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I really like his "Five Man Acoustical Jam" years.
I'm very glad that millions are getting to know more about Tesla each year. And it's not even 70 years since he died, at 86. Better late than never. I guess.
True sadness enters my heart whenever I hear Tesla's name mentioned.  There will never be a man of his brilliance in this world again.  His vision for the world is something we will never realize.  I blame men the likes of Thomas Edison and JP Morgan; for in their short sighted greed, they have doomed us all.  If hell existed, I would wish that and more upon those men.
That Tesla Cartoon of yours was excellent and was really what introduced me to The Oatmeal :)
Edison is a wanker. Tesla should be the hero that school teachers introduce to little kids.
+Chris Hanlon , same here actually. I found oatmeal a couple of times before, but didn't really pay much attention until that great Tesla piece showed up. 
+Martin Andersson Exactly! I am pretty sure I came across The Oatmeal elsewhere, but it was the Tesla cartoon that was memorable for me...
Just finished "Wizard" and so wish all of Tesla's dreams could have been realized.   What he saw in the early 1900's is what we still seek today but are getting closer in the WiFi and wireless technologies
Tesla's head would have exploded in the modern day. He would be trying to invent advanced error correction and compression coding entirely in his head. "Ah, Huffman. Nice fellow. He's using five of my patents."
+Mike DeSimone I think Tesla would laugh his ass off in the modern day. "What? Wireless broadband? How did you manage to make it so slow? Just leave me some tools and GTFO."
Then he'd see all the DRM and give up on the world.
Oh, Marco tempest did that cool one on augmented reality. He rules.
+Mike DeSimone , true, my small country has had a couple of great scientists and a couple of great sportsmen, but none of them can really compare to Tesla.
Also, after having had dozens of war criminals, our Tesla-obsession only became greater.
Pity you haven't made more Teslas. ;_;
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