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i think you're asking for a lot of wallet-draining legal nonsense by responding this way.
Donated. This will be legendary!!
Why do the lawyers always win? 
OK, that's just insane. Is this one of those cases where they're reaching for the lawyers first in the hope the first shot brings you down before common sense prevails, do you think?

That's how it looks to me.

I wish you all the best, man. Losing the Oatmeal would make the intertubes a poorer place. :(
wow... just wow... lawyers are idiots...
I'm donating $20 as soon as I get home!
so funnyjunk is the patent-troll of comic-land... nice
let 'em diaf
Fire up the Internet Hate Machine!

Did you ever know that you're my hero,
and everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.
What's wrong with my brain. I just read that whole article, and read it as FunkyJunk every time...
I see #bearlove  and all I can think about is "Bearfucker, do you need assistance?".
Bloody hell. In some bizarre way you do have to admire the seer cheek of it.

FunnyJunk + lawyers. Is that some sort of parasitic, bottom feeder double team? 
Wow. Please own these guys in court so that they don't get a big head. I hope you get damages. I recall there being a DMCA per-instance infringement fine... somewhere in the tens of thousands.
Very epic, Mr. Inman. I wish you good luck. If they take you to court, I hope you find one of those judges who actually know the field they're ruling in. (See: Judge Alsup, the programmer judge)
... =0.o= Wow. I tell ya what. Wow. Good luck with that.
Would you like milk with your blackmail? 
I know you don't want to give your lawyer more to do, but a countersuit may be the only way to shut these pricks up for good. No, it's not philanthropic, but it may be the best way to use the $20,000 you're trying to raise.
LOL, my comment on Facebook has the most "likes" right now, so I'm putting it here, along with making a donation to your cause. ;)

Extortion - they're doin' it wrong. 
SO much better than awesome I don't even know what to say.
Wow.  Some serious interweb butt-hurts for funnyjunk.  Dumbasses.  GO OATMEAL!  CRUSH THE ENEMY!
Suing content owners and publishers should not be a valid business model. I hope there are some legal repercussions for those guys. Good luck!
Hope you are on as solid ground as you seem to think you are, +Matthew Inman . I'd hate to see you lose this.
Matt C
+Matthew Inman Isn't this some sort of extortion on their part? It's one thing to threaten legal action, but another thing to demand payment, right? Or would the $20k be considered a "settlement?"

In theory, couldn't anyone with money and some minimal evidence extort money from people under threat of expensive litigation?
Also, it would appear that Mr. Carreon has either removed the modeling -webpages or the sites have crashed due to Oatmeal readers clicking... #bearlove
Just looked at the "modeling" pictures. What a tool #dbag  
I wonder if they noticed what just happened to megaupload. I think megaupload was attempting to use the same excuse.

Maybe you should have the FBI raid them both.
Holy cow, donated!  Already passed the 10k mark!  #bearlove  
I'd note that you won't be helping the Oatmeal's case by editing his Wiki article, people.
Matt C
+Matthew Inman When did it start anyway? I think it just jumped like $3000 in five minutes.
Best response to a lawsuit threat EVAR. I couldn't reach for my wallet fast enough. These obsessively litigious trolls need a healthy dose of sarcasm, and this is brilliantly served. Well done!
I laughed so hard I think I pulled something.
This might, you know, backfire for them.
What the hell is funny junk anyway?  odd-shaped genitalia?
Wow, that $ figure is growing quickly. Grew over $1k by the time I was done donating! 
Wow. Was this lawsuit recent? I notice how quickly Wikipedia has been updated.
Took a few refreshes to connect because it's being stuffed full of bear dollars so fast, but eventually it worked.  Go you!
An ambulance-chaser called Carreon?  Dickens couldn't do better.
Are you shitting me? They are suing YOU??? For damages?

