isn't something elose wrong in their head.
+Nick Roger True that any group of sufficient size is going to have some nut jobs, but the reasoning behind the claims that Atheists are less violent stems from them making up roughly 16% of the general population in the United States, but only 0.2% of the prison population.
+Paul Waldschmidt How capitalism is a direct result of Christianity escapes me. Could you offer some explanation?
Like it or not Our Founding Fathers were mostly influenced by Biblical Ideas and Principles. I.E. "one nation Under God" "Canceling debt after 7 years." Adultery used to be illegal, any who, Just like the UK, we are headed towards Atheisim and forgetting that the very reason why we became a powerful nation was because we put these Godly principals into practice! If we keep getting rid of God, then someone more eager to accept God (i.e. China will become powerful.
+Lucky Sisay China became powerful without accepting god, Greece accepted God and became less powerful, so I'm not so sure how much water that theory holds.
First of all, Capitalism predates Christianity and transcends pretty much any political or religious system in one form or another, regardless of beliefs. I wouldn't call monogamy a good result of Christianity. Also, the "family unit" is a fantasy imposed upon us by an outdated cultural hegemony. These inherently flawed social ideals are still pushed upon us today, and I don't really see the success you speak of. What I do see are several generations of people forced into an idealized family structure that no family could actually live up to, resulting in various types of dysfunction in interpersonal relationships.
+Lucky Sisay, the Pledge of Allegiance was not created until 100 years after the founding of the USA. Our Founding Fathers were long gone. Also, while some Founding Fathers were religious, many were not as well. Which brought us to the separation of church and state.
Let me see if I can find the correct're an idiot.
...and a revisionist.
+Paul Waldschmidt To the rest of the world, Catholics are Christians in that all Christians look to the bible for their teachings, and worship the exact same God. We don't care about different details in the manner the worship is performed.
So +Matt Slawson you believe in your one god. Out of the literal hundreds of religions and therefore hundreds of gods how do you know yours is the real one? I presume you're Christian so that makes you an atheist to all other gods, you are a Muslim atheist, you are a Jewish atheist, you are an atheist to the god preached by some Amazon tribe... It is all about the bigger picture.
I think almost everybody is forgetting that the comic is about "extremists" and not your everyday Muslim/Christian/Atheist...but that's just my two cents.
Hey Paul, So you think Catholics are not Christians? That's a good one. I personally define Christians as everyone but Paul Waldschmidt, therefore you are not Christian. Is this a valid proposition? About as valid as your silly ideas!
Please spare me from all extremists - but especially religious ones.
Atheists just wanna drink beer and watch scyfy! (Or maybe that's just me...)
+Paul Waldschmidt I'm not sure if what you said about capitalism being the result of christianity is correct, and I suppose the definition of Christian would determine whether or not Catholics are Christian. To me, Christians are people who believe Jesus was the son of God.
+Paul Waldschmidt Thanks for the links, I'll read them tonight when I get a chance. Although there's a lot more to capitalism than not working = not eating...
+Simon Xavier "The same elements that created the universe..." -- What does this mean? The universe is made up of elements. It wasn't created by elements as far as we know. We are made up of elements. But I don't see where inside me is the universe. I am an atheist and I do not believe in this kind of mumbo-jumbo.
I'm an atheist (who thinks we're god and creating other lesser ones) who loves beer and space. Who should be the most concerned?
+Story Kiser I love it how some religious people would be so offended in a debate about religion while they expect the atheists to patiently listen to absolutely irrational claims about their imaginary friend, not substantiated by any evidence whatsoever, without being offended.
+Simon Xavier I do and even if he has said that, it doesn't show how atheists in general believe that. Atheists, in general, don't believe in such things. If I cut open my body, I find flesh and blood. I don't find the entire universe. Many atheists would agree with this. Atheism is only as much of a religion as lack of belief in things stated without evidence is.
+Paul Waldschmidt Oh I know there's important differences, and I didn't mean just atheists think that, but all non-christians. There's great differences between the muslim sects, but society still pretty much use muslim as a blanket term for people who worship allah.
+Kevin Burger There are plenty of material, books, videos and documentaries that deal with this subject. None of them states that the universe was created by those elements. Creation of universe is dealt in theories like big bang etc. The elements were formed after the universe came into existence.
What when djihadists kill kids aged 3, 5 and 8 y.o.pursuing them to put a bullet in the middle of their eyes, inside their courtyard ? No humor for barbarians : let's just NOT FEAR and fight terrorism !
Thanks Clayton Kern. I read the source. But still I think the spirit of it was there before it made the written law. I am just saying that for some reason as Atheism Grows as it has very rapidily in the US the nations power tends to decrease. If someone was to do some type of graphical illustration it will hold true. BTW. I am not saying Atheist are bad or looking down on them or anything like that. I work and live in downtown where most of my collegues are atheist and They are wholesome men and women and most very smart and much more smarter than me.
The British Empire is another example: As Nation became more atheist, their power, size and and world dominance decreased. in the same way America has been dominant for years but as Atheisim increases her world dominance (-). China is powerful but not "world influencial" like UK was or US is....
I follow no religion, but I'm pretty sure I'm more "Christian" than many others that call themselves that way. Jesus said: "Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you"...if everyone just follow that simple rule, the world would be a much better place. (though it does not apply if you are a masochist :-) an atheist, a muslim, a christian, believe in the Pink Unicorn or whatever you like, just follow that rule, and the world will start to change for better....
I feel bad for anyone who actually thinks that comic is correct. Godless Communism. French revolution anyone? And also, this comic implies atheists are more scientific then other beliefs, another laughable statement.
+Lucky Sisay but in your comment you apply to the US that as the proportion of atheists grow, the nation's power decreases. What is the link?

