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Ed Koch, a three-term mayor of New York City, died early on Friday morning. He shared his Last Word with The New York Times in the video below.

Read the full New York Times obituary about Mr. Koch and share your impressions and stories about him here:
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Wow, end of an era. He was mayor when I lived in New York.
He may have had a flawed approach towards Hispanics and blacks. But boy was he a true New Yorker. Ed.... you're gone, yet will never be forgotten.
Excellent interview, as if it was just done a few days ago.
Rest in peace Mr. Koch.  I'm a Chicagoan so needless to say that I never had the opportunity to vote for you.  However, I must say that if I had been of voting age in native New York more than likely I would have chosen you.  I've always heard great things about you and this interview only serves to prove all of those great things right and true.
There is only one honorific which fits Ed Koch:
Giuliani may have been "America's Mayor", but Koch was New York's Mayor.
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