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+onOne Software: Inspiration & Presets

I just got word that a Perfect Effects preset pack I created is up in the Marketplace over at There's more information over on my blog (and if you us Lightroom I may have something free for you over on there as well!). Here's the link:

I'm also really digging +onOne Software's new Perfect B&W (that's it in the photo with this post). I've been beta testing Suite 7 (and, of course, writing a book on it) and keep finding new ways to play. Here I blended a border in to my image and sized it so that it looks more like a texture. :)

BTW, the new software ships soon, AND if you use the code NICOLESY you can save 15% on any of their products!

You also may want to check out +Brian Matiash's Perfect Inspiration series on the +onOne Software site; he posts them weekly and does a really great job of sharing his insights to a photograph and how he processed it. It's not just a "how to", he really digs deep into his creative process behind the photograph. Here's the link:

Here's more info on my books (including Plug In with onOne Software, due to ship mid-December):
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Thank you so much for this! It's perfect!
Ame G
Como puedo descargar este Programa Quien me Dice Gracias ;)
Soo simple n beautiful girl
this jack in black and white to make it more original... beautiful
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