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Ingress Level 16 - at last!

The glypher badge's gone platinum. It took me a while, but I finally made it. Platinum glyph-hacking is, in fact, taxing. It takes a lot of time, and memory skills slightly above goldfish-level (which is actually bad-mouthing goldfish, see here:

[And if you really must use a tool for that: I spit in your left eye, blinding you and rendering you uncapable of glyphing painting by numbers for the foreseeable future. Shame on you.]

The other badges will turn platinum eventually, but: hey! I'm just a casual gamer! ;-)

ps, for my "civilian" followers: this post is #ingress  related. Ingress is an AR-ish game by Google-owned #niantic  in which a tiny number of fair, friendly, intelligent and all around wonderful people fight the good fight against evil smurfish hordes... or something. (sorry, I got carried away a bit!)
Now back to our usual programm.
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Glückwunsch!! 😃
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nils thode

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nils thode

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A must have!

You know your colleagues won't be able to resist!
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The article does! - Switch it off and throw it in the air a bit. ;-)
Also: RTFA! :D
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nils thode

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And then my mobile was gone, but I chased the bugger...

So I was standing there, sunday evenings at the St. Pauli, Reeperbahn district, minding my own business, hacking some portals (it's an #ingress  thing), when a hooded smeghead approached me, ripped my phone out of my hands and ran.

I followed, quickly, cursing him along the way. A young Turk ran along, shouting "Let's catch the bastard!" and together we chased him. A couple of cut corners later, it appeared that we lost him. When we walked into another street, still gasping for air, I saw him again and shouted at him. Someone else was stepping out of a pub at that moment, immidiately grasped the situation and tripped the thug up. He crashed, hard. He got another good kick from the guy but managed to get up again and ran.

I was a wee bit out of breath by then. He escaped. My newly aquired brother in arms offered me his mobile to call the police, which I declined. They wouldn't catch the guy anyways, so what's the use...

I thanked him for his help and entered a hotel where I asked to use their computer and internet. The guy at the reception was very helpful. I logged into Google device manager and tried to check the location of my phone, but it was obviously switched off, or possibly destroyed during his crash. I remotely locked it and asked the guy at the reception to call my cell provider to lock the SIM, and he said no problem. After I finished my call, I was amazed to see the guy who tripped the thief up before entering the lobby. He brought me my umbrella back, which I lost along the way, and explained, that the thief might have escaped, but does now have a couple of bruises and a very bloody face. 
The phone was gone, but this should offer at least some consolation, he explained. I agreed and thanked him a lot. 

So, my summary of the night:
- one phone lost (but locked and probably destroyed)
- one bastard and
- three unexpectedly helpful and nice people

That makes it only one quarter bad, then, I guess...

And the things to learn: hold your phone tight! Use secure authentification! Use Google device manager! ...and maybe even practice running.
But in any case: there's always good people out there, too, who help you when you least expect it.

That's a Good Thing(tm).
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On the bright side: a compelling reason to get a new phone! At Saturn you can get the Nexus 6 a little cheaper than at the Play Store.
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nils thode

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Where is bloody Waldo??

Neat article!
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nils thode

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"Je suis Charlie"

Thanks to my mate +Thorsten Strufe, who sent me an issue of the magazine, I actually had a chance to check out the latest issue of Charlie Hebdot! - It's far better than I expected (I don't know why I expected worse), and it's just amazing how they were even able to make fun of the whole incidents so early after the attack on their office. Kudos to them! And a big FU! to intolerant, violent bigots everywhere.

And it was a test of (the remains of) my french language skills.
(I did surprisingly ok!)

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Oh, look! Brontosaurus is back!

Brontosaurus is a real dinosaur (again), scientists find!

See, Pluto, there's still hope!

[Cartoon from ]

#dinosaurs   #brontosaurus   #pluto  
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Up next: Pluto becomes a planet again! :P
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Even though it's getting warmer outside, don't forget: Winter is coming!

Season 5 starts on sunday! - Can't wait!

In the mean time, do check out this fine piece of #infoporn  linked below to get in the mood again! (HODOR!)

#got   #gameofthrones  
Before the “Game of Thrones” Season 5 premiere, The Washington Post took a look back and noted every on-screen death from the first four seasons. Here are all 456 deaths in illustrated form, including who, how, why and where.
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Into retro-gaming?

Then this is for you:

I just ordered mine. Damn, finally using my old joysticks again! \o/
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just donated my whole kit (amiga 500 including everything, even the stupid printer :D). hurts at first, but then again, I still have my ZX80 for those nostalgic days... ;-)
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Bye-bye, Pterry!

Thank you for all the smiles you put on my face. I'll miss you a lot.

Let me close with an anecdote from (Usenet... Way back!)

A German guy, who saw a photo of a book release party asked whether this guy on one of the photos was Pterry or "just an old fart in a hat". Well, what he probably didn't know: Pterry was actively reading AFP!

The famous writer OBE-wan aswered something along the line of:
"YHN - Terry Pratchett, OFiaH"

#pterry #pratchett #DEATH #afp
Author of more than 70 novels, who ‘fired the imagination of millions’, dies at his home eight years after Alzheimer’s diagnosis
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Thank you, +congstar, for sending me a replacement SIM really, really fast!

Except that you don't. Ordered on monday, first thing in the morning. Still hasn't left the building. And they insisted on sending it to my home address, where I won't get it, because, you know: some people have to go to work, and +DHL will (maybe) deliver the package some time between 8am and 8pm - is what's called "Express" it is! - so I'll have to wait another day to be able to pick the bloody thing up at some remote post office, opening at 9-ish, with a 30+ queue of elderly ladies and gents in front of me, who want to discuss their savings account and latest stamp editions and postage and how everything was so much cheaper back in the days of carrier pigeons (at length!).

Yea, like: thanks for trying to cure me of relying on my phone to heavily... :-( /rant
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It's one week I didn't receive any tracking code from them but they said "we shipped it" 
Well, thanks a lot for a ton of lies
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A "new level of archery"?

You have might want to read this, then:

As it so often happens in life: a good story doesn't (always) make valid facts...
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As I already expressed elsewhere: he might be a good trick shooter - and there's nothing wrong with that,  mind you - but the tabloid-style exageration of things in the report might be a wee bit too much.
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