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I want to do a followup to this comic for Spring 2012. Any suggestions?

Here's what I've got so far:
Facebook acquires Instagram
Drawsomething blows up, gets acquired by Xynga
Pinterest on the rise
Apple launches a new iPad

Crowdsource on my mark...
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Instagram comes to Android to the horror of iPhone users everywhere!
SOPA/PIPA wars. Lulzsec. Anonymous gets political
The presidential race? Rick Santorum bottling it?
facebook ruins the world with timeline? I can has cheezburger? Yahoos problems?
Netflix pooping in their own house with their Super PAC creation.
The rise and fall of sites like megaupload.
Yep, i would go with the social/global phenomena of awareness similar to the "like" phenomena of the starving children around the world
LinkedIn, still with no real competitors ...
Google consolidating its T&C's so they are easiler to understand, though the world views this as the start of armageddon.
Nokia 9000 and smartphones for sure.
Apple Snobs hate poor people accessing technology.
omg the internet is no longer for pr0n????? :D
- Facebook changes to timeline -> users rage AGAIN
- Instagran on android
- No one uses Google+, but Google claims they have milions of active users
- Ads before youtube videos
- New ipad is exactly the same as ipad2
- Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is arrested because he is obviously a world threat
Blackout protest day for SOPA/PIPA. Facebook buying Instagram. Online petitions/protest actually doing something (getting advertisers pulled from Rush Limbaugh, SOPA/PIPA failing, Trayvon Martin case getting further investigated, etc.)
Your is one of the funnist comic, but so true.
Have you thought about something to do with the market palce and Mayan Dec.21, 2012 moment and them owning I an I pad and take control over all technology. LOL. Making mankind realize it was the greatest all time joke on the world.
Yahoo lays off 2k folks, but is still totally a viable company full of viable things.
I definitely agree that the KONY 2012 video needs to be in there somewhere. It was the quickest shared viral video in history.
I agree with others PIPA/SOPA. Getting an animated GIF of a koala and a goat having sex on CNN. KONY2012, nobody knows who he is, but they do know he's evil.
What about the growth/mainstreaming of reddit? SOPA/PIPA had public officials posting.... site topped 2 bn visits/month in December.
Lily L
How about Google glasses? RIM on deathbed?
The emergence of Pintrest. Internet Censorship. Piracy vs. Privacy. Windows 8 anydevice. IE9 NOT sucking like ALL of its predecessors. A virus on a Mac(First time ever!?!).
Microsoft buys patents from AOL, world briefly recalls that annoying dial up sound and wonders if they can now download it to their Zune...

I'm just kidding, no one owns a Zune.
Pretty much everything is being funded by Kickstarter.
Megaupload fiasco. The Foxconn and Daisey fiasco.
Microsoft entrance in the browser market with IE10.
Oh and Pinterest! Pinterest is worth mentioning!
Steve Jobs passing? Maybe that was too far back.
I'm still waiting for the slumbering beast of Prodigy to rise from the interweb ashes like a great pissed off Hydra-Phoenix, spewing fire and fiber optics in a hellish technopocalypse. That'll show all these mobile social noobs how it's done.
This is a wonderful comic. You are brilliant!
no suggestions about the state of RIM & blackberry?
instagram sold for a billion, myspace sold for 35 mil ...
This is the best thing I've read all day! :D
How about 9gag: "M$ Paint gets the most used picture editing application because of 9gag". Or how about Microsofts Metro UI / Windows8: "Microsoft ruins the desktop for everyone, (again)." ;-)
The next meme dinosaur candidates.
CNN goat love. You might mention SOPA too.
No one remembering they have a G+ account
Kickstarter reinvents business, game development, venture capital: something like more money was given to Double Fine, Shadowrun, etc, than is controlled by the entire economy of Ghana or something
SOPA / PIPA dust settles while ACTA and TPP catch wind.
Came back from the gave in 2012 to make life easier or does it?
Google distracts from the death/sun-setting of Buzz and Wave by changing their EULA on remaining services
Rise of movies and shows based on good books, like the Avengers! Haha kidding...Game of Thrones bitches!
iPad users shocked to get giant 4G bills for watching Netflix (or porn)!
I would do a comic (or part of one) where you show how Pinterest looks JUST LIKE the drive-thru menu at McDonald's.
Why don't you just starting my PC on fire, because no
matter how new the PC is, it's never new enough. Now that a good apirl fools joke..
How companies keep thinking that LinkedIn is a great social media marketing strategy, when in fact it's only other businesses and the unemployed.
+Shawn Jones , I always know when some place is laying off or shutting down, because the LinkedIn traffic from there goes up by 15x.
Yahoo still thinks they are relevant, then lay off 2000 people. In other News, Microsoft buys something from AOL (who knew they still existed) that was relevant in 1991
Have you seen the TSA South Park? I'm thinking something along the lines of having to have my asshole checked before I can read me email.
Facebook changes to timelines. Netflix expands to UK. Uk Government extends legislation to snoop on email and social networking.
Snoop, they always have. Now we just know about it.
Mark C
+Matthew Inman crowdsources comic ideas; quality takes a dump. Income now correlated to quarterly shipment volume of Sriracha sauce.