File a countersuit. Immediately. 
$ 13.115 already? My god this is taking off, good on you.
Might be wise to keep it for legislation costs though.
Send out DCMA requests and then sue for $20,000 for each occurrence of your art on that site....
I'll help fill out paper work....
So I guess we should not be too surprised to discover that someone who is willing to steal is also willing to lie. But it still sucks.
Hmm, This link now says that "The copyright holder of this content has requested its removal." for

But I don't see any more, and I've gotten to the bacon links and given up. Really, nobody seems to be noticing how much of your work is not only on their website, but it's been reposted again, and again, and again, SOME of the douchebags have actually kept text on the images that attribute you and your website, even!
+Matthew Inman when you take the picture of the money, can you let us see it too? I've always wanted to see what a large sum of cash looked like.
Edit: adding "" to my hosts file :P This needs to stop.
even when you are angry you are really funny. Funny junk makes me think of a penis in a clownsuit
That's funny, I never would've heard of FunnyJunk if it wasn't for The Oatmeal. Even then, I've never been to their site and never will.

Either way, that whole letter they sent you is full of fail.
Everyone flood funnyjunk with Oatmeal content and upvote said content.
As I read down the page I was laughing so hard :)
Matt C
+Jason Dabrowski Everyone screen capture the posted Oatmeal comics on funnyjunk before they take them down!
I love how you have almost $15,000 in a day. They suck for this and it'll be great when they lose everything. #bearlove  
seriously?!?! they're still trying to pick a fight with you?! funnyjunk can go to hell. already donated!
Soon: We are anonymous. We are legion. Expect us. funnyjunk will be DDoSed for a day or so in the near future. Excited!
Wow the money is rolling in. yay bears... and f^(& cancer!
Best way to deal with trolls!
A day? It hasn't even been an hour. At this rate you'll have enough to send the bears to medschool to fight cancer.
So... by +1'ing this and retweeting it, I'll be sued double right? I also "liked" the original comic a year ago! 
One lawyer in a small town will starve.  Two lawyers can make a nice living.
+Yas Mean it won't make it to kickstarter....he will reach the 20k I would bet in less than another 30 minutes. 
+Yas Mean let me correct....give it 5 minutes.  Sheesh...the rate is astounding.
less than an hour after your post and you're already past $18 Gs.  give 'em hell!
Luke J
I can't wait to see the resolution to this! Keep us updated in what their reply is.

Go after 9gag next!
Geez. Someone already put this story on Charles Carreon's wikipedia page?
....Please don't 'lay- down' on this bloody 'time consumer' you'll be glad you didn't... I won a 'gig' a few yrs ago --- AFTER 3.5 yrs!... a good payout to boot... 
Looks like you will be taking the photo tonight.... it's almost there.... just over an hour to raise $20k is a pretty amazing feat!
Luke J
There's less than $100 to go! I'm not going to be able to donate in time :O
Ok, and this guy is an expert in online legal mumbo-jumbo? O.o
Because this is plain retarded.
This is just amazing to watch! Power of the people. +Matthew Inman has true fans that appreciate his work. Keep it up.
Just as in any copyright infringement you can either continue doing what you used to do best or drain endless sources of positive energy in something negative that will grow in proportions to a degree where your brand goes belly up - not because who you were but because who this lawyer make you look like. See it as PR and move on doing your gig.
lol, already at 20k 
I got $20 on it - you are @ $20,600 as of this moment. =D
It looks like the links for content you said was on their site has been removed... it only took them how long to do that? 
that is insane! talk about balls to the wall loyalty! 
That's pretty awesome of you, if they persist maybe you can sue them and donate that to charity too.
Congrats on raising the full amount in no time, sometimes social media is great.
"Let's check today for any new comics. What's this Funnkjunk is back and wants $20k from!?! HECK YEAH I'll Donate to his cause...WTF! he already got the money!? This go up a day ago? AN HOUR AGO!!!!"
Lots of 404s in the giant links section on this post. At least they took your comics down? :/ ... ... at the same time, return their favor, and problem solved?
Junnyjunk needs to take a chill pill, or go fuck themselves; because this is ridiculous, we're talking about web comics for fucks sake.
Well, maybe this will restore your good name after getting trounced by forbes.
looks like FJ is taking down the other links now.

This sounds like extortion +Matthew Inman Have you considered discussing this with your local district attorney to see what they say? Might also contact the bar association where that attorney is licensed... ya know... Just curious what they would have to say.

"FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages...
Hilarious. You know you've got clout with the people when you can snap your fingers and raise $20k for bears and cancer.
My recommendation... resist the temptation to write anything about this. Keep in mind, if this goes to suit all of your postings will be displayed in court (things like call the plaintiff an "idiot" is not going to help your cause). Take screen prints of everything on their site. You can use this later on, even after the remove the content. If it's taken down now, you'd need to reply on them keeping a copy in order to prove your case.

Contact an attorney at this time that would take this case on a contingency bases. If FT sues you, you counter sue them for copyright violations. Now they have skin the game and something to lose if they  go forward). You contact an attorney at this time even though there is no money in it right now so that the attorney can respond now. if it goes away, great... and you don't need to pay anything. If it does not go away then you obtain the services of an attorney for free and could possibly make some money.

But posting any more information about this is not going to help you.
Matt C
Re: content removed: CYA bigtime funnyjunk.
a lawyer named Carreon? That's just...of course! He was born for the job!
Yep, they are removing all the content you posted.  But with it having been up until now, I'd say they owe you a great deal of revenue on that....say $40k?  +Matthew Inman 
May the site owners and lawyers be thrown into a pit of bear-o-dactyls.
"Dat's a nice website ya gots there, Mr. +Matthew Inman. It would be too bad if sumpin' was to happen to it, knowwhatimean? I look forward to doin' bizniss wit'cha, Mr. Inman."
Luke J
+Todd Copeland couldn't he just cite this and his facebook post showing people reacting to the comics being taken down instantly? Though I guess ultimately it is up to him and his lawyer to decide.
Wow, already over $20K. The power of Google+ and Facebook!!!
Matt, have you ever thought about filing a copyright infringment countersuit?  If you ever copyrighted any of your material with the US copyright office you can sue for $250,000 per incident and legal fees. To save money you can copyright quarterly and bundles all of your material under one submission.  
I hope you raise enough to counter sue them to the moon and back.
This is total bullshit! Post that Assholes phone so we can give him hell about what he did to you!!!!!!!!
w00t! $24,913
Raised of $20,000 Goal
Countdown until Anonymous takes out FunnyJunk in four... three...
I have an excellent lawyer who specializes in Intellectual Property and Internet Law, should you change your mind and decide to sue the pants off Not-so-FunnyJunk. He's Seattle based, too! Let me know if you want his contact info.
Some handy advice - tell them to F*** OFF! Its nothing more than emotional blackmail. They are THREATENING to sue UNLESS you pay?
Says it all.
They have NO intention of suing, its all a blind. They want you to pay up first.
I'm just going to leave this here:

Wow! Google cache and the Internet Archive are great impartial sites to determine when a page was changed. Just sayin...
So, does this make FunnyJunk the Edison of internet comedy?
Can you tell us what happens afterward?
He wants you to pay him to steal your artwork...counter sue for pain and suffering.
Please, make sure to go on the offensive after defending yourself.  I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to me (again, not a lawyer in any way) that the consequences to the people using lawsuits as a weapon with which to mug people are too few.  Good people such as yourself defend themselves, but are unable to hold the douchebags accountable.

Start another donation to sue Funnyjunk for every penny they have and to try to get their lawyer disbarred.  Make THEM spend their own money defending themselves for ACTUALLY breaking the law.

It won't be fun, and you're a saint for making the Oatmeal regardless of whether you engage in legal crimefighting.  And again, not a lawyer, maybe that's a stupid impossible idea.  Still, it seems to me that if you don't shut down these guys, if you merely repel their attacks on you, they're going to do the same thing to other people who have less ability to rally the forces of good behind themselves.
This is epicnesss wrapped in awesomesauce
I really tried to read it, several times, but that link takes hours to load. If ever.
Wow, you got lawyer-trolled!  What a joke!  I would counter-sue.  Copyright infringement, abuse of process, and being a giant douche.  I'm not sure the last one is illegal, but it should be.  It's extortion!  This guy, and his gas bag lawyer, are just jumping onto a bandwagon that threatens to become a wagon train.  Copyright wars?  Meet the "I break your copyright and now I'm gonna sue you too... Wars" (that's not as catchy.) Pretty soon we'll see PirateBay suing Paramount for using them to increase movie sales.  YouTube will sue Congress, "SOPA and PIPA were just ploys to get people interested in the process!!!  You owe us money for the civics lesson we were forced to give!  AND ATTORNEY FEES as Sanctioned in USC 1117 see Johnson v Wanker (cir. 1969)  

