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In New Hampshire Friday, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney kicked off a five-day, six-state bus tour. In addition to the Granite State, Romney's travels will take him to small towns in battleground states.
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No, Romney did not kick off a bus tour. His paid assistants kicked off a bus tour.

Mr. "Sorry about your wages" Romney will be flying first class state to state.

Just what we need another politician who is soft like warm butter.
really no one cares he holds a bible every time he lies why not point out the truth to these bastards
Unfortunately, this is just the type of bullshit that always seems to play in small town America.  As someone from a small town, I know all too well how lots of people seem to eat up Mitt Romney's brand of BS like it was ice cream.
And they know it too! Some music and some flags, the town is all on board regardless of what the silly bastard said!
yes, instead he should go to big town america with all the drug dealers and rich losers. the real political backbone of america
+Tom Thomas I hope you're not naïve to actually believe that there are no dope dealers in small towns.  As a person who lived in a small town until I was 25, I can testify that just the opposite is true.  Believe me, there isn't any shortage of drugs in small towns.  
Well I've lived in a small town any a huge one (nyc), nyc's got way more drug deelers, accounting for incresed population.
Accounting for a city is classified as a population of 20,000+ that would make a small town 10,000-.

So, if you live in a pristine utopia this small town wouldn't have more than 5 dealers top. Which is 1 out of 2,000. So, if NYC has the same rate of drug dealers per capital that would be 4,087 drug dealers.

That would be about one per every one and a half square miles. So, yeah, that would be valid to say that NYC probably has way more drug dealers.

On the other hand, it doesn't explain voting for some one who supported George W. Bush as president twice and public spoke in favor of the original patriot act. Romney is joke.
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