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It's exactly what it appears to be.
haha... i thought his eyes is gonna "pop"!!
Finish that book? MOAR comics? Hehe well after sleep; we'll let you sleep maybe.
I'd hate to see how raw zippy-tumbeast would wipe his butt.
I think a lot of people feel the same way this time of year! Its so hard to stay awake when its always dark out!
Lets hope he can sit long enough to get the "job" done.
O love of the world out of our hearts
Ibdlna love and love for paradise and a desire to see you
x2- the magic of coffee :) it is a pity that the magic that goes in doesn't come out as rainbows...
Ah, my beloved trimethylxanthene. You are my rock. Never change.
Hey, where'd you find that picture of me?!?!?
bt, dt...but sublimely funny nonetheless....
oooopsss!! too much coffee?
PS : can i copy it?
definitely create a series of these! Much more fun than the crappy emoticons that you see all the time...and its like life too!
Twas brillig, and the latte throes
Did gyre and gimble in his wabe
All mimsy were his tumbeast toes
And the beast eyes outgrabe

Beware the Hyper-Caffeinated Tumbeast, my son
The eyes that bulge, the jaws that slurp
Beware the Oatmeal, too
And shun the frumious bander-dump...

Twas brillig, and the latte throes
Did gyre and gimble in his wabe
All mimsy were his tumbeast toes
And the beast eyes outgrabe
Wally from Dilbert says: "Sadness is just another word for 'Not enough coffee'."
how close " Xmarks Alert:" and " fils tube " can any one help me
I have been suffering from this phenomena.
As much as I hate the resurfaced trend of animated GIFs, I will make an exception for this awesomeness. (And I'm not even a coffee drinker...)
I like it, you should do more posts this way.
finally, i had to run around the circles till i Seen your post again in my stream, It took me a few minutes.
I love the Oatmeal Coffee slurpin Doodlegreen guy!! till...!!he _ _ _ _ _!!!
too darn funny Matthew!! I ran all over the pages I had been through to find him again... I even made a circles of mattews who like oatmeal or some crazy thing!!
I guess ripping apart networks is harder work than we think!
well obviously this has far too much puke and piss in it ;).... lol but for real this is hilarious.
oh........... its very funny nice light up my life.
Was just about to start ranting about all the fanboyism here when that poor tumbeast started to change.
Doesn't seem to work properly in the Android App.
Current mood: The End :P

+Stephen Reeves seems that the app doesn't support animated .gifs. Or maybe it's the Android itself. Sucks anyway ^^
that's how I am all the time, so awesome.
when i was a lad, animated GIFs made designer puke in their own mouth, these days they're all the rage with the youngsters! Good work!
Hell yea, thats how I'm feeling right now
Skeptical Tumblbeast looks skeptical
omg, this just comes up as a still thumbnail of the first frame on mobile. so glad I clicked over here on my laptop.
This was ridiculously fun to watch.
I really wish I could take caffeine and taurine intravenously
matthew you are so funny!!! this is awesome
A Eady
Funniest thing I've yet seen in 2012.

Probably won't be topped.
And he'll probably just keeep topping himself.
Add a little vomit and I am there with ya.
Ooops. I didn't wait long enough. There it is. Well... Out of the other end but close enough.
This reminds me, I'm due to drink MOAR COFFEE!!!
Judy Hu
haha that was me!
Ivy R
lol so funny
wat the hell its like ur high
Ah, the majestic Tumbeast all hopped up on caffeine...
Should have made him slowly turn back green on the toilet..... to infer pooping.
He should then be flushed down the toilet and explode in the sewer! :)
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