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Welcome to The New York Times on Google+, a place for conversation, innovation and experimentation. Rather than recreate the full New York Times report here, we want to explore the unique strengths of this new platform. In this spirit, we plan to take advantage of a few key features available here on Google+. First, this network has shown itself to be a place that encourages deep conversation, and from what we’ve observed so far, many of you are passionate and smart consumers of technology. We’ll give you thought-provoking stories about how technology is transforming our societies, and look forward to sparking debate.

Second, we’ll soon start a series of video hangouts. We hope to use them to interview sources, conduct reporter roundtables around big stories that are being covered from many different locations, or have reporters and editors talk directly with you.

We have other ideas in the works, but we want to hear from you. What would you like to see The New York Times do on Google+?
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Welcome to G+! I would like to see major news events from across the globe posted here to G+ with a link back to the NYT website.
this is very exciting! "Conversation, innovation, experimentation," and a place for "deep conversation!" Count me in!
So, so excited by this! Welcome to G+, NYT :)
PS - Love the photos support in G+, so would love to see some NYT photo integration
Congratulations and thank you for joining. I hope that other news organizations follow suit
+Kevin McAbee Thanks for the crowdsourcing suggestions. We hope to experiment with Google+ for gathering readers' voices, as we've done with our Twitter feed and Facebook page in the past.
How about a live forum for your remote classes at NYTimes Know How
I think it'd be amazing if you could tap the power of Circles to deliver more customized news to your followers. Pay attention to what people engage on (or simply, ask us what we're interested in!), and create Circles that can deliver topic specific information to different groups. That could help extend your presence here beyond just technology. Welcome!
I'd like to be able to chat directly with Times writers,bloggers,etc
+marc schacher just like +Google+ employees, they can have a personal account too! I've really enjoyed engaging with a few of them!
Does this mean that standard articles will soon receive the +1 button for sharing?
One cool thing you could do is show a lot more pictures, videos, images; that would be different than the website and @nytimes Twitter.
I want to see you guys coming up with the news first.
You need a better logo, in the small resolution it's unreadable.
This is a great place for Photography and discussion. I'd even love having the journalists on articles discuss their process or ideas to see a little behind the scenes.
Welcome NYT, my favorite paper!
Welcome, NYT! LOVE the new tag line " All the news thats fit to +"
1. A section called Snapshots of the week...explaining the happenings in pictures..
2. Behind every news article is a story of a journalist who worked hard..So a article of the journalist and his/her experiences...
I am so glad the NYT is here . Welcome :)
+Alex Anderson We continue to optimize the share-tool experience on articles and adding the +1 button is something we are considering.
Hangouts to discuss breaking news, and inline live blogging. Don't forget to use #hashtags for trending topics (loving the real-time search feature on G+). Welcome to Google+!
Welcome! Glad you are here.
Welcome !!!!!!!
Glad to see you here
Welcome to G+, NYT. Hope that you'll embrace the interactiveness of the medium. But I also hope you'll moderate things as required to keep things civil.
Welcome. As an expat I need my NYTimes fix digitally.

Would love to see you share Circles of: your reporters and/or editors according to their field, so all the sports writers for example. You could even make Circles for big stories that include all the people featured in the article
NYT welcomes... looking forwards for Technology conversations /g/
This is a great way to discuss current events with a big name in the news business. I can't wait to see what +The New York Times has in store for us. :-) 
Looking forward to being a part of your community!
Make me aware of breaking news, please
"All the news that's fit to +." made me lol. Welcome to G+.

How about a Sunday Book Review post? That'd be an awesome read while I have my Sunday am coffee
SO glad to have you on here! Here is to a great conversation. and hangouts!
I wasn't going to circle any news sources because I can get my news more easily from my Google Reader, but I like the perspective you guys are taking with this. I'm in.
Photos, and links to editorials..
Welcome to G+, will live to see live blog of news on this page, and with most people having phones with cameras, it can encourage people to post pictures and videos of events they are witnesses to for ur reporters to pick up on. Will like to see some kind of promotions with discounts to your subscriptions on the page. You should also have links to the pages and blogs of the reporters
My favorite newspaper. I think real news is made in social media these days. It is important to incorporate social media reporters in your work. I would love to see that happen!
I'm very glad to have you guys on board. :) One thing I hope to see is using G+ as a forum for catalyzing real conversations around news, editorials, etc.; as you said, the people here tend to like to converse a lot, and this can be a great place for it. A direct presence of the people who know a story best can really catalyze those conversations; if people comment and talk about a story, knowing that the journalists themselves are likely hanging out somewhere around, they're much more likely to get (passionately) involved.

Of course, this requires some journalists with fairly strong patience for the madness which is the Internet, but they are out there. :)
Welcome to Google+ +The New York Times! I especially love your ideas about covering the voices found here. So many well-read, well-informed, passionate and articulate people rub elbows on +Google+ that the comments should parallel your articles' quality and spark some interesting discussion/debates. I hope you find, as I have, that the G+ arena is more civilized and intelligent compared to other social media outlets. Now give me something good to share!
you are welcome. i know we'l start to see hot news and gists
Glad to see you here, +The New York Times.
Hoping that the brand page can be a headline highlight page. Possibly with links back to the website. Personally, I'd prefer you at least put a sentence or first paragraph in the highlight.

