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Niek Haarman
Student computer science, Android enthusiast, music lover
Student computer science, Android enthusiast, music lover


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#Triad is a tiny Android library which enables use of the Model-View-Presenter pattern in an easy way. It uses custom Views to replace the dreaded Fragments, and introduces Presenter classes to separate business logic from view logic. Since the Presenters are plain Java objects, tests for these classes can run blazingly fast on a local JVM.

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Check out an easier and testable AsyncTask.

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Just plugging an experimental project of mine which uses AspectJ to weave in null checks based on @NotNull annotations. 

The idea is to prevent you from having to write if (arg == null) throw new NullPointerException("arg"); everytime in your methods, which is exactly what this little library does you! Just annotate your methods and parameters using @NotNull or @NonNull.

Let me know what you think!

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Designing beautiful apps for Android
The look and feel of an application can be a deciding factor for whether it will become a giant success, or will doom to failure. This series of blogs however will be about a different kind of design. As a software engineer, you (perhaps should) strive to c...
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Anyone found the Flappy Droid game yet?
I must admit, I'm terrible at it.

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The RecyclerView[1] provides some really nice manipulation animations and API's, which is awesome!. However,  I could not find anything about Appearance animations in there, like ListViewAnimations does.

Because the API has changed with RecyclerView, I have created a new module which builds upon the core, to support RecyclerViews as well.

Check out the lib-recyclerview module on Github, the Dropbox link below[2] for a demo movie, and let me know if you have any suggestions!


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So apparently, the new target API is 21. What happened to 20?

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Looks good, but requires a lot of overdraw. Performance doesn't seem to suffer a lot, but that could be due to the N5.

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One last call: Did you fill in this form about Android Testing behavior yet?

I'm interested in finding out how Android developers test their applications.
If you would be so kind to fill out this form, that would be great! It should not take more than two minutes of your time.

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ListViewAnimations 2.6.0 is released into the wild! 
Release notes:

- Created AnimateAdditionAdapter
- Added methods to find out if a position is expanded
- Scroll when expanded view isn't entirely visible
- Added option to manually remove pending items
- Added ItemMovedListener for DynamicListView
- Added methods to programmatically expand/collapse items
- Bugfixes, bugfixes, and.. yeah, some bugs were fixed.

Please note that upgrading from 2.5.2 to 2.6.0 will break your code. Here are some tips on how to fix them:
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