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Grand Central Terminal is celebrating its centennial in February. Watch this video and discover its secrets. 

Learn more about the history of Grand Central Terminal and scroll through a special section of The New York Times from Feb. 2, 1913, on the opening of Grand Central:
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A marvel and true highlight of any visit to New York.
No visit of New York without time for Grand Central! Gratulations to the hundred years.
love talking to the wall everyday before boarding the train
The video says that you can walk up to the inside of the clock. Is that accessible by the public (if so, how?) or is it only by permit?
When the PanAm building (now MetLife) was opened in 1963 I was commuting to and from job and High School on the Stamford Local. One evening I shared a seat with an inebriated civil engineer who, pointing to the huge columns supporting the new building above us, said "they won't last the decade".  I traveled through GCT for years but I never forgot that man's pronouncement.
One day I hope to see the Grand Central, it looks an impressive monument to the railways.
This is great I want to go to New York. 
Whispering Gallery is so cool, have to try that next time I'm in NY
Thx 4 the secrets of talk ing to the wall in NYC
Missed this when we we're there so I have a good reason to come back :-) 
And The Apple store is Here.. Yeah .. Apple!!
you have alot amazing building in there ;D
I grew up in NYC and never talked to the walls...
the many times I have walked through ,wow can hardly wait  for the next time
How are u doing today,do you have any email address that we can chat
I am working there on Tuesday, gonna try the wall talk.
Kyle B
He said it is the busiest railroad terminal in the world but im almost positive thats not true. pretty sure its not even in the top 10, but interesting video none the less!
there isnt secret because they can hear everything :D
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