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The ND Winter Sale Now On! Instore/Online
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Radley Design Collaboration: London Cloth Company
Radley's exclusive new tote bag, Made in London, is crafted from tartan wool and accentuated with premium leather detailing. With its slouchy silhouette and spacious size, it's the ideal everyday bag, and a unique addition to your cold weather wardrobe.
This bespoke cloth was designed in-house, hand-woven on vintage looms at the London Cloth Company in Hackney, and trimmed in Radely's most luxurious leather by London craftsmen.
Designed, woven and stitched into bags within a 10-mile radius of Radley's studios, the latest collaboration perfectly encapsulates their London origin. This unique tote bag is available in two Limited Edition colours: deep red and bottle green.
"I started the London cloth Company in October 2011 with one loom. We are tiny compared to most mills so we concentrate on producing a small amount of cloth each year in a careful, considered and sustainable way."
Daniel Harris, Weaver, London Cloth Company
9, The Exchange
T: 0115 950 6524
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The Harvey Jones January Sale is now on!
For all new clients that commission Harvey Jones during January 2017 they are offering 25% OFF the entire range of kitchen furniture - including each of the Shaker, Linear and Original ranges.
To make the most of these substantial savings, call 0800 389 6938 to discuss your project with a designer in your local Harvey Jones showroom, or to book a complimentary design consultation.
Harvey Jones Kitchens
20 - 22 The Exchange
T: 0115 924 3600
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Breakfast Power at Pret
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so Pret have a delicious and varied menu for you to choose from. Freshly baked croissants, Pret's proper porridge, yoghurt bowls and hot breakfast rolls.

Poached Egg, Mushroom & Beans Power Pot
We've been working on perfecting the poached egg for a while and now we think we've cracked it: a soft yolk and a delicate yet firm white. Delicious perched on top of Pret's Baked Beans and roll.

Poached Egg, Sausage & Beans Power Pot
We've been perfecting the poached egg for a while and now we think we've cracked it: a soft yolk and a delicate yet firm white. Delicious perched on top of Pret's Baked Beans with a British sausage.
Pret's Proper Porridge
It's all in the oats. Our porridge is made from British jumbo oats and fresh milk. Simmered, never boiled. Jumbo oats take longer to cook than other porridge oats but give the porridge more texture. This porridge tastes creamy and delicious, yet is naturally low in fat.
Five Grain Porridge
Made with organic British quinoa, amaranth, flax seeds, whole oats and organic coconut water. It's naturally creamy (never gloopy), dairy-free and made with no gluten ingredients.
Bircher Muesli
Breakfast bowl with granola, yoghurt, honey and grated apple, topped with pistachios, pomegranate and mango seed mix.
Sausage & Egg Brioche
English breakfast sausage, sliced down the middle, grilled in the oven and then wrapped in a freshly cooked omelette on a delicious light buttery brioche with a dab of unmistakably French butter.
Pret's Veggie Brioche
A freshly cooked mushroom & spinach omelette with matured Italian cheese shavings and two slow-roasted tomatoes served in a deliciously light and buttery brioche roll.

Pret a Manger
10, High Street
The Exchange
T: 0207 9325290
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The Jaeger Sale Edit
Sale time comes but twice a year, and, oh, it is magical. Beautiful pieces you've had your eye on all year, suddenly, deliciously within grasp. These are some of our favourites - what are yours?

For the Girls
The Sweater
To paraphrase Mary Poppins: this sweater is practically perfect in every way. Made from snugglesome wool, it's ticking all of our turtle-necked, perfectly-ribbed, form-fitting trend boxes. One you'll wear every day.
The Bag
It's impossible to see this bag and not want to own it, fact. It even has a strap you can wear across-body or remove entirely to make a clutch. So essentially what you have here is two handbags. In the sale. Genius.
The All-in-one
The great thing about dungarees is that you can wear them anywhere. We'd add trainers and a tee for day, or heels and a blouse for night. And a big smile, because we bagged them in the sale.
The Skirt
No, it's not a cruel joke - this skirt really is in the sale, and it really is that beautiful. Think rich leather, think metal hardware, think of it in your wardrobe, making all of your other clothes jealous.
The Coat
This is the coat of our warmest outerwear dreams. It's smart, it's stylish, it's made from wool and alpaca - what's not to love? And that colour! Like rich caramel, with none of the calories. Perfection.

For the Guys
The Jacket
What's missing from your workwear wardrobe? Is it this jacket? It probably is. Try a mix-and-match approach with different shirts, sweaters and trousers to master this season's broken suit trend.
The Blazer
That piece that'll take you from desk to hot date to dinner? This is it. Our pure wool, camel-coloured, double-breasted blazer. Now all you need to find is a date…
The Coat
Allow us to introduce your new winter coat. With its bold engineered stripe and its double-faced wool blend, it's the outwear equivalent of a really well-dressed hug.
The Jeans
What's better than a great pair of selvedge jeans? A great pair of selvedge jeans that's in the sale, of course. It's time to rock your best smug face
The Sweater
The secret to great style isn't really a secret. It's this Lou Dalton sweater. Imagine how well it'll go with all your other clothes. Are you imagining it? A little bit of savoir faire for your every day.
5 - 7 The Exchange
Tel: 0115 896 9572
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Madame Valerie Slice
Patisserie Valerie are also offering the Madame Valerie Gateau as a slice, so all customers can enjoy a taste of our new limited edition Gateau.
This slice contains layers of chocolate sponge filled with caramel cream and honeycomb pieces, and is topped with a caramel cream profiterole.
This decadent slice is priced at £2.95 to take away and £3.95 to dine in, and can be brought in store or can be ordered online to collect in store. These slices can be ordered online through the Patisserie Valerie website:
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Wrap up with the ND jacket collection this winter.
Shop the collection ►
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