Are you saying that nations with fewer atheists - say a Theocracy like Iran - have more "nation power"?
+Shane Vincent I find your comment quite laughable, frankly. If you think that lack of belief in something stated without evidence is not more scientific than belief in such things, you need to learn something about what scientific method is.
2 things comes to mind. 1 God protects the nation who reveres Him. 2 The full time of the Gentiles is near according to the bible.
Mr. Loo. I am not claiming that a Christian Nation or a God bleiving Nation will be more blessed and powerful and all that. But 2 things to consider. 1. when a nation forgets its founding principals and the concept of God and his teachings (i.e. give to the poor) it tends to shrink in size and power. 2. Nations that keep believing in God and have hope in him tend to survive and not shrink.
+Kelly Olsen
1) Um, You're an "athiest" who can't spell "atheist"?

2) You just publicly confessed to murder. What, are you bucking for a Darwin Award?

3) Nero was a polytheist. Have him kill a Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian, and even counting each of the Trinity individually, he still believed in 3 or 4 times as many gods as all of them put together. Hardly an atheist hero.

4) There are a large number of atheists who do not denounce the gods they don't believe in, although most atheists renounce all gods. So are you gonna kill the non-denouncing atheists too?

5) So what's the deal? Is this some sort of complex troll on your part, or are you possibly the most ignorant atheist I have ever met?
Good comic. To the people who think we evolved from monkeys and therefore don't have any morals, I have to ask if the only reason you behave morally is because a book told you to? Would you, personally, actually behave as a monkey if you weren't certain that a higher power forbade it? Just curious. Nevermind the fact that we did not, in fact, evolve "from monkeys" but from a common ancestor... How does that mean we don't have morals?

And I feel a need to point out that "I Do not believe in a god" is not the same thing as "I Believe there is no god". Please understand the huge difference there. Most atheists simply don't accept the claim that there is a god; they won't put forward the claim that we've proved there isn't one.
+Lucky Sisay Do you have any pointers to research or statistical studies that proves that nations that keep believing in God tend to survive better than the ones that don't?
I love the US and there is no county like it (For now) but again America has or is forgetting how she became so powerful...Money and politics, not even intelects won't save her, but morals will. If you disagree ask Great Britan how she lost power despite her Riches and Smarts?
Amen Matt! So many even claim the salvation of the Lord and what they have done. All Jesus say's is depart from me for I never knew you.
Susam Pal. If you look up or study the last 4 Great Powers of the world. I.E. Rome, Great Britan, US.....The story kind of goes, they come to power, influence the world, they get proud, morals decline and downfall happens.
+Gustavo Andres Herrera You mentioned a few times that the Nazis were atheist. I'll leave it to you to google the rest of this quote "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter" but suffice to say, Hitler took moral authority from a higher power as all religious extremists do. Atheists, who do not believe in supernatural higher powers, do not do this. It is possible for people to consider the state to be supreme, and to take authority from that, which Pol Pot and Stalin did, but statism is not atheism and is not something which is restricted to atheists.

