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Nick Mowen
I am the owner and creator of Nick Nack Developments, I snowboard, am currently going to South Dakota School of Mines
I am the owner and creator of Nick Nack Developments, I snowboard, am currently going to South Dakota School of Mines

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Good day everyone! I have spent the last three months working on my text messaging app Texpert!

After working on my last app SMS Manager, I realized I could take my new found knowledge to create my own Text Messaging app. After much encouragement from my girlfriend, I began working on Texpert everyday. I know there are a great number of SMS/MMS apps out there that all have their pluses, but I believe mine is very special. Texpert is a feature packed yet very clean messaging app. How is that possible? I have added features which I find to be truly meaningful and not bloat (think things like stickers, extra emojis, etc.). This app was built with myself in mind first, but I have developed it to a point now where I am sure many of you will like it as well! :D

Here are the things that set it apart:

- Schedule SMS/MMS/Group messages to be sent at a certain time or location
- Fun and quick animations which are unique
- Ability to raise phone to ear to call a contact
- Customizable contact color support
- Custom group chat names

Now that you know what my app is all about, it would really mean a lot to me if y'all checked it out! :D You don't even need to use it full time, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I have 300 codes to give away:

Here are instuctions on how to use the code:

Thank you for your time, I really hope you enjoy the app! :D

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2 years ago, I launched Chromer. It was a neat experiment back then and has evolved rapidly into what it is now.

I thank everyone for being in this journey. Continuing the spirit, 2.0 will launch soon and will bring in many refinements to Chromer's strengths.

Launch of Chromer was a pivotal point in my tech career.

With that said, Happy 2nd Birthday!

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Hello everyone, this post is primarily for those who might be lurking around but have not bought the app yet. I have just released a free version of Texpert which allows you to try the app (with limited features). Hope you enjoy it!

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Hello everyone and happy holidays! I am back again with the 5.0 update to Texpert!

Having been in college I have been quite busy which means it took longer to get to this point. But as a plus, I have learned a lot about coding which means that I have been able to implement better programming practices with this update (yay for even less crashes!). There are a lot of cool new features that have been added recently so let's get right to them!

There are now in-app notifications if you receive a text from another conversation. For example if you are texting person A and then person B texts you, a convenient notification will slide down and show the text. It can be tapped to view the convo or swiped away.
I have put a lot of effort into explaining to new users how to use the app and the cool tricks that are available. This has been done through tutorials that show throughout the app as well as summaries for most of the options in settings. If you are an existing user and find the tutorials annoying I am sorry, but just tap through and they won't show again.
I recently found out about an android change which made my app appear incredibly slow when doing multiple actions like deleting a picture. These have all been fixed and the app functions a lot better now.
The app now supports pinning conversations to the top of the inbox
There is a new option to select different notification options
Phone signal is monitored and if there is no signal the send button gets grayed out so you can know when there is adequate signal to send (if you have Wi-Fi sending then long press to override it)
Y'all requested it so I added an accent color option! It is slightly buggy in some places due to the nature of it but so far it has been working pretty well!
The app now sync much more efficiently and also updates when opening a conversation back up and new messages were received
Fixed a major bug where mms messages were showing as failed to send internally

Tons of other bug and crash fixes!
I know a good number of you have tried my app before and perhaps not had a good experience with it. But I have put a LOT of effort into killing lots of bugs as well as just making the app experience much more fluid and enjoyable. I would really appreciate it if y'all gave it another go! :D

As for everyone else, here are the promo codes so you can try the app out free of charge! If you enjoy the app then I would really appreciate a rating on the play store! :D And if you have any issues please email me or post on /r/Texpert and I will get right on working to resolve it. Hope y'all have a great day and happy holidays! :D

I am not sure what changed (I am using the Android Studio 3.0 beta 7 with latest gradle and 26.0.2 build tools) but for some reason when my app crashes it just stops loading and never actually exits the window. So to users it just looks like the app is taking forever to load and never says that it crashed. My UncaughtExceptionListener also does not get triggered. Any ideas?

I am making a clock widget and want to update it every minute. I am struggling to find an efficient and safe way to do this. Most options either seem way too costly or unreliable. There is probably an easy way to do this that I am just not realizing myself. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Selling a good condition Nexus 6P with lots of accessories!

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Selling a brand new never opened daydream view! Great deal if you wanted to pick one up and also like saving a few bucks :D

How's the app coming along? Very excited about being able to have all of my devices connected :D
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