But seriously, I'm not a lawyer, I am not allowed to give legal advice.  But, this is a BS suit.  The number is just high enough to make the fees worth their time, but low enough that you might just say, "Fuck it I don't wanna deal with this shit!"  And then, pay them.  I applaud your response and approach.  But you should really burn them.  I bet if you started a fund for that, side by side of this one...  you'd earn enough to have the papers prepared and filed.  Should be an easy case.  This guy won a case in the 90s!  He didn't get OJ off in the 90s.  I say sue them for defamation, and all the other things you can think of (plus what I listed above) and sue for a nice 6 figure PLUS the rights to the domain (since a good portion of your intellectual property resides there) and then... when you win, take down the site and on the front page put the pterodactyl.  
Leo T
#bearlove sounds gay /: Like with a chubby hairy gay guy.
It appears they have taken down all of your comics. At least the 10 random links I clicked in your list said "content removed"
I would be willing to bet they have now had second thoughts and are no longer interested in you or your money +Matthew Inman . ;-)
Shared it all over the place, donated $50 bucks to the cause, and hope that he gets their asses handed to him in a handbasket.  Go Matthew! 
The U.S. legal system at it's best.  Our forefathers fought wars for this?
Anyone else seeing the website down? The goog is telling me 'other users are experiencing this problem' GOOD JOB INTERNETS
$35,000 now... That's crazy. And hilarious.
Is his server offline?
From another thread
"Jan Wildeboer1:53 PM
Oatmeal calls copying stealing? Really?"

I wonder what +Matthew Inman sees as different in this case?
we know that cancer is bad
sucks that they are filing a lawsuit, but all Oatmealers know that you will win!
By their logic, if you took the post down, couldn't you counter-sue them for malicious prosecution since the page in question is no longer on the internet?

And it looks like they took down all the links you listed on that page.  Guess they are paying attention.
Sam Gee
You can win Matt. Just beware the trolls(lawyers) and their greed.
awwwww.... thats shity. i loved your Nikola Tesala post on stumbleupon. awesomesauce!
Oatmeal man I'm with you and I'm totally in your corner.

But all you're doing here is benefiting funnyjunk.  You (The Oatmeal, a real website on the real internet that has real traffic) are giving free publicity to FunnyJunk, a bullshit website on the bullshit internet.

