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No way! My son will learn C++ !
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My 4 years old daughter is already practicing multiple inheritance!

class Baby: public Barbie, public Ken
// …
My baby will learn JAVA... lol
ad C++: Poor baby, it’s like teaching baby Latin… Choose rather some modern language.
Chris K
Awesome, the baby leaned how to read
#Fail  HTML is a Markup, not a programming language like C++
Yeah, no more TV factory, just tablets........why not?
cute indeed, but, save him from c++, there are plenty of better choices (none of them begin with the letters J|C )... he'll know that when his time comes :-)
it caught my attention and eventually smiled. :)
i wonder, if this baby would step in higher age and grow. Can  any one predict him as a good computer engineer?a hacker?
hes just holding a book and looking at it not reading it
do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible, instead... only try to realize the truth.
i would like to teach my future son.  :D
It's official- a baby knows more about coding than me now.
I think Ken and Barbie should be private, and baby should be protected lmao
Nice idea, but I don't think it will fly
He is going too be a genius ....
Hung Do
LOL. He should learn C# instead. :D
Don't discriminate, your child should be multilingual 😊
+Jakub Jirutka teaching a baby Latin is actually one of the most useful things you can do for them. it gives them a leg up when learning almost any European language and the standardization of Classical Latin is one of the best ways to learn grammatical concepts without the confusion of colloquial language (which often doesn't follow standard grammatical rules, but rather complex, non-standardized grammatical patterns) getting in the way. though I admit I don't know enough about programming languages to comment on them.
Leo Lee
Outstanding training! Oh My Science!
Perfect title for a book! "<title> HTML for Babies </title>".
I'm always on the look out for a great wordpress developer, please forward his resume to me!
Whatever happened to Visual Basic as a gateway drug to C# ?
Get em while they're young... that diddn't come out right...
Thats my favorite book lol, and I still don't even know computers
Be kind, teach him Assembly first!
what u know about the programming life jordan ross
Thn.. Wat abt G+..
Ken and Barbie... friends? Protected by Baby in Private? :)
aha,. by then html8 must be suitable for him and might be more complicated than C++
What age do they start on CSS?
I wanna be student of your son.......
My baby is due January 28th. Should I wait a while?
That is the right way to do it...just put a book in his hand...I will grow 
into it & be curious about books...he will do all he can with, for & to books !
need more books like that  
future engineer or doctor or .......  qute baby
i already know all of that :D and im in the 9th grade
Hey don't corrupt em they should be learing Java :)
HTML?nah, my baby will create a new programming language....LOLs
java script is easy as well as html
lol.he should start to learn about programming before C++.or he want his head to ache reading it.. :O
Ya python is better for beginners, especially that young of one.
im amazing at java script and like i said before im in the 9th grade
Good, be glad it's not BASIC. That'll fry his brain.
Cool someday he will become a billionaire just like Larry Page. 
Really cute but I don't think that is possible
aww, that's what i call a smart, cute kid!!!
that is so adorable!
what a smart little baby!
#Include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main( )
cout << "Final project due tomorrow.\n;
return 0;
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
int Determination;
if (Determination>0){
for (int x = 0; x<Determination; x++)
cout<<"I'm so determined to learn html that I'll read each and every one of these strings\n";
cout<<"There are other things to life... am I right?\n";
return 0;
Thats the way, start them on their career early.
I know most of that and Im in 8th grade
Already a boss and he can't even clean himself yet. Lol

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main( );
for (i=0; i < 1000; i++)
cout <<"All work no play, makes jack a dull boy" << endl;
return 0;

Oops! Your right. Should be "int i = 0;...."
And no semicolon after main( )
thats too cute.  its good to introduce little ones to the way things really work.  then its not a mystery when they start doing that stuff in school
Clever kid! :-)
This kids really looking at milk from every supply known.
raj as
Oh My God.. Ha Ha Ha
Holy crap! More than 2,200 +1s and more than 700 shares. O_O
some baby is going tobe a good reader....
thats very cute,now u can learn also learn java..................................
lol this google plus is better than facebook because facebook has nasty pictures sometimes and im like wtf?
haha he seems so focused,yeah knowledge brings power,power corrupts,so study hard and be evil son
wow it's very cute, what a concentrate!
I hope for that child :))
thats nice ,i like that .i think this kid wil be a genius dude . 
I'll pre-order JavaScript for Babies instead
on his future maybe website is not anymore "www" .... probably..."mmm" LOL.
its the modern generation where people will learn computer languages than others and play computer games than other games.
what about ipad instead of book!!! just an idea
what the hell is he doing with that? can a three month Baby read?
Vee Ess
Real intelligent! His dad must be proud....
ahahahaha... cute... but how will they...?! ^.^
but in 10 years even html5 will be classic and old as internet explorer.
very nice baby i have like this photo
If people like him should continue this way, I really can't imagine what tomorrow would look like 
HTML is a good start, after that he should do PHP!
I can see what the future holds for our little ones! :)
It's not possible, it's only a picture...!
seriously!!. it has an baby edition ??
Don't start with C++, his memory will leak.
New comer 2 gmail wrld so just try it out.ta
happy 12/12/12
And Python. Definitely Python.
wow رزا و رزیتای من در حال آموزش امنیت شبکه ها هستند
Rosa & Rosita my girls training Network Security
he will develop a new language when it tear 
I think I may need this to learn HTML...
um... that's HTML huge difference between html and C++
Old fashoned paper and ink is easier on the eyes.  Plus he can put the book in his mouth.
+Mike Schroepfer you can't type into a book.  besides, poeple who play video games get better eyesight, why not HTMLers?
عندي الجزء الاول .....ادور على الثاني
<Chapter1>How to change diapers</Chapter1>
future Whizkid , whatch out Bill, the babies are comin
Being really good at C++ is like being really good at sharpening sticks with rocks.
in 10years coming  the baby will be world youngest  coder  n great programmer
kidz these days.. they start out so early lmao!!!
hahaha no he still very young opsss....
yaa neh!!!he 'll learn more.
Shut up, it's HTML, my lover.
yaa neh!!!

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i hope the kid enjoyed being smart
ชิงร้อย ชิงล้าน
Education require for future success
I thought that HTML was the standard for coding webpages, not C++
HTML is the book.  The caption for the photo is My baby will learn CSS.  <title> is an HTML tag.
best example:
html is a body css is  a skin .................................
The story of the flowers and the bees
Lawrence, do you know the story of the flowers and the bees?
He is sort of too young I think. I actually began to learn C when I was 4 on HP/UX and then Basic when I was 6 on Windows 98.
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