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Supermoon in Seattle!

I had a great time at today's Seattle Photowalk, and it ended at Gasworks Park to shoot sunset and the #SuperMoon . The moon wasn't as exciting as we were all hoping for (and jokingly dubbed it the #MediocreMoon ) but overall it was a really fun time.

Here's my quickie post from the evening ... thought I'd get this up while I'm still awake. :)

BTW, huge thanks to +Jacob Lucas, +Jake Johnson and +Michael Riffle for putting together this photowalk!!!

For those interested in the editing process for this image:

This photo is made from three exposures:
- Water/houses (30 seconds)
- Sky (4 seconds)
- Moon (1/20 second)
I then used Photoshop and manually blended the images together using masking. It's technically HDR, but I didn't use any tone-mapping software (just did it the old-fashioned way). :)

Canon 5DMkIII, Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS lens, ƒ/8 at ISO 200

#seattlephotowalk #supermoon
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That is absolutely fantastic! Looks like something from a children's story book.
Just like in picture!
That moon is a wonderful addition to all that great light!
Beautiful! I had clouds, so it was a Super My Room view. :))
Great shot AND I wish folks would cease use of the HYPE term 'supermoon' as it's naught more than full moon at perigee. It happens several times a year. 
"It's the end of the world!" :)) Or it's just a little bit closer , so bigger, so I could make some great photos...if no clouds show up on the sky! :))
Great shot Nicole and nice light!
wow this is wonderful shot of the supermoon.
Nice image, obviously not quite sleepless in Seattle!
Wow this is beautiful! One of favorites so far.
It's always so fun to watch the hype over astronomical phenomenon, the media builds it up without properly explaining it or giving accurate expectations (add the internet's exaggeration and it's 100x worse we all want the uber big "hollywood" FX Moon) it would take a side by side comparison of photos for any non astronomy enthusiast to really tell a difference between this full moon and any other. That being said now you can just wait until next month and shoot the same image/settings etc and compare, then you'll be a little more impressed.
That being said I love the foreground and clouds, sure beats what I had!
Now, thats what I call photographing the supermoon!
GAH!!! That's freakin' AWESOME!!! It belongs in a storybook - one of those you get as a kid and keep fer all your life on accounta the pictures are sooooo pretty! Nice join' +Nicole S. Young!!
Hi Nicole, I take it this is HDR? can you let us know your secret formula for this amazing shot?
so nice today nit 9:05 pm watch out ....
Very nice shot! May I ask wether or how much editing went into that shot and which camera-settings were used? :)
oh wow.. the clouds were much thicker than that in my area. Makes me envious.. almost perfect shot
looks like idea created on canvas...................
count the wow,,, this pic should be in grammy
this is the best moon in the whole world
A beautiful photo +Nicole S. Young. I especially like the familiar moon-face, the moonlight glow along the top edge of the clouds and the building light reflections in the water.
this is soooooo beautiful !!!!!!!!!!
<3 the pic ........
hi!im michael from are you?can you be my friend?
waoooo0o0o0o0o0o so amazing place !!!!!