Atheism is the lack of belief in gods, not the belief that gods don't exist. It isn't credible to claim that anything can be done in the name of atheism, because it is the absence of something rather than the existence of something. I don't believe in pink unicorns, but you wouldn't expect me to do anything special because of that. If someone forced me to live my life restricted by rules they say were revealed to them by pink unicorns then I'd react, but it wouldn't be me who is taking the extremist position.

Secularists, on the other hand, can be extremists as they fight for the cause of religious freedom - preventing religionists from using the government to force their particular dogmas into people's bedrooms or into schools where people of other faiths attend, or getting government to make people of other faiths pay for their festivals etc. But secularists, like the statists, may be religious, so that is not something which can be used against atheists. People can be extreme about many things but atheism itself gives people nothing to be extreme about, which is all the cartoon is saying.
+regina rana Columbine is the ONE legitimate example given so far of atheists of killing christians SPECIFICALLY for not renouncing their religion. I am an atheist, and I remember my shock and horror as one survivor told of them mercilessly killing a girl who would not say she did not believe in god.

You have one good example, and it is a true example of atheist terrorism. I give you that. But it is two high school kids on a shooting rampage using their christian parent's guns. Hardly the Crusades. Hardly Al Qaeda. Hardly the Spanish Inquisition. Hardly the Thuggees. But it is one true example of atheist terrorism.

+Carlos Vazquez Now let's deal with Stalin and Mao. They were merciless toward evangelists, those who proselytized for their faith. They didn't care much what you believed in the privacy of your hovel, as long as you spouted the party line in public. This truly wasn't about religion, as many atheist scholars and artists discovered to their sorrow during Mao's "Cultural Revolution". Insofar as religious people did not contradict the state, they were grudgingly tolerated.

+Gustavo Andres Herrera As for Hitler, he was a Catholic. He appealed to religious fervor quite often. His military units used religious slogans. He and the Nazi party were by no means atheist.

His hatred of the Jews was ethic, racial, not religious, as shown by the fact that he often dumped loyal Nazis in concentration camps when it was discovered that they had jewish ancestry as small as one-sixteenth.
Agnostic extremist 1: meh?
Agnostic extremist 2: meh, I guess. Think it'll rain?
+Daniel Kling, I'm sorry that it's been that way. It seems every atheist I meet hates me because I claim that there is a God while saying that I should accept everyone's views. That doesn't mean atheists are bad and that by no means says that all atheists believe that. It seems I've met a small sample of atheists that give them a bad name. Seems like you've had the same experience with Christians. Just like you would say that those atheists are wrong (I believe, anyway, even though we don't know each other) I would say that those "Christians" aren't really Christians. They are just pretending to be. There are thousands of people that wear authentic NFL jerseys that will never play in the NFL. Just like there are thousands (or millions) of 'Christians' that wear the jersey and have never read the playbook.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
+Paul Waldschmidt capitalism as we know it is pretty much directly based on the teachings of Adam Smith. Widely recognized as "the Father of Capitalism".

Smith was not by any means a Christian. He was at most a deist, like Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin. Although many dispute this. They say he was a thinly disguised closet atheist and point to published writings of his that could not have seemed more atheist if they had been written by Richard Dawkins.
+Josh Layhue Well, you can stop claiming that every atheist you meet hates you. Hi, I'm Roger Glover. Glad to meet you. I sincerely do not hate you for believing in a god. If I were to do that I would have to hate at least 90% (maybe 95%, I lose track after a while) of all the people I have ever met. Seriously, I just don't have that much energy. I doubt any but the most truly radical atheist does. I suspect you know more atheists than you realize; you just don't know that they are atheists because they are not actively hostile toward your faith.

