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Project Glass = So Frakking Cool!

Don't you think I kinda look like a Borg ... or Terminator ... or reporter from a Star Trek TNG movie? (I just outed myself as an über geek ... ha!) :)

Thanks again to +Sergey Brin for the opportunity to test out such a unique and futuristic product! It was so much fun hangout out with other +Google peeps like +Brian Rose, +Will Patrick, +Chris Chabot, +Mike Wiacek and +Hayes Raffle, along with photogs such as +Brian Matiash, +Colby Brown, +Jeremy Cowart, +Lindsay Adler and +Erik Valind. Good times!

(Thanks +Brian Matiash for the awesome photo!)

#gpluspc +Google+ Photographer's Conference #glasswalk
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This is an awesome picture! The smallest big screen TV!
Oh that is fantastic how you captured the image in the heads up display!
Cool! But fyi it is designed to sit above the eye.
OK, but if one wears prescription lenses does the screen go behind or in-front of the lens?
+Ed Greshko I didn't try it with my glasses (my vision's not too bad) but I think it would work. These are very early prototypes of what the ultimate product will be, so maybe they'll work better with glasses when they're available for consumers (I can't imagine them not making them work with prescription glasses).
+Nicole S. Young , I can't imagine them not making them work with prescription glasses either. They'd lose a large market here in Asia where, it seems, 80% of the people wear glasses.
Correct me if im wrong but could they not have the image adjustable like the the diopter in the OVF?
What I wouldn't give to know what you were seeing in detail! Thanks for sharing, Nicole.
+Nicole S. Young Definitely Borg, but I can see a hint of Terminator with the light in the eye. The glasses were super cool. I wish I had more time to try them out.
Very cool picture, thanks for sharing. Oh and welcome to the geek club!
wht does it do?

can it look up things on internet, and then project them on for you to see? can it recognize things around and then maybe search via image to tell who this person is what and what where and when?
does it do all this?
I agree, project glass is awesome.

Your scrapbook glass picture is probably one of the sexiest photos on G+

how did you get your hands on a prototype?! Also, the image that I can see on the glass cube, is that anything close to what you were seeing?
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