<3 the rooster
Mircosoft releases Win X. 10G release on all phones.
Google changes how pretty much everything works. No one gives a rip. Facebook changes 1 line of CSS the world cries.
You should use that me me of "what ___ thinks I do"
Groupon explodes its IPO. Then people realized a 25 year old billionaire CEO lied on his financial reports.
Chris Mak
Apple's market capitalization is $600B = same as the Greek debt. CEO Tim Cook, not knowing what to do with all the cash, plans to bail out Greece, rename it Appland, and instead of government pensions, gives everyone an iPad 3 on retirement.
Chris lol, that's a good one. I agree with you. The few.
rise of the tablets (Android AND iOS) replacing PCs/laptops as primary browsing devices
just as 4g LTE wireless comes out, unlimited data on devices gets throttled. plus, if not on unlimited, LTE just means you go over your data limit the moment you turn on the phone and Android finishes syncing...
Yeah um, 4G and Android mean a lot more to the industry than an iPad with a misshappen screen ever will.
Facebook introduces timeline, Xth facebook update protest begins and passes. Luls insue.
Google Glass. Steve Jobs' death (though its kinda late for it now). Nokia still alive (How did that happen?).
The Oatmeal introduces koala-goat love to CNN
Nokia continues to Stumble around after death (Zombie anyone?).
Angry Birds Space launched from ISS. Websites look ugly on newest Apple iPad. Apple loses track of model numbering with only third installment of iPad. Google+ turns into niche network with many millions of users, but just a couple 'o hundred thousand active daily.

Downloading music is very passé: Spotify, Grooveshark are the bomb. E-mail spam drops to all time low, but social media notifications at all time high.

Chrome overtakes IE browser market share in EU, just behind Firefox. Websites that suck on mobile fail a lot.

9GAG & Reddit do a showdown. Anonymous tries to bring down the web, merely slows it down here and there.
CISPA following the failed PIPA/SOPA
Apple is worth $600 billion vs. their share of the smartphone market?
There's been a huge rise is access to the 'net in 2nd and 3rd world countries. I'd like to see a picture of a dude in a South-east asian rice patty checking his iPhone.
There's a botnet of 600,000+ Apple computers...that should be included.
15+ browsers, Flash, HTML5, AJAX, zillions of image and video formats. Sum: infinite combinations of ways for people to view their lolcats.
3 months after the Flashback virus is discovered, Apple announces it is thinking about maybe someday soon doing something about it.
google anonces google glasses ... the end of privacy as we know it ...
All the 'PA's SOPA, HIPA, DIPA, CISCPA, GRAMPA (using an iPad)
Draw Something revives the age-old fun that was Pictionary; but not like anybody notices.
SOPA and PIPA, but I bet someone mentioned them already, I'm too lazy to look for it :P.
Such wonderful timing for G+ to get all pretty on me.
-megavideo down so we switch back to old p2p even for not-illegal files
-browser war changed into webkitmobile war
-ipad3 overheats at 45°C, so i can "roast a beef" for dinner
-katy perry still not naked over the internet, and rebecca black still makes (?) songs
Seriously Inman, this is pretty? How many taskbars and separately scrolling frames in my face do I need?
- The "What People Think I do/ What I really do" meme
- IE providing crappy HTML5 support (not that I care)
- Apple coming up with OS's at the speed of light
- Numerous acts (SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, DO-YOUR-MOMA) springing up all over the world
- Amazon prime giving more and more features - Demise of Netflix?
- Facestagram!
Mathew Inman giving people a reason to actually get on G+
G+ pisses off its remaining two users by changing its layout so that even the KKK says "that's too white."
Steve Jobs dies.
Apple launches iMessage. Blackberry and cell networks cry.
BlackBerry changes CEOs and then assumes the fetal position.
Google starts getting evil.
Netflix in Canada still sucks.
Justin Timberlake buys MySpace.
Microsoft starts IE 6 countdown to finally kill the antiquated browser.
Dennis Ritchie died. He's the guy who invented the C programming language and the Unix operating system.
Ze Frank just returned. There's that too.
Whiteout sues Google over trademark infringement when they try to combine the new G+ layout with hangouts.
Maybe the Republican Primary, plenty of fodder there
Apple can do no wrong? People still divided over facebook timeline?
How about mentioning that bobcats are becoming popular enough for people to cosplay as them at Cons?
Google+ omniously becomes more and more like Facebook. It's like the undead social network. It doesn't die and it goes after your friends.
Now there's the G+ redesign, and the shocking fact that no one hates it.
CATS! They are here to take over reddit and the world
Google Glasses seems to be the most interesting thing this year. Maybe you could combine it with the end of the world at 21th of dec. in 2012, with people shooting laser-rays with their google glasses or such.
+Chris Recouvreur I can still connect to the AIM network. Even Y!M works. But nobody is online there :-P .. running servers must be cheap for AOL and Yahoo.
If you're including highly likely predictions: Microsoft buys the Nokia smartphone division, RIM drops consumer hardware sales, kodak finally disappears.
Sprint gets the iPhone, the new iPhone and iPad underwhelm everyone, Google Plus repaints their ghost town.
* not just SOPA/PIPA; ACTA was a big thing in several countries
* Jack Tramiel dies (Commodore & Atari)
* Sony quits making tv's
* prediction: huge class action suite against FB by 2014
* prediction: Groupon collapses by mid-2013
the oatmeal supported piracy- it was received well by the internet :3
How about: Google Plus continues to be a ghost town.
Google Wave took a big poop and died (or "sunsetted" as Google called it).
Gentlemint: best described as manswer to girly pinterest. Much like it's muse, Gentlemint is a big bag of awful overflowing with bombastic pomposity spilling out everywhere. These Minty men give nods & opinions on everything from golf clubs and watches and grill tools to favorite pot dispensaries across the US. "Why I'd like to see this Gentlemint, where can I sign up?" Hang on there pal, not so fast! Gentlemint is invite-only which must intend to lend further mystique and prestige to members and the prospect of becoming one. gag want an invite? c'mon, we can poke fun & laugh together (:
Highlight, I'm not sure what it does but Robert Scoble was very excited about it.
Google+ continues to be awesome, including making hyper-famous through everyone seeing Oprah riding a Jetski with Jesus. In space.
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