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Guys I would like to ask you for a big favor!

There is a contest on (not a big one but will definitely change a lot of things). The contest is about to choose "the best small hotel in Greece 2012" and the place I worked for quite long time is listed in it.

Sea Captain's House and Spa is one of the most remarkable places on Santorini. The owner/host Tony Mosiman (origin from the United States) and his team offers the best of service and hospitality. If you don't believe me you can check Travel + Leisure's article about the best breakfast in bed. ( There are many more I can show you and one of them is the picture I'm sharing with you down bellow but now I would like you to help by voting on the following link:

Please, anyone of you who has Facebook account just go ahead and vote for it. The dead line is 21st of March and you can vote every single day through your Facebook account.


Little info about the picture taken

The picture was taken right in front of "the Sea Captain's House and Spa" ( It's a re-share this means it's not anything new on my collection but I have big surprise for you soon.

Canon EOS 7D, Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM,
10mm, 1/500sec. (main-shot), f/8, ISO 100, 7 exposures


Workflow tips and tricks, here - (
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Thank you +Sumit Sen. I love this image when I look at it on any computer and at the same time It's the only one I don't like when printed on canvas :(
Done. Beautiful image. Santorini is on my bucket list.
I want to vote, but have no access to because of the f**king GFW
+Asher Pen thank you anyway ;) it will be nice if Santorini wins in general. This will bring more people on the island... more fun and great photos!
Thank you all for your shares and +1's I'm glad to see so many responds on my stream. Hope you voted for Santorini as well ;)
shared and voted. Happy to help out!
I would need three days and two nights free to make a proper decision!!
+Anand Kondru yes it is as it says on the post. +Vago Damitio thank you for the support, appretiated it. +Hristina Simeonova nice to see other Bulgarians comming accross my stream ;) Big thanks to all the rest ;) I'm glad you liked it. Soon to show you more as I'm going back to Santorini this sunday.
At first glance it doesn't look like Santorini because its getting colorful nowadays unlike 10 years ago.
nice picture taken of greece you have my vote of winning
is ths pic is real
roya kh
great capture
This place looks lovely. Not sure whether I have passed it when I was there 2 years ago
It is Parkour world.! :)
most wonderful shot .It's so.........................nice
Гласувах! Успех, приятелю! :)
astonishing..really like the scene im looking at..
why is today good for muslims? seems like everyday would be good, unless you're an opressed muslim woman that doesn't know there's anything else
beautyful to hai but kya ya really mein hai kya
Have always wanted to visit greece, and that is exactly how I picture it!
have been to santorini and climbed the volcano. when i got to the top it was smoking and i went down a lot faster than i went up. it's a beautiful island with wonderful local people.
i am form india mumbai i cant understand ur lang
i am workinf with small it company
at india mumbai
rhaine pepito....santorini is an island about 70 miles due north of crete.
the volcano erupted about 3200 years ago with such a bang that it is recorded in china, it is thought that the city on the south coast was possibly atlantis along with the minoan city on northern crete
Santorini and it's architecture is very unique and distinct!Stunning landscape in this pic
nice is that monte carlo i love that movie it is lol and hot
is it in the world???????
niceeeeeeeee photoooooooooo
I am actually honeymooning next year in Santorini... any lodging or sightseeing advice?
where in the World is this masterpiece found? God is a great
voted, but still along way to go if you want them on top!
I love this. This is the image I want to put in front of me. My vision for my future is to live on a sailboat in the Mediterranean. So, I've placed this picture as by desktop background. Thanks!
yay for I-beg-Iwantotwin-spam. Not. These contests are desinged to let true opinions be known and to reward the Hotel that "actually" got the best rating. If a fellow googler can influence the outcome of such contests they are meaningless.
That photo is stunning! 
nice view, colors are perfect . Was there a photo manipulation or this a pure shot?
Describe some real life situations in which approximate figures are more relavent thean exact figures pls help!! is this a fantasy land
so very beautiful place...may i know if where area?
nice location and beautifully crafted place
Oh My God!! This is a beautiful place!!!
The country is Greece, located in the Mediterranean sea. It is in between Italy and Turkey.

The island is Santorini, located in the Aegean sea. It has a small airport and is 4-5 hours by boat from Athens (the capital of Greece).

It is a beautiful place to visit, and although I have been there three times, I definitely want to visit again.

My favorite place there is a family owned restaurant called Lava, located at the sea front close to Perissa.
Ramya P
superb really
Greece is an amazing country. Its a pity about the euro problem.
Visitors need to visit Greece. You will never be disappointed.
nice island n nice pict..,look like a panting,i wish go there...
i don"t sure with the photo
breathtaking photo.... :-) wish you all the best...
+Aaron Jerger I would recommend you to go to "the Sea Captain's House and Spa" not that the owner/host is a good friend of mine but because of the service and the personal attitude you get. Another nice place you would love to enjoy your honeymoon is "Oia Castle Hotel" ( but they don't have the service you will get in "the Sea Captain's House", "Oia Castle Hotel" just offers luxuty accommodation. Both places are located in Oia village if you are looking for something cheaper, fine but try to find one in Oia as it's the best place on the island of Santorini.

+Creswell Herbert thank you sooo much every single vote counts ;) so I couldn't be more happy!

+JP Lizotte - sorry I couldn't + your name correct but probably because Google+ didn't find it. Yes you are right those events are designed to work on a personal opinion but if you think the other oponents doesn't use social networks to raise their vote you are very wrong!

+ray villaflores yes it's manipulated but I haven't touched the colors. I just masked out couple images with different exposure.

+Catherine Jolley thank you :) you guys made my day. Sea Captain's House is really one of the few places on the entire island of Santorini which is worth to actually stay there.

+Nikolaos Dimopoulos thanks for the information provided. There are so many people who preffer to not even take a look at the post and just go ahed, hit the +1 button and shoot a silly question.

Thanks to everyone else who voted +1'd and commented on my photo I would be more than happy to show you some more soon.
Looks like Ia (Oia) on the northern tip of Santorini. Beautiful shot!
My favorite place to stay in Santorini is the Imerovigli Palace Hotel... absolutely fantastic location on the road just north of Imerovigli toward Oia, service is excellent, and very inexpensive by Santorini standards. It's more like staying in a private home with several guest cottages than it is a "hotel". The owner Fred is a great guy, also!
+Jason Porter Imerovigli is a great alternative but while staying there you are far from evrything, shops, restaurants, art galleries and lot's of other activities. I have to admit it's the best to just relax and enjoy the beauty of the island from your room.
Agreed! I had a great little rental car though, so I was spoiled. :)
Thanks 4 the beautiful pic, Nic. U post great things!
I would be proud to have taken this photo
OO! I think I have just found my reason for a summer vacation!!! Thank You, +Nikola Totuhov!
questa foto è bellissima e questo posto lo conosco
non è l'unico il nostro mondo è pieno di posti magici basta solo vederli.
Beautiful shot, Nikola! I love the depth!
Thank you +Klaus Herrmann. Never thought of receiving positive comment from such big name in HDR photography like you :)
Wow! how nice to work there with such a beautiful view everyday. Hope the hotel where u are working will be full of tourists and visitors this year n every other year.. Cheers!
you re welcome ... please share more
munju s
which place is this???
This is very nice!! Great work!! Did you do any tone mapping?
Seguro que ese viñedo da buenos caldos. Felicitaciones por estas
preciosas fotos y suerte en el concurso, apuesta asegurada:::)))
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