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Adam Nickerson (nickervision)
I'm the I.T. Guy your grandparents call, a Game Developer, and a 1950's idea-man.
I'm the I.T. Guy your grandparents call, a Game Developer, and a 1950's idea-man.

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My new game 'rabbl' has gone live in the Play Store. Check it out if you get the chance, and if you like it; please leave a rating/review.

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In celebration of hitting over 10,000 users I have a released a new update for Fallopian Frenzy! & an Ad-Free Version. Thanks everyone!

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I hope everyone in my circles can take a moment to rate and review Fallopian Frenzy! on the play store if you haven't already. And if you enjoy the game, make sure to share with family and friends (when appropriate haha). It makes a big big difference to draw more players to try it out and spread the word.

Thanks :)
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Fallopian Frenzy! was on +Android Police as a WTF game from the last 2 weeks.  Awesome :)

   #android   #googleplaystore  

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A little game I made called Fallopian Frenzy! is now available on Android for FREE on the Google Play store.

I'd love if you would give it a shot. Make sure to rate it and share with family/friends if you like it. 

Thanks everyone.

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Finally it is available!!!!!
After all the hard work, here it is friends. Please help me by taking a look at Pixel Boy on Steam and please please please don't hesitate to share this link with your friends and family. It will have a direct impact on our success so I would greatly appreciate it.
Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon will release today at 1:00PM PST on Steam and Humble Store for 15% off!

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Los Angeles bar has a water tasting menu, a water sommelier and a $40 bottle of water. 

L.A.’s Ray’s & Stark is really into the water. The bar offers $12 "water flights" that include three varieties of water. They also have a 45-page water menu. The most expensive bottle costs $40.

The water brands come from all over the world. They even serve a local variety called Beverly Hills 9OH2O.

Does anyone know of a place I can buy Google Chromecast that ships to Canada? 

I thought this article (while not perfect) expressed some very valid arguments about the Xbox one situation that you guys may like to give a read to and further the discussion.
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