I have no problem with your interpretation of Christian faith provided that you really do (apparently contrary to the Great Commission, Matt 28:19-20) respect my lack of belief and do not try to convert me. This does not mean that you can't cite your faith when you are just saying what you think, but I will call you on any blatant attempt to proselytize. I have a wide and deep range of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish friends and we all have that mutual understanding. I would me more than happy to welcome you into that circle.
+Paul Waldschmidt Perhaps you should actually study the history of Christianity, written by actual historians, and not the anti-Catholic claptrap that you've been fed by pastors with a religious agenda.
Include the Oatmeal in the list of extremists.
There is only the universal energy, from where all existence springs.... call it what you will...!!!!
when does the narwhal bacon
+Shane Vincent "I feel bad for anyone who actually thinks that comic is correct." That's not how comics work!
I see the stupid people are butthurt by this one. Nice work!
actually atheists extremists call themselves " militants" and go around spamming hateful comments about religion, some of them are right here on G+.
militant agnostic: I don't know if god exists, and neither do you!
wisdom of foolishnes makes us fakes, bt wisdom of God is a strent. HIS state is kingly tk it or talk praise to d falling angels n outa space. No 1 is free of faith cos atheism is a religion of d falling. I bcame a catholic wit nobody forcing on me. Convasion if u like n proud of dat. God loves u all.
Is there a way I can minus 1 the post above mine?

Not so much because I disagree with it - and I do - but because it appears to have been written by a chimpanzee.
A more accurate third panel: "Let's drink microbrews and taunt religious people on the internet!"
+Roger Glover that was my point exactly. I don't think that every atheist hates me. There are just some of them out there giving people like you a bad name. Likewise, I would never try to "convert" you so please don't assume that those are my motives. Just like you, there are people out there giving guys like me a bad name (not that I'm anywhere NEAR perfect... anyone that knows me will tell you that.). The stereotyping doesn't do anyone well and there's a lot of it that happens on both sides of the fence. I'm sure we could get along because we see each other as people, not ideals.
+Josh Layhue Then I wish you would choose your words more carefully. You said "It seems every atheist I meet hates me [emphasis mine] because I claim that there is a God while saying that I should accept everyone's views". I just wanted you to meet some who don't.

I assume that every Christian who would describe him- or herself as "Bible-believing" (certainly not all do) would at least desire to convert me, otherwise they are pretty much missing the point of the New Testament.
Story Kiser "You are cool!" A relationship with the God-of-The-Bible is a free Gift, but it is your choice to accept or decline. I think often times "Immature Christians" try to force the relationship on non-believers and it hurts people.
Hi +Roger Glover --The point of the Greek Scriptures is the good news of Christ and Gods kingdom. Not, conversion of the masses. It's a message only for those who want it.

I believe the Bible and read doesn't tell me to force, or torture anyone into believing anything, (that's impossible anyway) or even force them to listen. (that's just annoying)
Yes, some Christians may have gotten the wrong message.

So.... are mean spirited jokes, or just outright meanness, intolerance, contempt, and hatred, the preaching style/conversion method of an atheist?
--I believe so, an extremist one. :P
i thought this would include politics ;__; this flame war is far to weak, add the politics
+regina rana Well, if you insist on not being a caricature, you awful heathen heretic infidel person who makes me feel insecure because you have a viewpoint different than my own.
+regina rana I have a group of friends with which I do exactly that. Among them are several christians (including one catholic), a muslim, and a bahai. So what do you think about "economical" means of getting into orbit? I favor the classic fountains-of-paradise-style space elevator (if we can ever design strong enough materials), but there have been some recent articles on the possiblilities using a rail-gun-like maglev system. Should we try to estalish permanent space stations or permanent lunar colonies first?
+Jayme Art You have clearly never been to any of the churches I attended growing up or you would not think that there are only "some christians" who have gotten "the wrong message". There are a very large number of such people, and they are not going away any time soon. They see converting everybody as a sacred benevolent mission, because they believe anyone who dies "unsaved" will be tortured for all eternity. At least, that is what they claim to believe, most of them will give up after a while, but those they give up on move from the "lost soul" list to the "hated evildoer" list. I'm not kidding about this, not even a little bit.

