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Polka-Dot Plates

I just got a batch of my hand-made ceramic dishes back from the kiln today! There were definitely some keepers, as well as a lot of "shame of shelf" dishes, too. ;) I have been doing a lot of experimenting with glazes and slips, and it shows in my work, lol. These two pieces are my favorites of the bunch, mostly in terms of the colors. I expect to make several more similar plates in the future.

I am very much looking forward to getting my studio set up in the new house! For the past year, I haven't really stuck with any one specific clay body, and I have changed up my glaze choices a lot. I see a lot of glaze testing tiles to be made in my near future, which will allow me to create a more uniform body of work. So excited! :)

#Ceramics   #Pottery  
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+Linda Cook I am leaving the dot area glaze-free, I really like having the clay show through in parts of my pieces. So, no worries about glaze chips there! :)
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Starting in less than 30 minutes!

We'll be talking about third-party plugins in the +Photofocus hangout at 10 am PST ... and there are a TON of giveaways, including +onOne Software and +Nik Photography Collection. You have to watch the show LIVE in order to be eligible ... so please join us!
Special Guest +Nicole S. Young joins +Rob Sylvan and +Levi Sim to teach us how to turn Lightroom's power levels up to 11 using third party plugins. Magic will happen, prizes will be given away, and your workflow will gain a whole new level of excellence. 
Power-up Lightroom with Plugins
Wed, April 16, 1:00 PM EDT

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Ahhh... well. Another time!
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I'm going to be on a Google+ Hangout this Wednesday with fellow photographers +Rob Sylvan and +Levi Sim! We're talking all about third-party plugins, it should be a good time!

Take a look at the event page below for more details...
Special Guest +Nicole S. Young joins +Rob Sylvan and +Levi Sim to teach us how to turn Lightroom's power levels up to 11 using third party plugins. Magic will happen, prizes will be given away, and your workflow will gain a whole new level of excellence. 
Power-up Lightroom with Plugins
Wed, April 16, 1:00 PM EDT

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+mel rolleri It should be recorded, so yes. :)
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The Sidelines of Adventure

Traveling is an interesting thing. In order to get somewhere, you have to plan. Plans usually involve transportation, getting from point "A" to point "B" within a certain period of time. That, in many ways, cannot be avoided. And, as a photographer, I find that the most interesting stories and photographs come from what happens during that journey. The sidelines of the roads we travel along, in my opinion, tell a much more colorful and vibrant tale.

This photo tells one of those short and simple stories.

While on the road with the wonderful ladies of +The Giving Lens team in Thailand, we desperately wanted to photograph some terraced fields. There was no rice to be seen, so we opted to stop at this soy field we saw on our drive. There just happened to be a few people humping large barrels of straw (or hay, not exactly sure what it was), and then out of nowhere this beautiful woman started walking towards us. With the help of our guide, we asked if she would pose for our group so that we could photograph her. As she stood there, I framed up my shot and waited for just the right moment when the other two workers walked past in the distance.

These moments are what I seek when I travel. Sure, the hot spots and major destinations have their beauty, but the little things along the way is what I love about adventure! I feel more like an explorer on a quest for a photo that is just waiting to be found.

#TGL   #TGLThailand  
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Well put
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Nicole S. Young

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Just less than a month and Kodak will get to run free in the most awesome dog park on the planet! We've missed having off-leash parks nearby (not just caged areas with dirt) and we'll be getting to Oregon just in time for Spring. I can't wait! :)
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OMGosh so excited! Let's do that!
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Thailand Sunrise

Sometimes you get up early, and sometimes you find magic. I love it when it works out that way. :)

Be sure to share your #MyBeautifulEarth  photos between now and Tuesday, in celebration of Earth Day! +TIME will be picking their favorite photos to feature on April 22nd and, according to +Brian Matiash, "'s going to be very awesome!" So get on with your sharing and tagging! :)

This image was photographed in Thailand during the +The Giving Lens workshop last month. #TGL   #tglthailand  
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nice click
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Vintage Bonham

Ok, he's not that old, but the title went well with my post-processing. :) This is the +Brian Bonham posing for a quick photo while visiting us in California a few months back.

#BeautifulBono  <<--- hehe :)
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Hi hi hi
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Sunset at the Mosque

This is another photo from my trip to Abu Dhabi, where I photographed the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. I caught this side of the mosque just as the sun was dipping over the horizon. :)

Processed using +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, +Adobe Photoshop, and +onOne Software's Perfect Effects.
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Nice photo shout
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It's all experimentation ...

Today I picked up a batch of some of my glazed work from the kiln at +Clay Planet. I started learning wheel-thrown ceramics several years back when I was living in Utah, and had no idea where it would take me. (BTW, thanks +Renee Keith for the inspiration!) I learned the basics there, and have taken a few more throwing classes since then, but I am finding hand-building to be a better fit for me. I've been doing a lot of research, reading, and have been watching a bunch of video classes (thanks to +Ceramic Arts Daily) and so far it has been very fun. I love self-discovery; it's great to be inspired, but it's always better when I find my own way of doing things, too.

I would say that at this point, this photo is not the best representation of my work, but it shows some of my progression. At this stage, most of what I do is experimentation ... playing with textures, forms, and glazes. I even switched from high-fire to mid-fire clay recently, which I will continue working with after I move to Portland. I will get to find a whole new rhythm there, and will even have my own little studio and kiln to use as well!

I'm really excited about some of the newer pieces I've been working on, but due to my moving schedule it's possible that I won't have anything finished to share until well after I move and get my studio set up. Hopefully it won't take too long, I already miss making new pieces!

#pottery #ceramics 
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gud texture
really beautiful
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Space Needle City

Of all the places I have lived and left, Seattle is one that I truly miss. It's such a perfect city ... not too big, not too small, but with all the comforts of city life. I could walk to Pike Place Market whenever I liked, and this amazing view was from the roof-top, just a few floors up from my apartment! One nice thing about being in Portland is that it's just a short drive/train-ride up. I see weekend-trips to Seattle in my near future ... :)

#Seattle   #SpaceNeedle  
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+Walter Klockers you should do it. Texas specifically austin was weird to me but hey that's their motto ain't it? I am pretty happy in Phoenix . I wish you well wherever you go.
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