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The latest Notepad++ release 6.1 can be downloaded here:
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"4. The old behaviour of comment/uncomment without selection is restored."
Thanks for this !
Can't wait to check this out. I know I'm a geek when my favorite application is a text editor.
Is it possible to make the EOL setting in the status bar clickable to toggle between Windows/Unix (and Mac, I guess...), similar to how the INS and OVR setting can be changed like this? Since I started editing/writing scripts for Android about a year ago, I often have to swap between Unix and Windows mode depending on what I'm editing. Having to go to the Edit->EOL Conversion menu each time to swap between Unix and Windows has been driving me crazy even though I have memorised the keyboard shortcuts to do it (Alt-E-E-W or U). Notepad++ is otherwise perfect! I cannot think of any way to improve it.
I usually use notepad++ at company with the function list, really hope this version will well compatibility with it. Thanks
Do you have any plan to develop a version working on the mac os ? Ảt home, I use mac os and I could not found any software can use same at notead++ on window :(
I would love to have N++ on Mac as well! I've been using Text Wrangler instead...but it's just not the same.
Does Notepad++ has intelisense like visual studio?
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