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Message by ‪#HonbleChiefMinister ‬ of Gujarat Ms ‪‎Anandiben Patel‬ in the book Small But Meaningful ‬: CSR in Practice" by ‪Maheswar Sahu ‬ & ‪‎Jeevan Prakash Mohanty‬ Decades of debate on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has produced substantial body of literature offering a number of theories and best practices. CSR is a field of study with significant implications for academia, industry and society. The ‪#CommitmentOfCorporates TowardsCommunity‬ wellbeing has been the subject of considerable debate, commentary, theory and research.  [ ]  [  ]
In view of the recent developments, the mandate of the corporates expand to new areas, where Meaningful Intervention UnderThe ‪‎#Corporate #SocialResponsibility‬ will change the economic and social landscape in villages. The book, penned by Shree Maheswar Sahu and Shree Jeevan Prakash Mohanty Small but Meaningful: CSR in Practice, will enable the corporates to understand the need of such interventions, designing CSR activities and provide motivation.
I congratulate the authors for bringing this publication and wish them good luck.   #Chief #Minister   #Gujarat   #‪JeevanPrakashMohanty‬     #AnandibenPatel‬    #MaheswarSahu    #SmallButMeaningful

(Anandiben Patel)
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India-Vietnam Relations: Retrospect & Prospect by Dr. Rajaram Panda [ ]
The book is the outcome of an international seminar on “India-Vietnam Relations: Retrospect & Prospect” organized by the ICCR in February 2016 in New Delhi. The essays in the volume contain perspectives of scholars, activists, opinion makers, diplomats and cultural historians on the important relationships between India and Vietnam. Though the primary focus is on the cultural component of the ties, other dimensions such as economic and security issues are also covered.
Besides the civilizational linkages between the two countries that complement the present bilateral ties, the essays demonstrate how India's cultural links were very different from other cultural influences in Vietnam that had aggressive intent. Indian voyagers who settled in some parts of Vietnam were smoothly integrated into the Vietnamese society.
In modern times, Rabindra-nath Tagore's sane counsel for a peaceful Asia found greater acceptance and appeal in Vietnam. The people of Vietnam appreciated Tagore's advocacy of non-violence, non-confrontational and egalitarian society that encouraged social mobility and this is remembered even today. India always stood with Vietnamese people in their struggle against foreign rule and welcomed Ho Chi Minh as a friend of India is remembered with gratitude in Vietnam. The essays offer valuable insights from both Indian and Vietna-mese perspectives.
#international_seminar #India_Vietnam_Relations #Retrospect_and_Prospect #ICCR #scholars #activists #non_confrontational
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The Elusive Peace Process PA and the US by M.V. Prasad [ ]
This is a first study on Palestinian Authority and the US with critical perspective on peace process.
Focus is on how the West Asian peace process went on during the last 15 years having little progress on the core subjects.
The book deals the relations between the single most powerful state of the world (the US) and a state-in-making entity (PA).
There is a good account of knowledge, data, information and analysis for students, scholars and general public on Palestine question, the US policy and its dynamics on inter-national relations.

#palestinian #authority   #US   #critical_perspective   #peace_process   #West_Asian_peace_process   #MV_Prasad  

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Semantics of Tarka by Nirmal Kumar Roy
The book entitled: Semantics of Tarka is the result of intensive and critical study of the linguistic form of Tarka, which highlights the
following: -
(a) Methodological value of Tarka in Philosophy.
(b) Distinction between Tarka and Reduction-ad-absurdum
(c) Tarka as the imposition of the undesired (anitaprasanga)
(d) Formal or linguistic structure of Tarka and its significance
(e) Why is enumerated as one of the forms of non-veridical
cognition iaproma)
Why is it hypothetical or imposed cognition (aharyajnana)?
#Semantics   #Semanitics_of_Tarka   #Philosophy   #methodology  
+north bengal university 

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The Concept of ‘Exile’ in the Fiction of Conrad by Priya Jain [ ] - Joseph Conrad, in his novels, deals with the plight of the man on whom life closes down inexorably divesting him of the support and illusory protection of friendship, social privilege and love. Conrad knew that a great deal of our conduct depends on the reassuring sights and sounds of a concrete world and the presence of other eyes and other voices. It is when the lights are out, that when there is nobody to pass an opinion, it is then that Conrad wants to know how a man behaves, since then he must act according to his deepest inward impulses.
Therefore Exile becomes a means of investigation into man's motives and ideology. What are the connotations of 'Exile'? What are the different types of displacement? What inner truth is revealed in these extreme situations? - These are some of the questions.
#Fiction_of_conrad   #Concept_of_Exile  

