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3 New York Police Commanders Are Arrested on Corruption Charges

The charges detail lavish gifts officials are accused of receiving and stem from one of several continuing investigations into Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fund-raising.
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Omar Mateen Told Police He’d Strap Bombs to Hostages, Orlando Mayor Says

#omarmateen   #orlandoshooting   #orlando
Omar Mateen said during the attack on Pulse that he would strap explosives to four hostages and place them in the corners of the nightclub, the mayor said.
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Offs, can we change the bloody record
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50 Dead in Shooting at Gay Nightclub in Orlando; Possible Terror Link

Fifty-three people were reported wounded in what the police said was an act of terrorism.
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+Vicki Yes indeed you know it sister... It's not of God that religion. No No.. I read their book, it's not a book a book of peace.. Whoever says that, has not read it. It's really that simple. Thanks Vicki
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Hillary Clinton Clinches the Nomination. Will Bernie Sanders Fight On?

#hillaryclinton   #berniesanders
Democrats vote in six states on Tuesday, but the focus is on just one: California, where Mr. Sanders hopes to seize a victory that will keep him in the race.
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A ticket Clinton/Sanders looks thrilling according to me; even though Hillary has been a part of the (dysfunctionning) establishment for the last 30 years or so.
Looking forward to hearing some outspoken comments from the future Vice-President (and wannabe revolutionary) Sanders!
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The New York Times

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What causes Parkinson's disease? Was boxing a factor for Muhammad Ali? Common questions, explained.

What are the likely causes of the disorder that afflicted Muhammad Ali for decades? And what’s the prognosis for those with a Parkinson’s diagnosis?
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Oh my God! The right for someone to die when they are sick should not begiven to anyone. 
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Prince Died From Accidental Overdose of Opioid Painkiller
Officials in Minnesota said the singer sustained an accidental overdose of self-administered fentanyl, a type of synthetic opiate.
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I love Prince RIP Prince
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Cavalier Defeat Warriors to Win Their First NBA Title

#cavaliers #nba
The Cavaliers became the first team in history to rally from a 3-1 series deficit in the finals, and it was the first major sports title for the city of Cleveland since 1964.
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Good job for caveliers best team

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The New York Times

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Orlando Nightclub Shooting Leaves Loved Ones Waiting in Anguish

The suspect, identified as Omar Mateen, opened fire in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. The massacre early Sunday also wounded 53.
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+Amanda Trahan Wasn't talking to you. There are some here who do care. 😏
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The New York Times

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Shooting at Orlando Nightclub Kills About 20, Police Say

At least 42 people were wounded in what the police said was a “terror incident.”
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+John McAninch could have used a bomb... In that scenario it would have been more efficient than a gun.
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The New York Times

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Hillary Clinton Has Clinched Democratic Nomination, Survey Reports

On the eve of the New Jersey and California primaries, an Associated Press survey of superdelegates indicated that Mrs. Clinton had gone over the top.
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The New York Times

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Muhammad Ali Dies at 74

Ali was the most thrilling if not the best heavyweight boxer of all time, a towering figure with an agile mind who was both admired and vilified for his religious, political and social stances.
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The New York Times

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2 People Shot at U.C.L.A.; Police Seek Gunman

The Los Angeles campus has been placed on lockdown after reports of a shooting in the engineering building.
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The New York Times ask permission.
พระสมเด็จวัดเกศไชโย พิมพ์ใหญ่9ชั้น
ประเภท : พระกรุเนื้อผง
ชื่อพระ/พิมพ์พระ : พระสมเด็จวัดเกศไชโย พิมพ์ใหญ่9ชั้น
ผู้สร้าง : สมเด็จพระพุฒาจารย์ โต พรหมรังสี
สถานที่สร้าง : วัดเกศไชโยวรวิหาร อ.ไชโย จ.อ่างทอง
ศิลปะ/ยุคสมัย : รัตนโกสินทร์
อายุการสร้างประมาณ : 160ปี
ราคา : 2.2พันล้านบาท
เหตุผลที่ตั้งราคานี้ : มีเพียง1องค์ของสยามประเทศไทย
เจ้าของพระ : จักรวาล จันทุดม พระเก่าเก็บเดิมๆครับ

Prasomdej Wat Kej-Chaiyo (9stepped throne)
the one of Siam in Thailand.
Type : The Buddha image made from the sacred powder.
Name of the image of Buddha : Prasomdej Wat Kej-Chaiyo
(9stepped throne)
Supporter of casting : Somdejpra Budhacarn (To Prommarangsi)
Location of casting or finding : Wat Chaiyoworravihara Chaiyo
district Angtong province.
Era of the image of Buddha : Rattanakosin.
Year of casting : Approximately 160 year.
Price : 2,200,000,000 Baht

Auctions level of inter.
Companies Christie's, Hong Kong
China Guardian Hong Kong company
Sotheby's Hong Kong company
3 the Company at the above mentioned collections are always welcome.

The Company's three mentioned above, is the world's leading auction company. Would cull art antiquities called a masterpiece of values that have long grown stronger it out onto the field for the auction to collectors around the world have the right to bid on the auction. Ancient art pieces and other religious objects. That the right to occupy a piece of work that is required by the rules and regulations set forth by the law correctly.

Perspective: China's rich-rich city of Thailand is very different. This is a remark that No. 9 is an auspicious number. Because a number of the most valuable. This is a sign of greatness. In addition, the pronunciation of the number nine is a homophone to the word "long lasting" represents the last stand. From past to present, the number nine is a number that won the hearts of people throughout China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Thailand is no different with people.

The New York Times is a media company publication that Thailand's favorite. This is a great collection of one specimen. And hope that The New York Times would like as well.

Rentals today 2.2 billion The new price at 4 billion This can be done.
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