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Happy Valentine's Day!
(Get a room, you two!!!!)
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Best he pushes all the right buttons!
Yeah, am on computer drinking my favorite juice and playing killing floor B-) 
whom do u stay with?u seem to love computer so much,ryt
@Michael Weddington, if he likes it shouldn't he put a ring on it?
If some like me fails to celebrate this valentine due to some
complications and choose to celebrate on other day,how will u call it?
lmao!!!thats funny you don't need a real person to enjoy yourself,YOU GO BOY!!!
pc games is the best 21th  interesting
And then, after dinner, they went upstairs and played games with his Wii. Nine months later, and the X-Box gave birth to their dearly, inbred child, named PS3.

And then they lived happily ever after.
I support this even if I'm a pc/ps3 gamer. 
Kevin M
Lmao "some say the X makes the sex spectacular" Biggie Smalls.
Cheating 6,*/££_£/!! Soon as the PlayStation is a way he's off with another... 
now turn her on and put that CD of yours in her!

if u know what i mean
get that controller a date, it appears to be a third wheel in a two object act.
He needs to get his priorities straight 
im a be real because i fell that way about halo4 and COD 2
Ewwww.... Dats not right...
this page is awesome. I hope you think the same way I do. Really like this page
heart heart heart this page is truly awesome happy valentines day everyone
No nagging from the xbox and when your done you can turn over and go sleep. Lol
I love the x box so you will here complaints from me
i want nodepad++ for mac?
I did get a room wit my laptop.! 
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