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Critical Mass: Women Leadership in Rural Assam by Paramita Dey [ ] – For sustainable and economic development to take place in any country, it is necessary that people, both the male and female freely participate in the political process. They should be active catalyst of policy-making and social change. The process of participation is complex and it is by no means clear what is comprehensively inclusive. So it is not possible to assume that all sections of the population irrespective of caste, sex to take part effectively in the political and democratic process of the country.
#Critical_Mass   #Leadership   #Rural   #Assam   #sustainable   #policy_Makers   #policy_making  ‬ #democratic

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Become A High Achiever by L.M. Prasad [ ] – This book is a priceless formula To become an enduring winner and achieve success unlimited.
You will be able to discover how to transform your limiting beliefs and take control of your life with the following powerful feelings:
• Turn your fears and negative feelings into positive tools
• Discover your strengths and skills
• Aspire big and make things happen
• Manage your emotions in right proportion
• Do things innovatively
• Set your vision and goals in a practical way
• Do right things for right reasons
• Cope with stress effectively and manage it properly

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Management of Non-Performing Advances by T.V. Gopalakrishnan [ ], [ ] – The book deals with the problem of Non-Performing Advances (NPAs) in public sector banks and its impact on the banks’ books, banking and financial system of the economy. Recognizing the inevitable and festering nature of the problem, the author has come out, inter alia, with a statistical model as an innovative, simple and practical solution to contain NPA formation to ensure a strong balance sheet for banks and improved image of the borrowers. The author claims that the solution will prove to be a win-win situation for all stakeholders of banks including the economy, and its constituents Government, shareholders, depositors, borrowers, employees and others.
‪#‎Non_Performing_Advances‬ ‪#‎NPAs‬ ‪#‎public_sector_banks‬ ‪#‎Banking‬ ‪#‎Financal‬ ‪#‎win_win_situation‬ ‪#‎stakeholders‬ ‪#‎shareholders‬ Indian Institute of Banking and Finance Banking and Finance Academy

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Killed with Kindness - SC Ghose []
The book is bubbling with a sensational story of love principally between Aruna and Alok. They fell madly in love with each other in the prime of their youth when they were college students.
Their relation provoked and fomented by the parents of Aruna, consequently culminated into a marriage, a secret marriage initially, to the shock and trauma of the parents of Alok for the simple reason that they were not prepared for such an eventuality and to accept it.
Their idea about their son, they have brought in and brought up, has undergone a shocking transformation. He is no longer the son they have trained up and educated.
To begin with, they couldn't accept the phenomenon but they couldn't hold on to their stand either because of their deep love for their son.
More shock was in store for them all.
Nikhil, once jilted by Aruna, stormed into Aruna-Alok married relation taking advantage of Alok's long absence away to America and that of Aruna's profligacy and the flirting nature.
Nikhil retaliated on the dishonour ~ in the form of a refusal to marry him ~ meted out to him by Aruna in their early life before the entry of Alok in her life.
Finally, Alok had no other option than to separate him from her because of her betrayal of him and her flirtation with Nikhil.
A childhood friend of Alok and also of Aruna, Nikhil too didn't come forward to marry Aruna.
Alok got punished for no fault of his. He might have been punished for the simple reason of his reposing a boundless love and trust in her.
#SC_Ghose +Northern Book Centre 
#Killed_with_kindness #Book #Sensational_story #Love_Principally  

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ठोस अवस्था रसायन [] - मालती रावत (दुबे)[ ] - प्रस्तुत पुस्तक में समस्त पाठ्यक्रम की सामग्री का प्रस्तुतीकरण सरलतम व रूचिकर ढंग से किया गया है।
पुस्तक में मूलतथ्यों एवं व्यंजको को स्पष्ट-दीर्घ एवं स्वच्छ रेखाचित्रों व उदाहरणों द्वारा समझाया गया है।
प्रत्येक अध्याय के अन्त में दीर्घ-उत्तरीय-लघुउत्तरीय तथा वास्तुनिष्ठ प्रश्न दिये गये है सभी लघुउत्तरीय प्रश्नों के उत्तर प्रश्नों के साथ दिये गये हैं।
प्रस्तुक में प्रयुक्त पारिभाषिक तथा वैज्ञानिक शब्दावली भारत सरकार के शिक्षा विभाग द्वारा प्रकाशित शब्दकोष से ली गई है तथा तत्सम्बधित अंग्रेजी पर्याय के लिये पुस्तक के अन्त में शब्दावली भी दी गई है।
इस प्रकार यह पुस्तक पूर्ण छात्रपयोगी-परीक्षोपयोगी-सुरूचिपूर्ण एवं सुव्यवस्ति है। ‪] Northern Book Centre ,
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