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What Would You Do if You Lost EVERYTHING?
World Backup Day is soon arriving, March 31, 2016.
Be prepared, back up your files now.

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Color Photos from the Great Depression created from transparencies and compiled by the Library of Congress
#photography #greatdepression #photoshop #libraryofcongress  

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See how photographers are so obsessed with details. An interesting study.

#photographers #obsessedwithdetails #eyemovement  

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Photography is a first amendment right, yet it has come under so much scrutiny since 9/11. Police officers cannot force you to stop capturing nor do they have the right to have you delete files. Watch this video to understand how to protect your rights.
#firstamendmentrights #photographersguide #policeintimidation  

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Good News For Google, Not So Good News For Creatives
#fairuse    #photographers  

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A New Lossless Image File Format
Are jpg's and png's weighing down your website? Here comes FLIF, Free Lossless Image Format with impressive compression.

#fileformats #flif #photoshoptips #jpg #png  

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Here's a fun tutorial for turning your smart phone into a macro lens.
Warning - do be careful using water with your phone! :)
#macrophotography #smartphonephotography #phototip

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Google & MIT team up to create a new algorithm to remove reflections. How long will it take to get this new feature in Photoshop?
#reflections #edgedetection #photoshop  

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Photography Filters
Here is a great infographic simplifying the use of photo filters for your camera.
‪#‎photofilters‬ ‪#‎photographyfiltercheatsheet‬ ‪#‎photographytips‬

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Protecting Your Photo Files
Good advice & tips about reducing the risk of catastrophic data loss
#photofiles #dataloss #photographytips  
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