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Lenovo  X1 Carbon on Sale *

Our best-selling ThinkPad X1 Carbon – a premium 14" Ultrabook™ - has carbon-fibre construction, long battery life & loads of storage.

Visit our website today.
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Need your computer checked out and dont want to come visit - easy - load in Teamviewer and give us a call - we can do it all remotely for $65!!

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Hey All, After 15 years of retail, we've moved premises to FOCUS on our business customers - the new location, 
Suite 10, 208 Sydney Road, Brunswick, 3056
(03) 8590 5784

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3rd Generation X1 Carbon not far from Australian shores!

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Lenovo X1 Carbon Review

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Notebooks R US bring you
Does your computer feel STRESSED? and SLUGGISH?
Then it’s time to give it a MASSAGE
We’ve had a fantastic financial year at NotebooksRUs – so we’re giving something back!
We’re introducing a Free Healthcheck EVERY Friday
Bring in your machine and we’ll check it over for free – no problem too small!
We know that over time your machine will likely have all sorts of stuff happen to it – from installing plugins, add-ons, software updates and various other “hidden” things that happen to you machine while it’s connected to the internet! If you needed a pick me up – you’d go to a spa and get a massage – so maybe it’s about time your computer got one.
Over time these things slow your system down as they use resources. You can clean then off yourself (see our blog on on the top tips to keep your machine running) but if you don’t feel all that confident – then please bring it in on a Friday and we’ll do our best to help!
What we do:
Windows Registry check – improves overall system performance and start up/shut down speeds.
Hard Disk Drive check and defrag – Helps prevents Windows errors from occurring and extends the life of the Hard Disk Drive.
Clean up of junk files – Windows accumulates a lot of files (from web browsing, errors, temporary files…) that can safely be removed to improve system performance and free up Hard Disk Drive space.
Exterior clean of your laptop. Give your machine the just bought look.
Complete Virus, Malware, Trojan, Spyware Scan and Removal.
Call us Now on 03 9417 1300
Please note :
- Notebooksrus team takes no responsibility for loss of data as a result of the cleaning antivirus/Malware/Trojan/Spyware etc. We take every care to inform customer of what we’ve found as part of the healthcheck. We expect Customers to do their own backups prior to engaging the service.
- Due to overwhelming response, this service is a “best effort” service, we’re giving something back to our customers (old and new) – best option is to drop the unit off in the morning and pick it up later in the day. We cannot guarantee that we will look at the unit there and then!

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Notebooksrus or Lenovo Online Shop - what are differences ?
Lots of customers call continually and ask what the Difference is with Lenovo online store/shop and Notebooks R Us as a Premium Business partner?

Main differences:
1> You get you new purchase same day or next business day - Lenovo Online Shop  is 7 days minimum and (in some cases) weeks.

2> The online store gives a base model (and very cheap pricing) then once configured up to normal specs, is ALWAYS more then our pricing

3> the Lenovo online shop is geared to home users - you will see models with Windows 8 Standard and 1 year warranty - please see below for why this is important!

4> Models online are only 1 year warranty as standard, you need to configure it to 3 years. All "off the shelf" models in Australia from X1 Carbon to T-Series are all 3 year warranty as standard. So configure it to 3 years and it automatically adds something like $250 to the price.

5> All out models come with Win 8 pro so you get the downgrade rights for a windows 7 pro license. Windows 8 Standard DOES NOT have downgrade rights to windows 7 - so two things are automatically a problem, firstly you need to buy a windows 7 license ($140-$290) depending on version home/pro. Then you need to do the downgrade which we do for free. This process can take quite a long time and can result in an unworking system.

6> We give you the media for Win7 and win8 - you need to buy the media separately with Lenovo Online Shop

7> And most important - we give lifetime support for our customers for all units - HP, Lenovo, Toshiba etc, seeing as we sell so many of these units, we know everything about them - which one is right for you - what are the upgrade options - what others say etc. So you should feel very confident that you are walking away with the perfect unit to meet your needs.

8> also - we have them on display.

9> but if you still have your heart set on one from the Lenovo Site - we get discounts on those too - so give us a shot.

Just ask for a quote and see for yourself. We can almost always beat the Lenovo Shop Online.

Regs, Dave

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Do you need to find parts and accessories for Lenovo gear
a brilliant resource for our team at Notebooksrus is:
Lenovo Quick Pick site
just pick your model and select what you want from Docking stations, adapters, bags etc.
Other Lenovo X1 Carbon 2 products :
20A7A04PAU - i7-4600U, Touch, 512GB SSD, 8GB, 14"WQHD, 4G LTE
20A7006KAU - i7-4600U, Touch, 256GB SSD, 8GB, 14"WQHD, 4G LTE
20A7A036AU- i7-4600U, NON Touch, 256GB SSD, 8GB, 14"WQHD, 4G LTE
20A7A04QAU - i7-4600U, NON Touch, 180GB SSD, 8GB, 14"WQHD, 4G LTE
20A7006JAU- i5-4300U, Touch, 180GB SSD, 8GB, 14"WQHD, 4G LTE
4X10E52937 - Onelink Pro Dock - Display port + DVI
4X10A06079 - Onelink Basic dock - HDMI
If you are interested in Lenovo accessories, please visit the lenovo x1 carbon quickpick site.
Also check out What the differences are between buying from NotebooksRus and Lenovo online
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