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What innovations have you made in your daily life? Whether it's a gadget you've fashioned, or something less tangible, we want to hear about it. Your submissions will be published on and may be featured in the New York Times Magazine if our judges -- Martha Stewart, James Dyson, Paola Antonelli and Ben Kaufman -- select your idea. Submit now:
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Ways to improve the world we live in...
J. roto
NOTE: THE MAN may or may not be looking for ways to steal your ideas.
Counter with the fact that there is the potential you help more people and improve the world more if you do not care who gets the credit (or the money)
+J. roto We promise not to steal your ideas. Plus, they are 50-word ideas, not patent applications. Send us yours!
This idea is brilliant!
I submitted my 2 cents idea for crowd sourcing translation of foreign language documents.

I always wanted to know what the articles said in the 1917 Russian newspapers deteriorating in the archives of the Library of Congress...
All I've created is numerous places to give my advice. Kudos to the people who have come up with inventions. I hope that list gets long. Give me more pride in our economy's future.
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