Well, I guess the bears and healthy people is a benefit.  But man, I hate to see somebody get a bunch of traffic for being a dick.
Good god, you are amazing. Thanks for donating over $41,000 to charities rather than jackasses with no brains.
...if nothing else.... it forced them to finally remove oatmeal content from their site... every link posted has been removed.... makes you wonder why they dragged their feet so much when they have just proved they can remove all content in minutes.....
I will admit that I love a good rant, even though it comes at your expense at having to deal with this.
Way to go! Not only fighting a bunch of whiny thieves who hide behind some dork lawyer but, best yet, making your point and donating the money to great causes! Maybe the morons behind funnyjunk will see the support, comments, etc. and realize what a stupid move it was on their part.
All for bearlove for obvious reasons...
So lame! Bears good, cancer bad!! Stoopid lawyers should be fed to bears in a pay per view gladiator match. Then the ppv funds go to charities to cure cancer. World litigation solved!! XD
be careful wat u say and do
can we go after cheezburger network next?
+Matthew Petty 
Oh really, because I'm sure you have some ENORMOUS amount of evidence that the cheezburger network deserves to be sued.
But really, the point is FunnyJunk is not free. The Cheezburger Network is. It is an archive. No one on it is claiming that they created anything. They're just sharing with the geek community.
so uh, maybe it's just me but I can't access the oatmeal O_o
That has to be one of the most asinine responses (funkyjunks) I have ever heard.
disregard, was able to access via IE (only good for when my other browsers crap out on me)
JP Lang
+Steven Kølnes No, I can't seem to open the link either. Maybe they're further upset with him that he's complaining that they're upset with him.
Bravo, sir.  Here's betting you a beer that you reach $200k (ten times your original goal) before the fundraising campaign ends.
What happens if he sells that original drawing you're sending him on eBay and makes a ton of money?
Funnyjunk, Funnyjunk, Funnyjunk...what are we gonna do with you?
+Matthew Inman, let me ask you a question, are we talking images here and PDF Files? if we are then there is something can will stop them. it's called Digimarc. This is within Photoshop and can be used on everything you place in Photoshop such as PDF's, and all image files. It also gives you a special URL that takes you to Digimarc itself and lists all work done by you. It has saved me a few times and is worth the asking price.
one time it just hit me ... "WE STILL DON'T HAVE A CURE FOR CANCER???!!!"
Matt, don't feed this troll and talk to your representation asap.
I think is having difficulties coping with traffic. It went down for a minute or so just a few minutes ago and is still loading quite slowly.
It is truly staggering how fast he is earning money for his campaign. In only 100 minutes he had gathered more than 30 thousand dollars o.o.
dude,i know what u mean and trust me,its not worth the trouble
Z Tan
I know you want to spend time focusing on comics, but I would encourage you to lawyer-up.  I'm pretty sure Washington has an anti-SLAPP statute.
you know god created a herb for cancer (weed) but guess what? we banned it . . . . . . . . hope in mankind lost . . . . . .
Someone should call in the mother fucking pterodactyl!
There you go!  Another strike against internet douchebaggery!
byron tam; hope is not lost, it is now just illegal
Just ran a bulk-wget on all the links posted in this comic. All are 404's now. Brilliant...

Unfortunately Google Cache didn't cache the comic images themselves. Maybe they're too large?

