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Judge Orders Texas Hospital to Remove Life Support From Pregnant Woman

A Texas judge ruled on Friday that a Fort Worth hospital must remove the life support of a pregnant, brain-dead woman, siding with the husband and family in a case that has drawn national attention.

The judge, R.H. Wallace Jr. of State District Court in Tarrant County, ordered John Peter Smith Hospital to pronounce the woman, Marlise Muñoz, dead, and remove her from life support by 5 p.m. on Monday, which gives the hospital a chance to appeal.

Ms. Muñoz has been on life support at since Nov. 26, when she collapsed on her kitchen floor from what appeared to be a blood clot in her lung. She was 14 weeks pregnant. Read more:
Doctors had cited a state law that prevents them from withdrawing or withholding “life-sustaining treatment” from a pregnant patient.
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Kudos,to the judge in this case. He did the right thing. Now this family can closure to some degree,and mother and baby can RIP.
Finally, someone did the right thing.
There is a child in this that could survive. The family needs to be absolutely certain that there is no hope for that to happen and then decide. Bless them all - it is a terrible choice but the judge should stay as far away from this as possible. That's all I have.
But you are dealing with radical right wing braindead Christians. Half of them believe that Jesus will cure the braindead person. The lawmakers in this brainwashed state go by a higher law.
It was too bad that Harold Camping did not succeed in taking away the base of the repuke dunce party.
Harold Camping, the evangelical king, got 500,000 of these pathetic radical right wing braindead evangelical Children of the Corn zombies to give up all of their worldly posessions to go meet and stay with the man in the sky. They are so easily brainwashed. Camping, considered the evangelical king by many because of his 50 year history of bible study, promised to take away these right wing bible nuts on the last Rapture Day on Oct 21, 2011. All of his calculations were based on "biblical facts" When it did not work, he then realized that the bible in most part is "pulp fiction".
Yet these braindead fools continue to believe that there are men and boys with wings on flying around blowing horns.
The only thing to do to cure these zombies is to send them all back to the Garden of Eden on Noah's Ark to start over again, unless of course, they fall off the end of the flat earth.
These braindead idiots would still be believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, if their parents did not tell them otherwise. Many of them still believe that the earth is flat, dinosaurs never existed and that the cracked teanut dopes in congress are going to help them. It is all a liberal conspiracy.
Religion and the repuke party and their teanuts are destroying this country by making people accept  mythology as fact.

Look at Jim try to cause a fight and pick a fight by insulting Christians Jews Islam all faiths because without the "enemy" neither of the sides has a rallying cry against the other and then the rest of us can actually see so e common ground and make real progress happen. Notice that neither side actually accomplished anything in the recent past, no healthcare, abortion stayed legal, gays were banned and silenced while tobacco companies got sued. Any real progress in any of that but we got extreme levels of division and inequality while they tried to hide the ball. 
Hoping family can now move toward closure from their losses.
Yes and as usual I was right about the law and the likely ruling and outcome. Abortion is off the table for the election as well. With the Pope thinking about contraception so is the old social issue playbook. 
you can have the child to bury, jim.
Who wants to bet that the hospital will send this guy a bill for his dead wife's care. And the insurance company will decline to pay, since they only pay for health care for living people. 
Let's respect the decision of the woman's kith and kin, and the judiciary.
RIP, but i think, this was good decision. God bless her family.
Il y aurait eu de terribles dommages sur la psychologie de ce bébé obligé de se développer dans une enveloppe morte puisque le cerveau de la mère était sans vie.
+Jim Lewes Since multiple statements have been released by the family's doctors stating unequivocally that the fetus is extremely malformed, to the point that it is missing limbs and they cannot determine its sex, and is hydrocephalic, AND has been determined to be NOT VIABLE, what "child" do you imagine could "survive"?

Dear gods, people. It's bad enough that poor woman's corpse has been used as an incubator, with no regard for her dignity as a human being. Do we really need to add delusional nonsense about an unviable fetus miraculously surviving, too? Whither compassion for this woman and the LIVING husband and child she left behind?
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