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Another day, another shot.
Another day, another shot.

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I thought Harris Ford started acting in college first movie star wars? 
Lost in Life? 
Some great entrepreneurs take an indirect path to success...and find the way

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The high, the lows. The market can give you one beating after another. 

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It's all the things we neglect. This is the list to look at once a year to figure out you plan. 

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The Social Media Life-Cycle

Is it too late? Will our company be left out? Is social media the next big thing? Should our business be involved?

These are all the questions that we ask ourselves when it comes to starting with social media, and even more specifically, new networks or social apps as they jump into the game.

Social media is a great marketing tool that businesses can leverage to reach their target audience as well as to communicate current ones and build brand awareness.

In case, you are not familiar with the social media sphere, i.e what are the fundamental building blocks of social media marketing? Then take a look at this handy chart created by , which brilliantly explains the life cycle of social media.

It all starts with relevant content creation and interaction and ends with affection and transaction.

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Awesome group check it out!! 
If you are in Austin, Texas you know that SXSW transforms this town into a mad house. Let's beat the crowd and have an event before the storm.
This time we are meeting at Rainey street Lustre Pearl. 

Bring your friends over to network with an awesome group of Photographers in the Austin, Texas area. We geek out about Photography and techniques and have fun having a few drinks.
You don't need to have a fancy camera. Bring your cell phone or older point and shoot. We are not Photography snubs. 

 You don't have to drink alcohol either. Many of our members do not drink and they still come over for a good talk and networking.

This month's chapter wide challenge is "Shallow DoF" 

Depth of field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image. There you go, straight from Wiki for you to avoid confusion. Now go get some awesome images and shock us with the results.

You need some inspiration? Visit for some awesome images. You can also submit your images in our event here

This month prizes brought to you by our awesome sponsors:

1st Place +Gary Fong Flash Diffusers  To be determine soon
2nd Place +c't Digital Photography  one year subscription 
3rd Place $20 OFF +Trey Ratcliff   +Stuck In Customs  pre-sets or tutorials

You need some Drink and Click™ gear? Come visit

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Added photos to Drink and Click™ Austin, Texas and OLYMPUS Event.
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