However, a Google Images query for " bacon love" results in some familiar images on search page 3. :)
Any lawyer brazen enough to try to pull this stunt with a straight face needs to get disbarred immediately.  Is there a phone number or address that can be contacted to petition get this scam lawyer reviewed for disbarment?
lol, you know the donation total is over 2.5 times what you asked for?  I am still going to donate and hope that you actually use some of that $$ in lawyers fees (I think anything over the $20K would be fair to use)
FunnyJunk is like a lawyer (or the MAFIAA, SIAA, Author's Guild, etc.), it creates nothing and leeches off of those who do, then brings threats and intimidation when someone calls them out on it.
hahha!!! they pulled all your work from their website! They were like, "Oh, crap! He knows. We better get it off there!" DER!!!!
Fight for everlasting donations against cancer!
I wonder who's going to get that reference. 
This whole thing is just ridiculous, but you are awesome. I love the way you're handling this. Seeing things like this lessens my faith in humanity, but your response and the donations you've received have made made my faith grow back.
I laughed my ass off the entire time I was reading that.
Lol, wow, you definitely are doing some good for the bears...just donated, and I'm not the only one BY FAR. The internet really shows the power of the people willing to stand up for what is right!
My mom had breast cancer and this wallpaper is.... ( finish my sentence)
If we all donate enough, maybe you can hire Johnny Cochran and whoop some legal @$$. Maybe he'll use the Wookie defense. OR, maybe he'll create a new defense: the #bearlove defense!!
congrats on all the money raised already! that's amazing, most of my family either has cancer or is high risk for it. Super cool of you to do that!
JP Lang
Finally got thru to the link, and I figured you'd have raised about 95$ by now. Imagine my surprise when I saw the donation total of 72-freakin-thousand dollars! 
So what shall we call this phenomenon?  getting plussed?
Alot of the links you mentioned are taken down now. It seems an awful lot like back pedaling. It looks like they knew they were guilty and wanted to fire at you before you had a chance to fire at them.
Should have at least posted the URLs of the comics as an image (CAPTCHA style) to make them manually decipher them and type them out to go remove them. Lol.
Came across your post yesterday, I knew this would take off. To think funnyjunk were in the clear. Fucking morons.
touche leighton duncun, touche
man the government can be reellly retarded
i heard that in china theyll torture yu if u smoke weed
dont hate on me if this isnt tru i heard it somewhere
how did these commnts go from oatmeal to cancer? o_o
Good fucking game. Hope you get a real picture of his mum.
@ Byron.. it will 'pan out' if you catch my drift..-:)
I wish the best for you, being that anontards are firing up. Then again... what is the worst that could happen? Another ddos attack? Wooooooo.... you downed me for 2 hours. Anon is a joke now because of that shit. /b/ is the S.T.D. of the internet, and we all want it to die.
///RE: 'die' Speak for yourself , sir...Thanks
$97k in less then a day, with 15 days to go (payday all the peoples!!!!).   WTG #bearlove
Fucking sweet ass response! Srsly!
I like the response! I'm going to donate :) 
I wonder what would happen if everybody (and I do mean everybody) uploaded this letter to funkyjunk's website in protest?  How quickly can he ban everybody?
Best part is that the attorney actually thinks FJs website & The Oatmeal are competitors and at the same level. Hmm, user generated (ripped off content) vs. original content. Yeah, not so much.
Congrats on reaching your goal so quickly!!! As you said, think of the sexy bears and the shitty cancer!
Am abandoning funnyjunk in response to this. Screw the bastards!
My stepdad told me about what happened. That SUCKS hardcore! Glad you reached your goal. 
+Matthew Inman I hope they get their stories straight instead of your money. Quick question: If it really was just the users uploading The Oatmeal comics to FunnyJunk, wouldn't it be the FJs Guy's job to block out that stuff because of copyrights?
I enjoy that it is over $100,000 with 15 days left. Maybe add a zero to your goal.
Not only is this funny as hell, but you're helping out two great causes. You have a devoted fan of this comic forever!
After Forbes's recent spat with Oatmeal over Tesla vs 'some other guy' - kudos to them for supporting Oats here. +Ferdinand Zebua for pointing it out. 
That letter proves it, the guys over at funnyjunk really ARE funny. 
I donated $10. The total was at ~$117k. 
Viral retainer fundraising, ftw!
+Jeremy VanGelder while I agree that is a classy statement from a classy content creator you realize that is out of context, right?

I don't see how comparing one persons response to a vile personal and legal attack is analogous to the far reaching Death Star level of evil that is SOPA / PIPA / ACTA / etc.

I hope that there is a lawyer reading this and can handle the case for you pro bono.  This is blackmail pure and simple.
Reshared again!!! Love this. BTW.. hey funnycrunk your going down and yer silly excuse for a lawyer too...
Holy fuckfarts, over $120k already.  Well done internets, well done.
+Tawei Liao with the amount that the donation drive is bringing in, he won't need to get someone to do it pro bono - he could hire the best lawyer money can buy and grind FunnyJunk into dust.
wow - now, to do something exceptionally awesome (or Oatmeal) with it...
This is just great. Bunch of great sane minded people coming together for a good cause. I cant believe how much this blew up.
Take out some for yourself and give an attorney a $25,000 retainer.  You'll regret not doing this if you find yourself in court.  The internet trusts you Matt. can't help but realize when I say Carreon out loud... It sounds like Carrion. Well appropriate, I guess; both don't have souls :) (just double checked your comic to make sure I got the semicolon right... 'bout time I bought the poster...) GOOD LUCK MAKING THE DOUCHES OF THE WORLD FEEL BAD. oH DEAR IS cAPS lOCK ON? ;)
Why hasn't the attorney general charged Carreon with extortion?
Why hasn't the attorney general charged Carreon with extortion?
FLIP U FUNNYJUNK!! I HATE YOU! NOT ONLY ARE YOUR USERS SICK MALE DOUCHES AND RACIST PERVERTS, YOU ARE DEMANDING FROM AN ACTUAL DECENT SITE! (this was a while ago, ik, but i just got freaking told to go die in a hole by 20 funnyjunk members.)
+Aaron aka Frank XD.. The moder american society these days.... sigh but I don't think sexism has to do with that. :P
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