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Baseball Fans: The start of the 2012 season is nearly upon us and three New York Times reporters who cover professional baseball — Tyler Kepner, David Waldstein and Andrew Keh — will preview it with you during a 30-minute Google+ video hangout on Monday, April 2, at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time. If you'd like to join them to talk all things baseball in Monday's hangout, please R.S.V.P. in the comments below and tell us a bit about what kind of baseball fan you are. We'll confirm your participation on Sunday evening. A few more details are here: We hope to see you on Monday! We have seven spots available.
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I'm in. I'm a Cubs fan with interests in saber, fantasy, and the new playoff format.
+brendan burke +Tau-Mu Yi Excellent, glad you are both on board! +Tau-Mu Yi We love your enthusiasm; we'll save you a spot but may have you ask you to sit on the bench for this one depending on the response we get. We'll confirm on Sunday evening!
Great idea! I'll let somebody else join the Hangout discussion but I'd be interested in watching live if it's going to be broadcast.
I would love to participate. I'm a diehard White Sox fan, but also a big MLB fan in general; even going out this saturday night to meet my fellow White Sox fans in a bar steps from US Cellular Field to kick off the season. While my Sox likely won't do much this season, I'm really fascinated by the NL East this season.
RSVP- I would be honored to participate! I am a big Yankees fan, amateur baseball player and nerdy sabermetrician :). I also have a Japanese perspective- as my family is from there, I have been to Japanese professional games and also play in a Japanese baseball league in Central Park, here in NY. Thank you so much for doing this!
I guess I will be the woman in the group. Sf Giants baby!! I have a pretty fair knowledge of stats and teams. Would love to just hangout and listen.
Die hard Red Sox fan here, and lover of hangouts. I’d be interested in joining in.
my name is David Selzer, and I would like to join, i am on google plus, my email is and i have a working camera.
I just posted a longer version of this comment on the Bats site, but if you still have space, I'm interested and available for the chat Monday. Mets fan living in the SF Bay Area, wondering about the fate of the team (especially Bay) in 2012. Thanks!
This was fun! Thanks for bringing us together. Great way to start my week. Hope everybody enjoys Opening Weekend!
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