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Break's over.  It's time to get back on the road!  The "Here & Now Tour" kicks back up in Moncton tomorrow and rolls on through the States before heading overseas.  Full list of dates at:
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October 2nd. Birmingham, UK. See you there!
Come back to!!!
Come back to the West Coast soon, please! Two dates for California wasn't enough this time round.
I was gonna go to the Nickelback concert in Chicago but things happened D:
You all such a lucky guys. I live in Estonia:D It'll take years them to come here:) fml The only chance is to go to Finland
i love you guys!!!! can't wait to see you!!!
Come to Singapore! You've yet to play in South-East Asia!
I am looking forward too 9 sept. Holland Heineken huis Daughtry in the program top!
The next tour I hope you come in Bulgaria! That will be great...Here you have many fans who are waiting for the best band ever!!!
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