Overall rating
A fantastic picture, it really sets the mood
sooooooooooo niceeeeeeeee
Thanks however for posting, its simply poetic.
Необыкновенно красиво!
Amazing image
This snap is as beautiful as the moon!
it's so beautiful!!!!
Oh my GOD!!!!! Wish You To Finish your Picnic as such...... Sweaty....
Yes!!! Great photo and I Love it
thanks much
Nice job, I like the way you caught the light in the water!
Great picture - you got hold of a new camera!
So very beautiful I think :-)
Beautiful. Tried to see it in Atlanta but no such luck ... unfortunately but I am sure there will be lots of pictures coming on Pinterest maybe and other picture sites.
Great pic of the flower moon :O)
Looks like Supermoon viewable once in a century
Your picture looks like a Thomas Kincaid painting.Please take that as a compliment.
This is the best picture of the supermoon I have seen! Great shot :D
aimee C
Beautiful... I missed it in my area due to rain:(
obviously a lot of thought went into this. The result is brilliant.
now thats wat i call a real beauty
Wow! Even only moon, clouds and top of the trees would have been an amazing shot, but with the city lights I's really impressive
rosa mc
Now thats the natural light straight from the sky!!!? :-)
Beautiful ... this is a glorious pic. Thanks for sharing.
amazing man................
what a beautiful view............ <3 it
real beauty wer about is that view ?
I love that city I can wait to back😌
Still awesome even if it was not "super". Beautiful picture. Thanks for posting
I want to get on a plane to seattle right now
the moon looks soo beautiful it looks like the kind of moons you'd probably see in a animation:)
i thing this is the place where i kiss a girl
Muy hermosa luna! I missed last night. I will be waiting for it tonight.
This is a great picture !
amazing ..... wow
Very Beautiful. We only saw the light from behind a wall of fog in Connecticut.
Steph M
Coooooil :) xo
Steph M
Meant coooool lol xo
That's amazing. I couldn't see it on my Street because houses were blocking it. This is probably better than what I would've seen on my street.
So cool it almost looks unreal. Nice shot.
I missed seeing it because it decided to rain extra hard here. Thank goodness for all these pretty pictures.
Lovely. Hope some of my old friends up there saw it. In CA the moon glowed into the window, but was hidden behind the trees.
I loved the glare and shadows over the water. Beautifully done!
its... beautiful (in awe) wow
Looks 30% closer.........Like I would have any idea of that great Shot! Thanks for sharing
that is awesome, it is like in a fairy tale
Excellent! Perfect.
We had overcast last night north of Chicago : /
Looks to real not to be a painting! Awesome very much a giver of hope in times like this!
wai soe
this is my dream
This looks like a place I can call home.
everything 's so romantic. I like this
Be thankful for what you have and not ask for thing you want.Dont forget to thank God for all of his blessing that he has give to you:)
wow, awesome shot! Perfect work, I love this perspective ;)
it's great especially the moon fit in
Oh I know, it's like a Thomas Kincaid, the painter of light
this photo is brilliant. Love it. Thanks for the upload
Great photo. Really like all the city lights and yet the moon so much brighter.
When I was walking, it was as if someone placed enough weight on our globe; that my every move were a calculated step. I felt like a hamster in a ball.
Wow, what a great shot!
Great job Nicole!
Another beautiful picture!!! I watched the moon for just a little while and even though it was really pretty, I just didn't have any spectacular settings to get a really good shot. I'm sure glad all of y'all did though.
so nice.....very beautiful. encanta la luna cada fase de ella tiene su propia belleza.
I went to seattle few years ago...its really a beautiful place. your great picture recall my memory. THanks
A superb shot, to be able to get the moon to stand out in spite of the competing city lights. I wish I could take a shot like this! Well done.
Most super supermoon I've seen so far!
It was great to see supermoon from Gas Works Park. Nice shoot!
verry nice...looking like a dreamland
That looks very nice
+CV Garas It's a manual exposure blend from three different images (using Photoshop), so I guess it's HDR-ish ... but I didn't tone-map it.
Ah, I remember this :P The moon was really bringing out it's Swag last night.
The biggest surprise is that you could even see the moon! It is Seattle, after all.... :-)
well, its a very good shot for a mediocre moon :)
A brilliant photograph. The colour reflections really compliment the Moon. It's like they are saying "Hey look up there!"
That is an amazing and beautiful picture!
Nice camera even captures the carbon emmision
Thats small compared to what aree (hawaiis) looked like
lu lu
Wonderful night.
mesmerizing, i could stare at it all day!!!
Looks straight out of a fairy tale! Great shot. 
Kapow! What a beautiful shot, awesome processing.
what a great shot +Nicole S. Young - I love the layers of homes and buildings working their way up from the water to the moon, and with a nice layer of clouds below.
Sooooooooo Beautiful...........!!
I'm Speechless....
When the reaility become as a fiction
This photo now ranks in my top five likes.
It's a plane, it's a bird, it's ....
Wow, this is amazing! One of the most fantastic shots of this moon. So surreal and beautiful.
Great colors. How did you managed not to blow out the moon? ND GRAD?
Edit: Never mind. Just read your post in full. :)
it looks like something off a film set
It looks super to me. Very nice photo.
the moon did not show where i was :(
Beautifully photographed! There was cloud cover where I live. fail
its so beautiful. especially the moon... its orange. and pretty
what a stunning image. Well done.
This is awesome. I don't know what you're complaining about :)
Thanks Nicole. Her in Bama we were overcast and couldn't enjoy the super moon. 
you've made super photo of a super moon

I love the layers that build up to the giant, glowing moon. Wonderful composition, and beautiful light. Nailed it :)
So picturesque; as if taken from a fairy-tale. Great work.
It was very beautiful and great I got to see it. Finally something else to talk about then the rain.
I love that moon! It's a beauty.
Still a nice shot and great vantage point 
Wow - that is the most amazing photo I've seen of Seattle and the Moon
thats the prettiest pic of seattle i've ever seen!!!
So beautiful....Nice photography work
I'll see you all on the Dark side of the moon and it only a matter of Time in the words of Pink Floyd.
perfecta para un rompecabezas
I know thta landscape by heart, Patty from Belltown
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Serious use of layers! How the heck did You get the moon to expose that well against the city?? :) Beautiful photo!
Это просто праздник какой то....
Magnificent view! Absolutely beautiful and fantastically captured!
Picture purrrfect !!! The full moon has added so much beauty to the beautiful evening sky..awesome click !!
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