At any rate - weclome!
It will be fun to watch this evolve. There are too many sources and some are working for me and some not. For a time I had RSS feeds set up for the NYT but found I'd rather rely on a couple of email notices by subject area and then go to the website. One thing I don't do often enough is explore the site for new areas of interest. What I think I would appreciate here is an introduction to something you deem exceptional based on depth or uniqueness of coverage or new, engaging subject matter.
Glad to see the NYT on G+! I used to get an email from you every morning with the day's headlines, that I really enjoyed reading. I've since stopped once you started charging a subscription. I like the NYT, but I can't justify buying a digital subscription when so many other news sites are free.

As for features, I'd love to see your actual reporters creates pages or profiles, and then this page merely reshare their stories. It would give much more insight as to who the reporters and contributors are.
Cheers from Germany. Please link us to a good selection of world news. G+is mostly populated by US citizens, let's change that. I'll pass on your news to my countrymen with a German introduction.
Think about using + to build communities...of course... also think about providing these communities with curated opportunities to take action on the information presented. Experiment with giving communities a path to action.
+Taylor Kourim Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the "Today's Headlines" e-mail. An important note: You don't need a digital subscription in order to subscribe to our e-mail newsletters. Like other external links (social media, blogs, etc), e-mail newsletter links to will count toward your monthly limit of 20 free articles, but you will still be able to view the linked article even if you've already reached your monthly limit. Happy to connect with you here on Google+ and hope you reconnect with your Today's Headlines e-mail too!
Like others have said, being able to discuss stories with staff would be tremendous.
Journalism surfs into the 21rst Century? Can`t wait to ride this wave!
Love the tag line, whomever came up with that deserves props!
Welcome guys, from one media brand to another. Here's to figuring this thing out together %cheers%.
You're aces - and in good company here.
create media discussions with other outlets, take advantage of the better conversational style of +
Breaking news broadcast through Hangouts? QandA sessions through Hangouts (public field questions that are answered by field experts)? I wonder if G+ will develop polling tools...

The only thing I ask is not to bombard my feed with a million posts, at least until G+ comes with the ability to filter streams.
Thought provoking stories about all current affairs please. Not just technology.
Thanks for all the great ideas and suggestions. It's been wonderful to have such passionate feedback on our first day here. Keep it coming!
So very happy that the New York Times is now in the Stream. The world is a better place tonight!!
With this, Twitter becomes even more irrelevant for me.
I'm glad to see a publication embracing technology and not blaming it. I would love to see the discussions and live forums, along with takes on the traditional news.
So glad to see you on G+! :) 
irish d
not just technology pls.
Google + should be a place where breaking story news happens
I still think you need separate pages for your feeds so we can choose what content to include in our streams. You've already done this on the other social platforms, so you may as well do the same here. However definitely take advantage of the platform's strengths as well!
I hope g+ could provide connection to outside world, both social life and interesting issues, best updating me with breaking news while chatting, allow me to reach my friends while checking news.
Hello, one of my two favourite international newspapers,

it would be nice if everyone who is announcing 'public hangouts' would inform the people in countries, where it is censored (e.g. germany), that it won't be available. If not, people in germany will continue to stay of half the night to watch the Dalai Lama or The Muppets or even NYT, but unfortunately they will not see anything.
And don't get me wrong. Your idea with the hangouts is brilliant. Could become worlds biggest newsroom.
What about some type of "Future Paper"? Turn your loyal followers into investigative reporters. Leverage the New York Times brand to publish big stories that would otherwise remain untold. If done properly this will increase distribution and readership and help to future-proof the New York Times. Future revenue streams will be found inside this venue also.

To start it might even be cool to see a mini newspaper album at this page each day.

Thank you! I hope I don't speak for myself when I say that your updates sound welcome, and that major news events would be welcome as well :)
Glad your here, you have great multi-media content on your website. I'd love to see some of that here.
Can we please have the Opeds & the Blogs and the multi media from NYT here ?
One-on-One Q&A interviews with people in the news ABOUT what's in the news, even if it's about them. Example: An NYPD officer, or ANY officer, about Occupy Wall Street (anonymous if neccessary). Also less filtering... we can handle it. And maybe posts that aren't also on FB. Go deeper.
A daily picture from the Lens will be great and some kind of photo collaboration around that.
Agree with the circles ideas posted earlier. Happy to see NYT here ! Do you see this replacing your twitter feeds which i follow or as a complement to them ?
Can you all at least push your IT department to put a "+1" in the "share" widget on your articles? How ironic that there's no easy way to +1 a NYT article.
Dear Mr. John Cammegh,

Thank you so much for your excellent and timely column writing, tittled ( In Bangladesh: Reconciliation or Revenge?-in NY times. It was a timely and well written column with the authentic facts and true feeling of the Bangladesh loving people.
This is true that the government and its different organs is totally bias, unjust and politically motivated.

With the best regards
Mazhar Hoque
Houston, Texas
I follow NYT Science on twitter. I'd like to see the same content here that is tweeted, so that I don't have to look in two places for news updates. I'm trying to move my news streams to Google Plus.
Woul like to be able to do the times puzzles online.
It is very good way to use technology in classroom.
defenitely more hangouts with us
He is a successful real estate businessman. Just because of "illegal financing". He was sentenced to death and killed secretly July 12,2013. No public trial. No permission to see lawyer and his younger daughter. Before he was trialed his company was sold by government.
His wife, elder daughter and son inlaw is still detained. 
New york times is the best place to be for your news
I like the NYT feed, but currently there is WAY too much football. Can I get just the news and no sports or pop culture?
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