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What engineering and managerial breakthroughs made construction of the Panama Canal possible? What does the future of this canal look like? #ADayWithNU lecturer Joseph Schofer ’65 MS, ’68 PhD, ’12 PhD tells all:
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I love Northwest University it is my Alma Mater!

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Is aging preventable? What approaches are researchers using to increase ‘health span’? Northwestern Memorial Hospital physician in chief Douglas Vaughan explores these questions and more in this #ADayWithNU lecture:
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A neuroscientist and a humanist walk into a bar…what happens next? Explore this riddle, along with the not-so-different disciplines of science and art, with professors Indira Raman and Susie Phillips in this #ADayWithNU lecture:
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Priya Harjani, Northwestern's deputy general counsel, was honored for her commitment to the South Asian community:
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Northwestern scientists may have found the key to mosquito population control – all by discovering an insect’s ‘sixth sense,’:
Insects possess a “sixth sense”: a dedicated sensory system that detects water vapor (humidity) in the air. A Northwestern University and Lund University (Sweden) study of the common fruit fly reveals for the first time the genes and neurons that underlie this ability. What the researchers have ...
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How can you build upon the foundation of your past, maximize your potential in the future, AND have a rewarding life in the present? Emmy Award-winning musician and successful entrepreneur Orbert Davis tells all: #ADayWithNU
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Why is the stability of American banks improving while the rest of the world seems to be falling apart? Find out about successful models of wealth creation in this lecture from First Trust Advisors L.P. Chief Economist Brian S. Wesbury ’89 MBA: #ADayWithNU
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VIDEO: Northwestern researchers recently discovered the true ‘sparks of life,’ – and now you can watch these biological fireworks in action:
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Northwestern’s Block Museum received a transformative gift including a wide variety of media from more than four dozen internationally known artists:
Collector Peter Norton donates 68 art works to Northwestern University museum
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Northwestern University in Qatar is bringing its student work stateside in a unique Evanston showcase:
NU-Q presents lectures, documentaries, and a student showcase in Evanston. May 19, 2016. Northwestern University's campus in Evanston, IL, USA. Faculty, staff, and students from Northwestern University's Qatar campus introduced individual scholars and their research efforts as well as students ...
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The mission of the Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA) is to establish and enhance a mutually beneficial relationship between Northwestern University and all its alumni.

The Association serves the University by encouraging support for the University, promoting alumni interest and involvement in University affairs, nurturing relationships among alumni and providing programs and services.

The Association serves alumni by facilitating communications among alumni, and between alumni and the University, sponsoring alumni programs and benefits, and offering opportunities for continuing education and public service.

In all its activities, the Alumni Association is committed to learning as a lifelong process and fosters the University’s mission of academic excellence.

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