"mean spirited jokes, or just outright meanness, intolerance, contempt, and hatred" may be a characteristic of some extreme atheists, but they are hardly attempting to convert anyone that way; they are just being snobs. Like all snobs the last thing they want is for everyone to be like them.

Atheists are a relatively small minority of society (although I recently saw somewhere that there are twice as many "Atheists/Agnostics" as "Religious Jews" in the USA). If you feel threatened by us you really shouldn't.
I ordered the Tesla > Edison shirt, I love it! I thought I was the only one who thought that. I am not alone :)
+Lucky Sisay Just checking and confirming.

You're saying that morals come from a nation's strong belief in a religion?

Two questions if that is the case:
1. Can morals only come from a strong belief in religion? You mentioned in an earlier post that you work with some athiest people. They're nice, smart, etc. Do they have good morals?

2. You mentioned the British Empire and the Roman Empire. First, remember that the English split from the Roman Catholic church to form the Church of England. (So Henry can get a divorce, etc. etc.) Second. The Roman Empire was not, at its height, a Christian empire. They stole their gods from the ancient Greeks. Zeus = Jupiter, Apollo = Mars, Aphrodite = Venus, etc. Christianity didn't come until much later.

Something to chew on. The world is not as black and white as you seem to think it is. I would hazard to say that the decline of various Empires - be it the British, Roman - let's also go back to the Egyptians and the Greeks, the latter of whom likely did not have contact with any form of Christianity - their empires declined because of more than one factor. Religious or otherwise.
Hi +Story Kizorsen The message of the Bible is for those who want it. It isnt written in Scripture that anyone was forced to convert, or told to forcefully convert others, or to treat ones who refuse the message badly. I do agree with you on this: "Many acts of evil have been thrust at those who do not believe the same as those who follow the "God" found in these scripture." ---Sad fact that there is evil in this world. Horrible acts happen daily by people from every background and professed belief or lack of. Anyone who does those things are not showing love of God and their neighbor.

Hi +Roger Glover --I might have. I've attended quite a few different churches when I was younger. I think most of them got the message about a God who would burn people in hell wrong too.

I dont think atheists want to convert people either. Perhaps some do want to turn people away from their faith. I dont know, but hate will not help anyone.
Paul asked the church to pray for him that the doors may be opened for him to preach the gospel. When Jesus was advising his disciples before he ascended he told them to go from town to town and if the people did not want the message to brush the dust off their feet and move on. I love God! But some of his people give him a really bad name.
The religious people commenting on here who were offended by the truth that in the name of religion horrible crimes have been committed are hilarious.... Their arguments that nazis or communists killed because they were atheists shows unbelievable levels of ignorance... I'm glad there are people trying to explain to them that they are wrong and why.. But I hope they understand that this level of ignorance is an incurable disease... Their faith will always trump knowledge and facts. Its a waste of time. Its like The funny "fact" I read on g+ the other day... Hitler drank milk.. Therefore drinking milk means you are a nazi.... And then people wonder why I'm Pastafarian
+regina rana Have you read Arthur Clarke's Songs of Distant Earth? In the novel he posits a relativisticly-bound starship that gets nearly limitless "free" energy by tapping into quantum fluctuations. Of course, if we had THAT we could avoid the need for starships for quite a while just by rearranging the solar system to our liking.

Having said that, even with our current technology the energy required to reach orbit would be much less of an issue if you didn't have to burn (and hence carry) fuel to do it. That is where something like the maglev system (or any other type of ground-based launch system) comes in. You just need to carry enough fuel for manuevering and reentry, so the launch mass (and hence launch work) is greatly reduced. +David Brin writes about the maglev launch system on his blog here:
everything about it is so freakin' true
Ow... you stepped in it here. Ignores the 50+ million non-war deaths in the name of the atheistic faith of dialectic materialism in the twentieth century. Also, more people die each week from Islamic extremism than have died from abortion clinic bombings since Roe vs Wade in 1973. The Koran commands its followers to kill the infidel; the New Testament commands its followers to pray for them.
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