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48 hours after I released my comic about pirating Game of Thrones, the price dropped by 50%.
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I bought it. The people involved in the show absolutely deserve it.
Hahaha, that's awesome! I would take credit for the price drop/war if I was in your position, too. :)
HAhahahaha - Epic WIN!
Make another comic, please. Another price drop would be nice.
Picked up the non-bluegay DVD; I've heard it's good or something......
Making a difference in the digital age
Omg, that NZ version is so true! And the annoying thing is we are still subjected to the same marketing tripe. 
New way Matthew Inman will buy his TV shows:
1. Make comic about TV shows he wishes to purchase.
2. Wait 48 hours.
3. PROFIT!!!!
HBO is owned by Time Warner who are trying desperately to maintain the relevance of cable television along side Internet service and separate and individually valuable items. They're full of it, of course, and they will see their model collapse under its own weight (almost certainly because more agile competition will come a long and eat their lunch), but until that happens, they will continue to attempt to incentivize subscriptions to their service (and by that, I mean cable TV, not HBO).

Funny thing is, it does work. HBO routinely has better programming available than the vast majority of television specifically because that margin of quality is their marketing pitch for subscribers. ABC doesn't have to take any chances because producing mediocre content will continue to trap a third of the people who are too lazy to figure out that there are non-network sources of entertainment.

Fortunately, that model works just as well with any voluntary subscriber model, even one that's not nearly as abusive to customer budgets as pay-TV.
I pay for HBO yet i cannot stream their content online because they only allow certain cable companies to let their subscribers do so. so why the hell should i repay for a service they provide to all of their other customers.
I wish amazon.CA would have such a deal, especially if using a special link would support The Oatmeal.
Game of thrones is highly addictive! Must have by any means.
Lol I just pre-ordered it from best buy at half the price on the 6th for $30.
The kiwi remix of the comic is great. It's so incredibly frustrating being outside of the US (and in some cases the UK) when there are all these great services (Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, hell even Siri's location-based stuff) are region-restricted. I can understand limiting service if physical shipping is involved, but pure digital services? Madness.
I love the fact that nearly all the comments on the site are "Hodor."
You have ultimate cosmic interweb powers ... but we already knew that.
The NZ remix was accurate, except that price wasn't the only thing making a DVD from Amazon a no-go. The region locks on the DVD/BR would have required a DMCA violation (and some serious hacking) just to watch it - even after paying double.
Just reserved a copy from my local library. I'm out no money.

I wait to watch the cheapest legal way possible. I refuse to support HBO by buying discs, or even streaming through Amazon Video or iTunes when they wait almost a year to release it. I would, however, have no issues with buying the episodes the day after they air. (I do this with several shows already) I would also be willing to subscribe to HBO Go if it wasn't umbilically tied to cable. But that ain't so, and they can suck it. 
i'm with Zach, i've already forgottem where we left of in the series . . .
+ed rosado : some people are alive. Most are not.

oh.. and Winter is really really coming
That just means they didn't bother to cheeseburger network/ ebaums world style put their watermark over the oatmeal.

Think of it like this, embedding someone's youtube video on your site isn't stealing because the commercials from that youtube video are still credited to the content provider.

These types of sites take someone else's work then surround them with their banner ads. They get on google image search and just steal things and then claim they were "submitted by fans of the site who claimed to have the copyright"
ooooooooooooohhh i see thanks for explaning
It's internet talk for the way boxing referees talk when announcing the winner of a match
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