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True Detective: Matthew McConaughey

Let's talk the elephant in the room, and by that I mean Matthew McConaughey's performance in True Detective

I've been watching this show for the last few weeks and if you haven't heard the reviews already, it is incredible.

I'll just get this out the way quickly and save you the time of reading any further, Matthew McConaughey should absolutely, positively, without a doubt, win Best Actor.

My reasons you ask?

On average, we are treated to one great performance once a year per actor and said actor would usually go on to win the big award. For the past year and half, however, MM has exceeded that expectation by a mile, and then some. Mud, Dallas Buyers Club, The Wolf of Wall Street and True Detective

Just stop and think about that for a second.

To put this into perspective, I would normally have completed watching the Oscar contenders by the end of January, but this year, because of this show, I only just did so a few days ago. 

This for me has been one of the few years in recent memory where I can assuredly say that a TV series has surpassed most of the nominated films. The writing, acting and plot captures your imagination and attention not just for an hour, but for days at a time. As you may have guessed, Matthew McConaughey is phenomenal as is the rest of the cast. Even so, in terms of direction, cinematography and pace, I don't recall ever seeing anything like it on TV.

We're witnessing MM going through a bit of a personal renaissance, from the run-of-the-mill rom com 'surfer dude' to finding virtue in stillness and becoming one of the best actors of our time.
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In that case, it should rain more often. Heh.
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There's a new Game of Thrones trailer?
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There are two kinds of shows in this world.  The sort of show like House of Cards or useless shows. I have no patience for useless things.

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When Memes Collide

How has the internet not yet collapsed into itself??

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I'm such a Postal Service nerd. I've collected almost 20 renditions of this song from when I first heard it nearly a decade ago. 

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Nicholas McDonald

» Trailers  - 
This is quickly rising to the top of my summer movie watchlist. I loved Gareth Edwards' work on Monsters and this looks to be just as good, if not better.

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Definitely, it's going to be refreshing to see him play a big role in a very big film as opposed to the smaller roles that we've become all too familiar with. And don't worry too much about the BWAAAAs, Interstellar is coming out later this year, so we'll hear see what Hans comes with next.
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Interstellar looks like it could be a really incredible film. Beautiful music, great images, and an unreal speech. I think I almost shed a tear just by watching the trailer. 

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Nicholas McDonald

» Recommended a film  - 
La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty)

The best way to describe this film would be to say that it is a once in twenty years experience. It's a film about decadence, decay and beauty which delivers on an intimate and personal level. 

If you've seen Fellini's Roma or La Dolce Vita then this could be considered a homage to it. It is one of my favourite films this year and is one of the most honest and interesting films I have seen in a long, long time.
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Forgot to mention, this is also Italy's submission for next year's Oscars.
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That incredibly awkward moment talking to Adam Scott and not realizing who he was. I sincerely apologize.

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Autumn in Richmond Park

One of my favorite places to visit this time of year.

Photo: Alex Saberi
#AutumnLeaves   #AutumnColors   #AutumnPhotography  
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So lovely to see
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Byron is one of the best burger restaurants in town, and this one in particular happens to be my favourite outlet. Going to Byron is almost reminiscent of going into a dinner in New York in the early nineties, or so I'd imagine. Mismatched chairs, patterned floors and rustic lighting. All these make it trendy in that sense but also far from alienating. Even better is that the service is amazing, as is the price. Oh, and I almost forget the burgers.. These really need no introduction, I trust that if you're reading this you've already heard how good they are. For the health-concious among us I would definitely recommend that you try the courgette fries and mushroom burger (Portobello mushroom with roasted red pepper, goat cheese and baby spinach). If you're feeling adventurous then be sure to try the Oreo milkshake.
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The Jubilee Gardens is not somewhere that you'd immediately know is there if you are not actively looking for it, however, once you happen upon it you'll be glad you did. For much of the year, the gardens are a nice place to go for lunch, be entertained by street performers, or even just to relax and watch the London Eye revolve endlessly. The gardens, I believe, are mostly frequented by locals and that's possibly because there are so many attractions around to capture a visitor's attention. It is one of the few open spaces in London which is both central yet off the beaten path.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Quaint venue with a great atmosphere. I have been here a few times and have enjoyed each visit. The food is limited but usually good, drinks are super cheap and you'll sometimes run into a famous face (or two) and get a live band. Also, if you're not a member and plan on going on a Friday or Saturday it would be best if you arrived early.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
It's a beautiful park. If it's open space that you're after, it will be hard to find anywhere better in London. There's always something to see or do all year round.
Appeal: Very goodFacilities: Very goodService: Very good
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An amazing collection of books, film and comic memorabilia. Mind you, my first visit here was for a book signing (Patrick Rothfuss & Scott Lynch) but it was incredible experience nonetheless. Those two hours I spent in the queue became more of a journey through the archives of science fiction's past and present. For some, the Forbidden Planet may just be the centre of the universe.
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reviewed 5 months ago
I've been here a couple of times for various trade shows and launch events. The last few times I've been have been okay, however, I could not wait to leave. It is a great venue and has excellent appeal though once you enter you'll quickly realise that ventilation/cooling isn't one of its better attributes. It's a great place to be in winter but if it's any other time of year heat/humidity can be an issue.
Appeal: Very goodFacilities: GoodService: Good
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reviewed a year ago
Fish and chips at its best. Every time I've been there I am always amazed with their consistency for cooking fish to perfection and making the batter equally as good. Expect large portions, great staff and fast service. This is certainly the best fish and chips shop in the area and easily one of the best in London.
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reviewed a year ago