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A simple HTTP remote monitoring utility using Node.js and MongoDB.
* Monitor thousands of websites
* Tweak frequency of monitoring on a per-check basis, up to the millisecond
* Receive instant web alerts on every page when a check goes down (thanks
* Record availability statistics for further reporting (powered by MongoDB)
* Detailed uptime reports with animated charts (powered by Highcharts)
* Monitor availability, responsiveness, average response time , and total uptime/downtime
* Get details about failed checks (HTTP error code, etc.)
* Group checks by tags and get reports by tag
* Familiar web interface (powered by Twitter Bootstrap 2.0)
* complete API for integration with third-party monitoring services
* Easy installation and zero administration
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I haven't used node.js yet but have been monitoring news about it for quite some time. This might just be a great way to get started with it.
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